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Member since: Mon Jul 15, 2019, 06:26 PM
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Head Games For Halloween.

We tend to have a lot of trick or treaters compared to a lot of places these days. They tend to come in two waves, the white suburbanites for whom their own exurb/suburb feels too “scary” so they pack the kids into a minivan and take them into our rural neighborhood, and later on the local kids, mostly Latinx. This year I decided to find out if the lure of candy would trump naziism, so I added a Vote Blue sign on the fence right next to the front walk. Yes indeed, there were some screeching tires as the local cosplaytriots hugged their kids close and took them to a less terrifying part of town. In all, we’re down 50% or more from usual.

Conservative asshurt is my love language.

An (im?)modest proposal for resistance.

A friend’s righteous rant sparked this as a point of organizing resistance:

Revoke (or do not sign) organ donor cards, and instruct next of kin/medical POAs to not donate your organs after death.

(I hear the cries of knee-jerk outrage already.) Look, it’s simple. Women are going to die because of these abortion bans. Do not let their organs be harvested to save their murderers. Women will suffer, become disabled, lose their livelihoods, lose their opportunities for education or a career, or die because abortions are denied them, when they are unable to access abortion care hundreds of miles away. Ok, then, I guess organ transplantation should require medical tourism as well.

Nothing in this scheme says that a person should not live-donate a kidney, etc. to a person they know and trust. It just means that women and their allies are drying up the flow of organs to strangers who may be their oppressors. It means that women and their allies are taking back control over their bodies. Will people die? Yes. That’s the point. What, did you think this war wasn’t going to have casualties? Besides the piled corpses of pregnant women? Decisions have consequences, and it is time for women to be fighting back ruthlessly.

After all, nobody is interested in even ending the filibuster for us, or expanding SCOTUS for us. Why, exactly, should we continue business as usual?
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