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Member since: Sun Jul 7, 2019, 07:49 PM
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Impeach and Hold

Most Trump supporters I know can't wait for the Senate trial. In fact, I've seen where they will have meet ups to celebrate his aquital. They assume it will be vindication and fire up the base. I hope now, the House refuses to send to Senate. More to investigate. lol

Lets enjoy the Holidays

We have come a long way since 2016. We have taken the House, made big time gains in governorships, gained huge amounts of state legislative seats. We have made gains with mayors, DA's- I could go on. We are doing it. So, from my Bernie friends to my Biden friends to my Bloomberg friends.... We have worked hard and about to work harder. Don't let current news, impeachment, ect get you down. Be kind to people, take some time to appreciate one another and let's get after it in 2020. Just a bit of reflection. We are all on the same team.

Trump internal polling

has and is still show showing Biden destroying Trump. It's the only reason Trump has always and still is going after Joe.

No real correlation with British election

I see few similarities with the British election and ours. Different dynamics. First of all- Corbyn may have been the worst, most polarizing and to be fair, most arrogant unlikable candidate EVER. He was going to lose-big. He was propped up by activists. The kind that don't care about winning elections but want a platform to rail. Add Brexit and there is nothing similar to America in 2020. I support Biden but none of our candidates would lose in such dramatic fashion. To be honest, we only have about 8 states in play- no matter the candidate. Period. Policy be damned. There are literally only 8, maybe 9 states that are movable. After talking to several British friends the last week and hearing of the absolute hatred of Corbyn across the board, they or myself are not surprised. Corbyn and the added effect of Brexit crested the mess in Britain not a policy position. I don't think Bernie or Warren would win but they would never lose in a fashion we saw in Britian

Hakeem Jeffries

is flat out impressive and has some of the bestvpublic speaking skills I've seen in a long while. I wonder if he ever gets VP consideration. I don't know much about him.

I'm supporting Biden because

I want to beat Trump. Period. End of story. Biden doesn't inspire me. He's older than the person I think could inspire millions of youth and present the generational change that the party should represent but let's face it- an Obama or Bill Clinton isn't saving us this time I'll leave my progressive purity at home this time. Policy papers, intellectual positions on policy issues be damned. There is one candidate that poll after poll after poll shows beating Trump and vastly expanding the map ( from Florida to Arizona) and it's Biden and the trend is consistent. Presidential elections are typically not won on policy papers but are personality contests. Biden WILL beat Trump. Then others MIGHT. Our Democracy isn't worth risking this time.

Economy and 2020

Economic numbers are good but obviously Economic angst and income inequality is growing. In Nashville, there are so many job openings that stores are closing early because they can't staff up. I dont think these economic numbers will help Trump as it has traditionally helped candidates but it won't hurt. Let's be real- those of us on here are hyper political. The vast majority of Americans don't follow politics, go to work, take thier kids to sports, events ect and never watch the cable news stories that we opine about. They don't know the players in the impeachment probes and most dont know who represents them in Congress. If the average family has adults who are working, have gotten a pay raise and see thier 401k is up- everything else going on in the political world we are obsessed with may be a moot point. So, no matter how much these people may be struggling, many may be less apt to change course in 2020. We have to continually provide a different narrative. Bill Clinton was not personally liked but won after being impeached. We can't downplay a 3.5% unemployment rate. People may be struggling but they are working- maybe two jobs but that security in itself is a plus for an incumbent. Keep educating and fighting !

Trump Foundation and Trump Univ

Why doesn't the leading Democratic candidates mention this daily? The GOP does such a god job of finding a narrative and driving it home obsessively. These were actually fraudulent entities... I would remind people every interview.

Give em hell Joe.

I love fighting Joe. Our democracy is at stake. A lot of America loves a fighter even if it's a bit crass. You better bring brass knuckles to these events. I'm even more for Joe. Tired of mealey mouth politicians. Bill Clinton never got pushed around. Where the hell is James Carvell... bring him on board

The Irishman

Robert DeNiro is a national treasure
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