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Member since: Sat Sep 28, 2019, 04:10 PM
Number of posts: 5,026

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The end goal of the GQP

Yeah I know it's like 1984, but I believe it is more like A Brave New World.

People who say that MF45 is stupid are wrong, he is mentally ill. There is a complex propaganda machine behind the GQP and it has been extremely successful. Minorities aren't real Americans. All Democrats are evil. What is the end game of all of that propaganda besides gaining complete autocratic control of America?

The end game is to eliminate thinking, just like in a Brave New World. Big Brother, Big Government, dare I print his name, Trump, will do our thinking for us. His thoughts are the truth and anyone who thinks otherwise will be exiled, or worse.

Think about this, while you still can. Time for my soma.

Congressional work days.

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. It's not like our democracy is under assault by the GQPers. Get this;

The Senate's last day for the 4th of July holiday is June 25th, it comes back July 12th.

The House does work 4 days next week before getting off.

The Senate works the first week of August and then is off the rest of the month, and the House is off the entire month of August.

C'mon people, Democrats set the schedule. This is disgusting and embarrassing. Get back to work.

Is it wrong to ask for more from Democrats?

Is it wrong to complain when our DOJ defends MF45? Is it wrong to expect our DOJ to do more to stop the law breaking in the Arizona fraudit? Is it wrong to expect the Senate do more to get S1 passed, such as, break the bill down and vote for parts of it? Vote to make election day a holiday - 1 vote. Vote to allow same day registration - 1 vote. Vote to allow voters who have been waiting in line for hours accept food and drink. Of course the GQP will vote down all of those individual bills, but doesn't that give Democrats more fodder to convince a few Democratic Senators to reform or eliminate the filibuster?

Believe me I am not bashing Democrats, I am urging them to do more. One thing that separates Democrats from the GQP is that we are OK having vigorous debates among ourselves. I believe that we are all getting to the same place by going down different paths, the filibuster needs to go or be reformed to get S1 passed.

Sheldon Whitehouse

Sheldon Whitehouse was on cable last night. Remember one of the threads posted here asking who was behind Trump, who was behind the GQP? The thread asked, someone has to be the brains behind what is going on.

Whitehouse explained it all last night; Dark Money. Dark Money doesn't want S1 passed not because it would allow open and free voting, Dark Money doesn't want S1 passed because it would regulate Dark Money. Whitehouse stated who Dark Money was, it is the Federalist Society, The Heritage Foundation, ALEC. Whitehouse explained it used to be Big tobacco, but now it is Big Oil and Gas. Oil and Gas doesn't want climate regulations. It is the Koch brothers, it is other wealthy individuals who hide in the shadows who don't want S1 passed because it would shine a light on them.

Whitehouse stated that it is the Heritage Foundation and ALEC who are writing up the voter suppression bills being passed in the states.

What to do? Shine a light on the cockroaches, shine a light on politicians who are taking their money. Get Dark money out of politics, pass S1 whatever it takes.

Spy Gate investigation,

I felt a sigh of relief when I heard that the House Judiciary committee would investigate Spy Gate.

Just a heads up, here is list of the members of the Judiciary committee; a lot of good Dems, along with some A-hole GQPers.

Members, 117th Congress
Majority Minority
Jerry Nadler, New York, Chair
Zoe Lofgren, California
Sheila Jackson Lee, Texas
Steve Cohen, Tennessee
Hank Johnson, Georgia
Ted Deutch, Florida
Karen Bass, California
Hakeem Jeffries, New York
David Cicilline, Rhode Island
Eric Swalwell, California
Ted Lieu, California
Jamie Raskin, Maryland
Pramila Jayapal, Washington
Val Demings, Florida
Lou Correa, California
Mary Gay Scanlon, Pennsylvania, Vice Chair
Sylvia Garcia, Texas
Joe Neguse, Colorado
Lucy McBath, Georgia
Greg Stanton, Arizona
Madeleine Dean, Pennsylvania
Veronica Escobar, Texas
Mondaire Jones, New York
Deborah K. Ross, North Carolina
Cori Bush, Missouri

Jim Jordan, Ohio, Ranking Member
Steve Chabot, Ohio
Louie Gohmert, Texas
Darrell Issa, California
Ken Buck, Colorado
Matt Gaetz, Florida
Mike Johnson, Louisiana
Andy Biggs, Arizona
Tom McClintock, California
Greg Steube, Florida
Tom Tiffany, Wisconsin
Thomas Massie, Kentucky
Chip Roy, Texas
Dan Bishop, North Carolina
Michelle Fischbach, Minnesota
Victoria Spartz, Indiana
Scott L. Fitzgerald, Wisconsin
Cliff Bentz, Oregon
Burgess Owens, Utah

Barbara Starr is pissed.

CNN Pentagon correspondent Barbara Starr is pissed and rightly so. Merrick Garland needs to release these gag orders given to Apple and Microsoft and they need to be subpoenaed. In the words of Barbara Starr;

"We have no idea why the Justice Department snuck into my life," she said. "They went out, in secret court proceedings last year, they went after some 30,000 of my emails and phone records, and not just my work email, my work phone, they went after my personal accounts, my personal email, and my personal phone... they wanted all of it. And I was not allowed to know about it."

Tick Tock Tick Tock MF45

Tick Tock, today is another day that the grand jury will meet, tick tock MF.

I know that Cy Vance dropped the ball on prosecuting MF45 years ago but I have faith in this prosecution with the addition of an excellent white collar crime prosecutor; Pomerantz. Tick Tock.

How's your golf game, MF45? Tick Tock Tick Tock.

Gee I hope that Allen Weisselberg doesn't flip. Tick Tock Tick Tock.

1/6 commission vote delayed

Since there is little publicity anywhere on this, several Republicans requested an hour apiece to speak against provisions in the China trade deal that was being voted on first. This move postponed the 1/6 commission vote to later today.

Sheldon Whitehouse - Majority Leader?

Anyone else think that Sheldon Whitehouse would make a great majority leader - "some day?"

Just asking, no particular reason.

Letitia James joins up with Cy Vance

Want to know one of the main reasons that Letitia joined up with Cy Vance? Only 1 lawyer who was on Ari Melber explained one of the main reasons. Cy Vance didn't have jurisdiction over some of MF45's properties.

I am a patient person but I am not a patient person waiting for justice to be served for the MF45 crime family.

I also loved it when Michael Cohen said yesterday that MF45 will flip over his children and wife if need be.
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