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Hometown: LA Cali
Home country: United States
Current location: Pasadena
Member since: Tue Jul 23, 2019, 12:47 AM
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I sure wish the media would stop covering Trump's racists tweets. It just gives Trump more exposure

Why hasn't the media caught on to this. Every time you repeat a Trump lie, it gets reinforced as truth in the atmosphere. Media, please stop it!!

Tonight's "CLAWS" OMG!

Taped the SWAMP. Too much tonight.

Didn't Trump say he didn't drink alcohol?

But he just said, when talking about imposing tariffs on French wine, that he has always liked American wine better than French wine. No end in sight to his lying...

It appears that Trump's lawlessness and disrespect for military standards has trickled down to the

ranks of the Navy Seals and some of the Marine ranks.



After that alarming finding in the Gallager case with Trump hinting that he might pardon him if he were to found guilty, all bets are off for a discipline and respect for the military code of ethics at this time.


Really, Trump has done almost irreparable damage to anything good and decent that this country has stood for. Only the vile and ugly survive. We Trump and this administration to be gone. Maybe they will all seek citizenship elsewhere when they are out of power here.

Talking to some of my relatives back east i was sullen and feeling low after Mueller's testimony.

Not because I thought he failed at what he was called to accomplish but because Trump and his sewer rats were spreading their faux glee. I was really feeling badly because the media was falling in line right behind the absurd assertions by the FOX echo chamber. After the phone call my niece text me this:

"Cheer up! U can take comfort in knowing that 45 has not had 1 day of joy over being President. He has had to live with knowing that he followed into office one of the most beloved, decent, smart, and talented men to ever occupy that office. 45 has had to live with the knowledge of how the Obamas were accepted and loved and admired all over the world by the people of every country despite how their leaders may have felt about them. 45 has had to deal with the fact that he has been exposed as con man, a liar, adulterer, idiot, racist, and failed businessman and will eventually be seen as a failed Presidency when the chickens come home. He has not spent 1 day of contentment in office because he knows deep down that even his most ardent supporters fully know that he is all of the things he has been exposed as. So cheer up. He may well bemoan his Presidency from behind bars so cheer up aunt T"


Has anyone else's Twitter account been changed to a new format?

I don't even recognize my home page.

Give it time to sink in. Let's keep the Nadler and Schiff opening Q&A's out there in all posts

to FB, TW, and any public blogs. It's up to us. Remember how the Trump band was happy after Mueller's report was first released and then Barr had to come along and lie it away? Then Trump began to turn on Mueller afterwards. Trump can not escape the fact that it is now out there that he was not exonerated and collusion was not a part of the investigation and that Trump did obstruct justice in at least 9 instances.

It's up to us to keep our talking points and the facts out there.

It's not as bad CNN and Trump says. Just keep Buck's Q&A in front of every one.

Keep pushing responses to Nadler's opening questions and Schiff's opening questions.I felt like the first panel could have ended after Nadler's opening.
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