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Not Heidi

Not Heidi's Journal
Not Heidi's Journal
February 2, 2024

Does such a car cleaning service exist?

My car windows were cracked (dolt) when a rainstorm came in a couple of nights ago. The interior was soaked. I dried off the seats (leather), window frames, center console, dash, etc.

The seats are still damp (? I dried them!). I didn't try to dry the carpets - I couldn't figure out how.

The last two days I've gotten into the car to find all the windows fogged on the inside.


Is there a service that will come to my house and dry the car's interior thoroughly?


PS I think the seats won't ever dry, and that scares me.

February 1, 2024

What the hell happened?

Last Friday (Jan. 26) I was discharged from a partial hospitalization program. I'd been in it for five months. I was there primarily for depression, ADHD, and anxiety. I learned a great deal.

I'd posed the question of discharge to my case manager. He told me that the treatment team had come to the conclusion that it was time for me to go. I can't say I was elated, but I was glad.

This morning, on my fourth day after discharge, I awoke deeply depressed. I crapped out on my guitar lesson, and I'm going to have to force myself out of the house for PT and some medical tests.

Now, I've taken my morning meds, and I hope they'll give me a boost (especially the ADHD drug). I'm going to force myself to action today, and hope I'm able to sustain it.

I'd be grateful for your suggestions.

January 8, 2024

I am about to throw my phone at the wall.

Yeah, that'll fix it . . .

I had my fingerprint as my security. One day it wouldn't read my fingerprint so it brought up the digits screen for entry of my password. I do not remember my password. Now my phone is locked. I have spent the last four hours online with people on youtube whose teaching is either for a phone that's just a smidgen off of my model (Samsung S23), and I've spent about $50 on the promise of talking to someone who can tell me how to do a factory reset (which, I know, wipes out everything, but there seems to be no other way). Never got to talk to a person - not even to a robot.

If this house weren't a rental, perhaps I *would* throw my phone at the wall. Maybe that would wake it up.

How much is a new g-d phone?


PS I blame no one but myself; I could not remember my password. That's n-n-n-no-no-no-no-nobody else's fault but mine . . . .

PPS I am aware that I'm going to lose all my data. Bummed about the pictures, super bummed about what I've written, and furious about the phone numbers. SHIT.

January 2, 2024

Acoustic Guitarists: How does one . . . ?/Are there drills online for . . . ?

Either I don't know how to search, or there's nothing out there. It's probably the former, because I highly doubt the latter.

How does one strengthen one's fingers and hands for decent bar chords? Mine are sometimes buzzy, but most often have dead strings. I'm sure the best solution is practice, practice, practice, but I don't want to get to Carnegie Hall. I just want to learn how to play good bar chords. Are there strengthening drills or strengthening tools?

As for finger picking, I know there have to be drills and other instructions.

Can you direct me to some help? Help for these two things that are plaguing my attempt to return to the a-couple-of-levels-above-mediocre-player I was, from my current state of fifth-graders-play-better.

Thanks for your help!

PS You may be wondering, "Why do you need so much help?" "How did you lose your ability?"

Injuries to shoulder and hands; other physical afflictions; a years-long depression that robbed me of my love/need for making music. I haven't played but for sporadic noodling for 22 years but I am determined never to lose it again.

December 30, 2023

Guitarists: do you have a favorite tuning app?

I hope to find one that also has a metronome.

Suggestions? Thanks!

December 29, 2023

Does anyone know what Meta AI is?

The words popped up in a box in a Facebook PM, then disappeared.


December 28, 2023

Calling Guitarists & Guitar Teachers (long; hopefully not DR)

I need some help.

I've played since 1976 (minus the last 15 years). Although I hadn't played for so long, three years ago I bought a Martin D15-M (mahogany six-string dreadnought), hoping it would encourage me to get playing again. It didn't work.

Up until 2000, I was a member of a vibrant music community, and with a mixed chorus performed 3-4 times a year, bursting with pride and joy. In two concerts, I performed with two friends a comedy song, "Regretting What I Said," written by the clever and talented songwriter Christine Lavin. This song never fails to bring the house down. One of the things that gave me such pride is that I accompanied my trio on my guitar.

Again: fifteen years have passed without playing my guitar. Yesterday a friend from that chorus PM'd me. The chorus is putting on a cabaret. She's assembled a trio who are going to audition Regretting in two weeks. She asked me if I would teach them the song and accompany them at rehearsals and in the show. This fool jumped right in and said, "hell, yeah!" So . . . .

Just a few minutes ago I put my guitar back into its gig bag, crying. I'm beyond rusty. I still know the song and can form the chords, but sometimes the strings buzz or are dead. Although I'm alone, I'm embarrassed. As for finger-picking - 🙄.

I'm hoping a few of you might have suggestions. Finger-strengthening exercises, drills, YouTube sites specific to re-learning, or anything else you can think of. I won't stop short at taking lessons, but would have to find a teacher.

Got any ideas? I'll appreciate all suggestions. Thanks so much.

December 23, 2023

Ever tried to quit Coca-Cola?


I am addicted to Coca-Cola - badly. I need to quit. I've worked my way up to 5 - 8 cans, with the occasional bottle or fountain drink, per day. I've gained 14 pounds since I started this nonsense in September.

If you've ever quit Coke when addicted, please tell me how you did it.

I started today with this pledge: "I'll have one Coke per day." I have about as much faith in this pledge as I do in . . . well, pick something you have no faith in.

I had one Coke today. Day One accomplished. We'll see about tomorrow.

Got any ideas? Lessons? Suggestions? Your stories?


December 22, 2023

question re what a pro aquarium cleaner will do

I've previously asked about how to do a water change. I started to do it, but I got so anxious after removing maybe two gallons, and after one of my rasboras got too close to the hose intake, that I had to quit. I remembered to match the new water's temp to that in the aquarium, and to put Prime into the new water, but after that I had to quit. I didn't get any cleaning done, either, except for what little gravel cleaning I could do while removing two gallons.

Does anyone know if a professional fishkeeper - someone who goes to homes and businesses to clean large aquariums - would do a water change and clean a 15 gallon aquarium? I could surely use the help.

If you know, please reply. If you're a fishkeeper in northern Orange County, CA, and might be interested, please PM me. I'm not looking for someone who'd do it for free.

Thank you.

November 18, 2023

my niece - I'm scared

My sister and her daughter share a home with my wife and me. My niece, who stands 5'4", is heavier than I ever was (my high: 283).

I just saw her leaving the kitchen with her lunch: a roast beef & cheese sandwich, a hard-boiled egg, potato chips, a yogurt, and M&M's. She eats all hours - my bedroom is close to the kitchen; I hear the refrigerator door, the microwave, and clattering dishes & running water.

She won't listen to anyone, not me, not her mom, not my other sister.

My other sister said, "She's making her choices and there's nothing we can do, so just think happy thoughts!!" I guess it's all I can do - unless any of you has any ideas.

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