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Member since: Fri Sep 20, 2019, 04:40 PM
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Over a year and a half ago some friends and I were talking...

And we all agreed that the intelligence community was going to take Trump down if he gave them the chance. No Deep State bullshit. None of us thought they would manufacture things. But we all agreed that if they collected intelligence during his presidency that would take him down then they would use it.

At that point in time Trump had insulted the intelligence community repeatedly. I don’t recall exactly what he had done that day but remember we were all shaking our heads. His attacks on them were completely unnecessary.

Trump is done at this point. Because of who he has pissed off the dots are already connected. I’m convinced of this. Watch Republicans start to jump ship as more of their colleagues names show up on documents released and evidence collected.

He unnecessarily insulted the intelligence community and then sold out the country right in front of them.

Hong Kong ramps up security for China's National Day

Police are anticipating mass protests across the city over Beijing's growing influence, but despite the unrest, it appears to be business as usual in the financial hub.

The Hong Kong government has ramped up security in preparation for official events planned to mark China's National Day on Tuesday.

Police are anticipating mass protests across the city.

Despite the unrest, it appears to be business as usual in the financial hub. Ignoring protests, brewing firm Budweiser has made its debut on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Al Jazeera's Sarah Clarke reports from Hong Kong.

Al Jazeera

American Federation of Teachers comes out in support of impeachment inquiry.

AFT President Randi Weingarten on Formal Impeachment Inquiry

WASHINGTON—American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten issued the following statement after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s announcement that the U.S. House of Representatives would pursue a formal impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump:

“Donald Trump has undermined the rule of law, threatened our national security, and held in contempt the very institutions on which our republic was built, most notably in his use of presidential power to pressure a foreign government to investigate a potential political opponent. He must be held accountable. No one is above the law.

“As educators, we have worked to defend democracy—in our classrooms and our communities—despite the president’s near-constant assault. We are grateful that House leadership will offer the powers of congressional oversight to this fight against presidential corruption and that they will launch a full and transparent inquiry into President Trump’s betrayal of American democracy and crimes against the country he swore to protect.

“There is ample precedent and established rule for the House to follow in pursuing the impeachment process. Our nation’s foundation—three coequal branches of government that check and balance each other—must transcend politics. Truth and transparency are the strongest disinfectant of all.”


This is a copy and paste of the full press release.

A response to Trumps favorite Twitter tactic.

“A President who has donated to the Clintons and many other Democrats, supported abortion, and hung out with pedophile Jeffery Epstein.... is taking down the Republican Party! The biased traitor must resign or be impeached!”

This is literally Trumps “go to” when attacking people bringing up legitimate issues. It’s how his simple mind dismisses them and his base eats it up. He has attacked lifelong Republicans using this tactic.

Never been an eggs in one basket type of person.

More often than not I like to broaden the scope of things if you have the resources and stay diversified. Of course, that opinion fluctuates a bit depending on circumstances.

I think we should focus all of our resources on the whistleblower information. At face value it contains impeachable offenses. As does the TelCom Trump released. Where the Trump Administration pulled that document from contains what will lead to the biggest Presidential scandal in history. Not that corroborating the information in the whistleblower document wouldn’t be one of the biggest scandals in its own right. Just corroborating it in public will be a huge victory.

Other conversations are stored on this “system.”Other conversations with the Ukrainian President. Conversations with others doing his bidding. Conversations with Putin. Possibly all kinds of documents.

I think Pelosi might think that. The whistleblower told us where the info is.

Did you notice Maguire just said that the information was sent to the DOJ AND the FBI?

Was that a mistake on his part? He didn't correct the statement?

Is there already an FBI investigation underway?

Something not being talked about. The leaks.

The last week, specially the last couple of days, there has been major leak after major leak. A lot of it appears to be coming from inside of the Executive Branch. Seems that some of the leaks had to have either come from the whistleblowers team or someone connected to the WH. Lots of stories that said “two sources close to the matter have told us...”

Is this another sign of complete unraveling?

Shouldn't the intelligence community now be monitoring every move Rudy makes?

I don’t say this lightly. He is a private citizen who has publicly claimed to have pushed for an investigation by a foreign country into a political rival of his boss, the President.

Isn’t that more than enough to start surveillance? The monitoring of communication?

I don’t see how certain communications of his would be privileged.

I live in a district where the house seat flipped to blue in the last election.

Charlie Crist unseated David Jolly. Interestingly enough, both seem to be supportive of the impeachment inquiry. How about that swing district folks? David Jolly even just called out his fellow Republican Marco Rubio for lying about what impeachment does.




Pelosi seems like a great and badass leader.

She has been taking a bit of a beating as she provided cover for quite a few more conservative Democrats. She knew they just needed time and the straw that was going to break the camels back was coming at some point. She wasn’t pulled into the decision by others. She was laying herself out there for many of the members who weren’t ready. The imagery of today is exceptional.

This isn’t adoration. Don’t think she is perfect. But this is how I read what just happened and it says a lot about a leader when they do that for the currently “not popular” group.
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