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Member since: Sat Sep 28, 2019, 03:10 PM
Number of posts: 5,760

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Isn't there a Supreme Court decision

due out today or (soon) over the release of Trump's finances? Pretty quiet. maybe I'm wrong?

Calling Speaker Pelosi

I am calling on Democrats to pass a bill condemning Putin, condemning the bounties. Pass a bill that puts sanctions on Russia and make Republicans vote against it.

Do it Speaker Pelosi because Trump will not respond, he is calling this classified information.

So were Cuomo and AOC right?

Looking, to me, like AOC and Andrew Cuomo may have been right about drawing a line in the sand over the last bail out bill.
Democrats will surely pass its bill soon but Republicans having gotten what they wanted in the last bill aren't planning on voting on any bail out bill until June.

I do agree that Republicans are going to have to cough up some money for the states because red states are hurting too, but how watered down will the final bill be? What will Democrats have to give up to get a decent bill? Good by Medicare and Social Security if our payroll tax deductions are eliminated.

Just saying, time will tell if Lucy pulls the football away again.

Supreme Court arguments today live

Washington (CNN)The Supreme Court is continuing to hold oral arguments via teleconference due to the coronavirus pandemic. And in a historic first, it's also allowing oral arguments to be aired live to the public.

Supreme Court debates Trump's ability to keep financial information and taxes secret
Supreme Court debates Trump's ability to keep financial information and taxes secret
Here's what to know for Tuesday's cases:
First case: Donald J. Trump et al v. Mazars, Donald J. Trump v. Deutsche Bank
Time: 10:00 a.m. ET.

Governor Cuomo's press conference.

Anyone watch it? Didn't he say that he talked to Senators Schumer and Gillebrand not to pass a bill that leaves out money for the states? Cuomo said that he doesn't trust Republicans to give money later. He then said it looks like he was right. It sure looks to me that the governor had the same opinion as AOC had.

Any comments? Anyone want to start an anti-Cuomo thread?

Joe's Vice President,

Who do you think?

Hear me out; Sally Yates. She is a fire plug and since Trump fired her when she was acting AG it would be a huge slap in the face to Trump. Picking her would freak Trump out.

Also I think she is certainly qualified and feisty.

Who are you picking?

How can the DOW be up 400 right now?

The major indices are all down, oil is $18 a barrel, food banks are running out of food, farmers are dumping milk and plowing over fields.

HMM, I guess if you took a person living under a bridge and gave him 2 million dollars then asked him how he is doing economically, he would respond, Great! Funny how giving rich people trillions of dollars boosts the markets.

So, how many people got your bailout money?

Me; No, I gave my banking info on my taxes but I don't use Turbo Tax I do my own.

Trump does not want to test

It's right before our eyes people. On a conference call with governors Trump said he doesn't see a problem with testing, right after Montana's governor told him that Montana could only test 1 more day unless it got more supplies.

Trump does not want to test because testing will balloon the numbers of infected and the numbers of dead. Trump wants infected people to either get better on their own or die, either way the numbers of coronavirus infections is not reported accurately.

Yeah I know that China is accused of under-reporting its numbers, and I have no doubt that China did this, however, China tested and China knew the real numbers that's why China has all but defeated the virus.

0 Payroll taxes,

Trump is proposing that employees and employers pay 0 payroll taxes the rest of the year. That means Social Security and Medicare will be gutted.

Also, please no nonsense about how the employer pays half the tax, the employer passes off payroll taxes onto its emplyees through lower wages.

If Democrats agree to this I won't bother to vote this year.

By the way, the reason the market jumped up this afternoon is because Trump leaked out that he is going to bail out the shale oil and big banks. Socialism at its finest.
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