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Member since: Sat Sep 28, 2019, 04:10 PM
Number of posts: 4,919

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Bipartisan infrastructure bill,

Let's cut to the chase, will there be 10 GQPers vote for this? I'm sorry for being a pessimist but I watched those Charley Brown cartoons where Lucy always pulls the football away. This, to me is just another example of the GQP running out the clock. Let's talk turkey, Mitch McConnell said he was going to pull away the football every time, why don't Democrats believe him?

Pass S1.

I don't think you're a pedophile,

Bwahaha, Matt Gaetz gets pranked.


Question about these undemocratic election laws.

Nearly 400 undemocratic election laws are being proposed in Republican controlled states. 22 undemocratic laws have already been passed.

#1. Marc Elias is doing great work filing law suits, but Marc Elias is not the answer. It will take years for these law suits to get to court and there is no guarantee that Elias will win these law suits since MF45 has appointed 320+ Nazi judges. Even if Elias wins I'm sure these cases will be taken to the Nazi-controlled Supreme Court. We don't have years to stop these laws.

#2. I voted by mail in Pa. and this year I had to give my driver's license number, if I didn't have a license I would have had to give some other type of personal information. I agreed to give the county election official my driver's license number because they are responsible for protecting its privacy, there is a chain of custody that protects who sees my personal information. I did not agree to give my personal information to a Nazi Qanon group called Cyber Ninjas. If Pa. does the same fraudit that Arizona did I am going to raise holy hell with my Senators and Representatives. Why can't DOJ or someone step in and protect my voter information that is getting more personal in nature?

#3. Please do something to pass S1.

Sign I saw coming home from the 4th.

I couldn't take a pic, was driving home, it was on a "church". Well the bishop who runs the church, I think, made himself bishop.

Still, this is in MF45 country; the sign read;

Hell, is Living the Big Lie.

I had to ponder that one.

Newspaper sues Cyber Ninjas, Republicans

An Arizona newspaper has filed a law suit against the Cyber Ninjas and the Arizona state Senate, demanding to know who is funding the fraudit and what procedures they are using. The newspaper claims that taxpayers and voters have a right to know.

My question is, why hasn't our DOJ done this months ago? Federal election law is being violated.


Liz Cheney named to select committee

Speaker Pelosi, once again playing 11 dimensional chess, has named Liz Cheney to the 1/6 insurrection select committee.

I am looking forward to Cheney eating McCarthy's lunch.

The Wyoming congresswoman said she was honored to be named to the commission.

Tie the Republican party to autocracy.

Matthew Dowd is a smart cookie, he was on Nicolle yesterday and made this crucial point. We need to stop only blaming the militias and MF45 for the insurrection. We need to tie the entire Republican party, minus Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger to the insurrection, to autocracy, to being anti-Constitution, anti-democracy, anti-law enforcement. He stated that the Republican party is carrying on the insurrection, it didn't end on 1/6. The Republican party is stoking The Big Lie, is passing anti-democratic election laws, is obstructing any investigation into the 1/6 insurrection.

The only way to beat back this threat against our democracy is to beat Republicans soundly in the next election and the next election and the next election. The Republican party is an autocratic anti-democratic, anti-Constitutional, anti-American party. The word bipartisan gives me chills. Only 2 Republicans should be considered on the House select committee, 2, that is it, and then televise every damn hearing.

Matthew Dowd gets it, we need to follow his example.

The 1/6 insurrection select committee

I find this very newsworthy that is getting little coverage. So if Speaker Pelosi were to select Liz Cheney or Adam Kinzinger to serve on the 1/6 select committee can Kevin McCarthy ban them from serving? I know that a reporter asked Cheney if she would serve and her response was, "that's up to the speaker." Which speaker? Pelosi or McCarthy?

I suppose that McCarthy can ban all Republicans from serving on the committee seeing as he is minority leader., but Speaker Pelosi has set the rules for the committee, she can pick all 13 members if she wants to. If McCarthy tries to pick nut cases Speaker Pelosi can veto them.

Speaker Pelosi should pick Cheney or Kinzinger and let the wailing and gnashing of teeth begin.

The vote for the select committee is set for tomorrow, Wednesday. How many Republicans will vote for it?

Republicans had their chance for a bipartisan commission and turned it down so the MSM needs to shut its pie hole about this partisan committee.

The 1/6 insurrection select committee

Speaker Pelosi has crafted the language for the select committee which will be voted on Wednesday. The language is crafted similar to language that Republicans used for the Benghazi committee. The makeup of the committee will be 13 members, 8 Democrats and 5 members "selected after consultation with the minority leader", McCarthy. So it appears that McCarthy can select 5 members.

Speaker Pelosi threw a twist in the committee by stating she may choose a Republican as part of her 8 choices. McCarthy had a bird when he heard that and he declared that no Republicans will be appointed by Speaker Pelosi.

So when Liz Cheney was asked if she would serve on the select committee if asked by Pelosi, Cheney simply responded, that's up to the Speaker. If Pelosi chooses Cheney and she accepts, here we go. It would take a lot of guts for Cheney to accept the spot.

Speaker Pelosi is playing 11 dimensional chess with the GQP.

Time for bed, with a smile on my face.

The end goal of the GQP

Yeah I know it's like 1984, but I believe it is more like A Brave New World.

People who say that MF45 is stupid are wrong, he is mentally ill. There is a complex propaganda machine behind the GQP and it has been extremely successful. Minorities aren't real Americans. All Democrats are evil. What is the end game of all of that propaganda besides gaining complete autocratic control of America?

The end game is to eliminate thinking, just like in a Brave New World. Big Brother, Big Government, dare I print his name, Trump, will do our thinking for us. His thoughts are the truth and anyone who thinks otherwise will be exiled, or worse.

Think about this, while you still can. Time for my soma.
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