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Stop calling it Medicare for All and we will see a serious decrease in "attacks"

From a lot of good democrats. That’s my opinion.

The name M4A is a poor sales gimmick that will now always be linked to one of the most polarizing politicians in the country. I know people in certain circles don’t get this but the guy is simply not trusted by far too many. Calling something that really doesn’t resemble Medicare, Medicare for All, only lowers that trust. the real connection with the name is that it’s single payer.

Single payer. Single payer. Single payer.

I think that within the next month Warren will be releasing her own plan that will include funding mechanisms. With the current hits on her it would be a step few have been willing to take. The closest Sanders has come to that is a five page paper throwing multiple ideas at a wall.

I’m sick of seeing single payer be shit on because of how polarizing Sanders is. Because he decided to put forward a piece of legislation that is nowhere near complete. He literally introduced legislation that was not even close to being finished. He is an activist. Not a legislator.

It’s time for real legislators to do the heavy lifting. Public opinion is shifting because of the excellent work of activists over the decades. That includes Sanders. I truly thank Sanders for his over half century fight in this area.

Single payer needs to be our starting point in the next round of negotiations. People with more legislative depth like Warren need to lead.

Support single payer. If not on the exact details, then the concept itself.

New poll indicates significant doubts as to Sanders health.

Polling indicates voters have significant doubts about whether the Vermont senator is healthy enough to serve as president.

ALTOONA, Iowa ― Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, a leading candidate for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, got a warm welcome at a gathering of the United Food and Commercial Workers union at a casino in this Des Moines suburb. The International President of the UFCW, Marc Perrone, praised him as a “liberal lion” who had changed the debate on health care and economic policy. At the end of Sanders’ speech, the roughly 400 union members stood and applauded.

There was one problem, if you could call it that: Sanders wasn’t in Altoona. While Democratic candidates major (former Vice President Joe Biden) and minor (Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet) had flown to Iowa for the event, Sanders appeared from the living room of his family home in Burlington, Vermont, and delivered his speech via Skype.

88% of registered voters say they’ve heard at least a little about Sanders having a heart attack.

Just 19% of voters say they believe he is in good enough physical condition to serve effectively as president for four years.

43% believe former Vice President Joe Biden is in adequate health

66% say Warren is in adequate health.

So, where are Sanders voters going to go?


Huffington Post

Pete Buttigieg Reflects on His Coming Out Story--and How It Inspired His LGBTQ+ Rights Plan

In 2015, Pete Buttigieg, Mayor of South Bend, Indiana, came out publicly in an op-ed in the South Bend Tribune. Now, the Navy veteran and 2020 presidential hopeful has become the first openly gay candidate to lead a major-party campaign for the presidency—and this week, he introduced “Becoming Whole,” an 18-page plan that advocates for LGBTQ+ rights. In an exclusive essay for OprahMag.com for National Coming Out Day, “Mayor Pete” reflects on his coming out process—and outlines his hope for the future of LGBTQ+ Americans.

Oprah Magazine

Biden's new ethics plan includes constitutional amendment to publicly finance elections

DES MOINES — Seeking to turn the page from what he called this week the most corrupt administration in American history, former Vice President Joe Biden is set to roll out a new comprehensive ethics plan that includes a constitutional amendment to publicly finance elections.

It also calls for a ban on lobbying by foreign governments and stricter protocols to ensure a firewall between the White House and prosecutorial decisions at the Justice Department.

The suite of proposals to be announced Monday would “ensure that no future president can ever abuse the office for personal gain,” the campaign tells NBC News in advance of the formal unveiling.


I watched one episode of a series on Netflix that was put together by VOX.

The series is called "Explained." I have only watched the "Billionaires" episode and thought it was very good. It does an excellent job of explaining the difference between labor and capital. Very good information presented in a very basic way.

I suggest people watch it. If you are an economist or very well versed on the topic it won't do all that much for you.

Obama was an anti-American, anti-Christian President...

Who ruled as a unitary executive and wasn’t going to leave office.

Seems Republicans spent eight years projecting their true dreams.

I would like to see more career training programs and more funds to relocate.

So did Hillary Clinton. She had their best interests at heart. Such a difficult conversation to have that the people involved would rather "hope" than "listen."

This is a national issue. Generations of families have powered our country, at great risk to themselves, and now it's all changing.

We need to help these communities as a priority when we take the helm. Make sure they know that we mean what we say.

Blackhawk Mining announces closure of facilities in southern West Virginia

LOGAN, W.Va. — Three underground coal mines and two preparation plants in Logan and Mingo counties have been idled by Kentucky based company Blackhawk Mining and its subsidiaries.

Blackhawk announced Tuesday afternoon saying the affected operations are the Washington Underground Mine, Muddy Bridge Underground Mine, Buffalo Underground Mine, Fanco Preparation Plant and Loadout in Logan County and Mingo 1 Preparation Plant and Mingo 2 Scaggs Loadout in Mingo County.

“It’s sad and it’s disturbing,” Bill Raney, the President of the West Virginia Coal Association told MetroNews of his reaction to the news.

“It’s just a matter that the coal market is what it is. It’s an international marketplace.”

Metro News

I would like to gather some protesting links.

I think the Democrats are doing a great job moving things forward with the impeachment inquiry.

Trumps move in northern Syria has me furious. We will know a lot more about it by the end of the week.

If the administration holds their position on this I will be protesting at a park in St. Pete by myself this weekend unless I can find a group to protest with.

I have protested local issues at this park with as few as three people over an issue we won out on in the end. We were able to get an oppressive law dramatically changed.

I will do it with just my wife but it’s always great to be part of a larger group.

Please share any links you might have that attempt to collect or organize details on protests that are going on. I can’t be the only one ready to go put on a public display.


How should Pelosi respond to the WH letter? Have at it. Just for fun.

Dear Donald,

Is this the start of your insanity defense?


“Picture of Pelosi clapping at the SOTU here”

The Republicans spent over 70 million dollars to impeach Bill Clinton.

Newt Gingrich stepped down after the 1998 election in embarrassment.

Bob Livingston, who took Gingrichs spot, resigned before getting the speaker position for infidelity. Dan Burton, Henry Hyde, and Helen Chenoweth also resigned during the impeachment proceedings because as they had infidelities exposed.

Bill Clinton was impeached on charges of Perjury to a Grand Jury and Obstruction of Justice. He was not found guilty of two other charges. Perjury in the Jones case and Abuse of Power.

Shortly after Clinton was acquitted by the senate, he was fined $90,000 and held in contempt of court for not following the judges orders of testifying truthfully in the Paula Jones lawsuit. Get that. This was levied on Clinton while he was in office. The day before Clinton left office he settled. He agreed to a five year suspension of his Arkansas law license and paid a $25,000 fine.

These types of things end up snagging other people. There is a big difference with our current impeachment proceedings. A democrat or two might get damaged but those being outed for crimes will be overwhelmingly Republican. Targets were put on Republicans backs during the Clinton impeachment because of the blatant hypocrisy. The target won't be put on Democrats backs because they know they won't be able to outline our members as traitors, like Trump. The evidence will point to Republican members and aiding a traitor, if not out right being in on it with Trump.

I'm also highlighting the vast difference in what is being talked about today when compared to Clinton. To be upfront, I would have voted to impeach Clinton. My main concern was having a President so willing to set himself up for blackmail. The perjury vote would have been an easy one for me. I would have even looked hard at the charge of abuse of power, which he wasn't found guilty of. But what we are witnessing now isn't even on the same playing field. Our current President is a traitor. While Trump has lied about sexual affairs, and would do so if placed under oath, Trump has actually sold out our country. He is a fucking traitor.

I don't think it will be long before Republicans want this over. Fast. It won't be Democrats who will be facing issues due to hypocrisy like the Republicans did during the Clinton impeachment. It will be Republicans being harmed as more of their names show up in documents that we obtain.
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