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Member since: Thu Oct 10, 2019, 04:13 PM
Number of posts: 639

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Former Election Official, voting rights wonk. We need lifetime voter registration from birth & citizenship, without any abridgments and a weekend national voting holiday. Let's get the 30% who never vote back voting for Dems.

Journal Archives

Recount Observers Get Booted Out

We are full on into the ballot recounts in Dane & Milwaukee counties. Some of the news reports, from print newspapers are showing how the GOP observers are not what they claim to be. GOP, Dem, Independent... Citizens for a Tangerine Future?
Observers must register if they are representing a specific group, candidate or campaign. The main stream media is surely causing some of the Trump supporters to fess up as to who they support as an observer. The recount officials are getting fed up with them, as the links below report from the two county recounts. It's actually getting a bit funny when you read what these 'patriots' are doing.

Some observers are interrupting constantly, challenging everything on every ballot and some have been removed for repeatedly violating the rules like; not wearing a mask properly, not keeping distance from ballot tabulators which is only 3 feet, not the public recommended 6 feet and one was removed for physically pushing an official.


Some observers are falsely claiming to be independent observers. When asked by reporters, they actually admit they are there to support Trump and not 'independents'. So are they fraudulent observers? or just innocent poorly informed concerned citizens?
Observers do get a copy of the rules and have to sign in, regardless of who they represent.

The best stunt, so far, may be one of Trump's lawyers wants his own ballot rejected!


Please post some of your findings of weird observer behaviors you come across.

Understanding Wisc Election Procedures

Wisconsin has very transparent election procedures. Here is the link to several trainings that are provided for just about every person involved in an election.
This includes;
-- the average poll worker ( Election Inspector)
-- the poll administrator ( Chief Election Inspector)
-- municipal clerks
--Election Observers and video webinars, more...

Quite a few of the Trump accusations can be answered with these official documents and training resources.
All PDFs have indexes that can be searched with Acrobat Reader, Foxit or other PDF reader/editor apps.

Have fun.


This is a revised, and toned down post. My last post was rightly removed, as I got a bit miffed and tore into another DU member. Educating each other is a great part of DU, and providing resources helps us clarify facts from fiction.

Gov Evers Prime Time Appeal: GOP & Courts Won't Help

On Nov.10th, Wisc Gov. Tony Evers gave a prime time speech to appeal to the citizens of Wisconsin to step up and confront the CoVid pandemic surge in the state.


Knowing the state's GOP will do nothing, and fight every attempt to control or even slightly reduce CoVid transmission, his order is advisory only.

(from Madison.com, Mitchell Schmidt | Wisconsin State Journal , Riley Vetterkind | Wisconsin State Journal)

"...the order advises Wisconsinites to stay home, urges precautions people should take if they have to leave their homes and encourages businesses to take additional steps to protect workers, customers and the surrounding community.
The order, which essentially carries no legal weight, does not include any penalties for noncompliance."

Evers issued the state’s first COVID-19 emergency order in March, when the state faced single-digit positive cases. Later that month, Department of Health Services Secretary Andrea Palm implemented a stay-at-home order to reduce travel, close some businesses and limit services at others.

In May, Wisconsin Republicans successfully sued to strike down the order. The conservative-majority Wisconsin Supreme Court that month ruled Palm had exceeded her authority with the “safer at home” order, allowing some businesses and restaurants to open immediately.

In July, Evers declared a new public health emergency and a separate order requiring face masks statewide. In September, Evers extended the mask mandate through Nov. 21. Republicans have challenged the new order, which is being reviewed by the state Supreme Court.

Last Friday, the Wisconsin Court of Appeals ruled that Palm’s order limiting the size of some indoor public gatherings — issued Oct. 6 — was “invalid and unenforceable.” The court ruling was issued on the same day the order was slated to expire. Evers pledged to challenge the decision.

The result of these numerous court cases, however, has largely stripped away the governor’s ability to take any meaningful action to combat the virus without the help of the Legislature, which so far hasn’t signaled plans to do anything."


Do poll workers have standing to sue?

It seems everyone under the sun is suing the outcome of the election, especially the candidates who should have that right.
It is imperative that every election's ballots reflect the validated winners. That is the basic function of an election.

But when challenges and lawsuits are disparaging the processes; that the people applying the legal election processes; poll workers, canvass counters, recounts, etc.are subject to potential libel, slander or exposure to violent reaction. Do poll workers have legal protections?

This has nothing to do with the fact that poll workers, voluntarily took risks to work on Nov 3rd, which would include;
--exposure to the CoVid virus
--exposure to potential violence in the polling location
--following a municipal/county clerk's order to handle a ballot a certain way, which ultimately could be incorrect or illegal.

Is there precedent in past elections; like Florida 2000?

More than 100% voters can happen

It did in a tiny town just north of Green Bay.
This article explains how that could happen.
Eligible voters are ESTIMATED based on the prior census (2010), so population will change by 2020, but it's still estimated by the state.
There is no actual count until the next census, which may be in effect in 2021 or 2022 to create new estimates of how many voters their might be.

It's a good explanation, but yes they did exceed 100% in Doty, WI A town of about 250 people.

Posted by SmartVoter22 | Sun Nov 8, 2020, 07:18 AM (0 replies)

Give Up Your US Citizenship?

We hear lots of people threaten to leave the US forever, after every POTUS election.
These 'all or nothing' thinkers, on both sides, often make that threat to leave.

I googled how to give up citizenship and up pops 1.8 Million results.
The top link sent me to the US State Dept forms archive.

There is a form (of course) to renounce your US citzenship.
It looks pretty simple to do. Why am I laughing so hard?


After Note: I have no idea what the actual steps or processes are to renounce US citizenship, but I suspect it's quite involved and not something that can be done with this single form, while having a bad day as a Trumpie might since Biden won the election. So please don't blame me for any mass emigrations.
Posted by SmartVoter22 | Sat Nov 7, 2020, 07:39 PM (8 replies)

Thank You Poll Workers

Without your unselfish efforts, during a pandemic, this election would be a mess.
It was not.
No fraud lawsuits, aftrer 5 days.
No illegal voter arrests, after 5 days.
Nothing but nonsense claims from every Republican living under every rock.

I am proud of our poll workers because I am one, in Wisconsin.
Posted by SmartVoter22 | Sat Nov 7, 2020, 11:44 AM (0 replies)

FoxNews needs more advertiser boycotts

After this election, more boycotts are needed to stop FoxNews and it's parent NewsCorp.
Boycott more advertisers, complain to cable TV operators over the misinformation they have broadcast.
Demand change to NewsCorp stockholders. Pressure. Pressure. Pressure.

We can force NewsCorp, to change and start validating news as news and force them to declare opinions as opinions.
This is where they muddied reality from fiction. Cable TV is subscription entertainment service only, by legal definition. It is not news, like a newspaper or over-the-air news; ABC, CBS, NBC and PBS which by law, are required to have two credible expert source validations to broadcast a factual claim.

We did it before and we can do it again. Run that company into the ground and make it less profitable.
Make the stock worthless, make the corporate board a target of online shame and portray it's on-air personalities as Un-American.
Go after the stockholders; the institutional ones, the major owners who can end the propaganda priority.

Use the same tactics they use, create the false narrative to it's sharholders and investors.
Force NewsCorp into reorganization through the stockholders.
Posted by SmartVoter22 | Sat Nov 7, 2020, 04:49 AM (6 replies)

Vos begins fraud hunt on a rumor

Robin Vos will believe anything he is told, without a slightest attempt to validate any fraction of truth.

MADISON - Assembly Speaker Robin Vos is using the Legislature's power to subpoena witnesses to investigate Tuesday's election after President Donald Trump alleged without evidence his vote totals in Wisconsin are hamstrung by "irregularities."

Vos ordered the Assembly's committee overseeing elections to lead an investigation under a state statute that allows lawmakers to require testimony.

"With concerns surfacing about mail-in ballot dumps and voter fraud, Wisconsin citizens deserve to know their vote counted," Vos, R-Rochester, said in a statement. An aide to Vos did not immediately answer where ballot dumps are alleged to have occurred.

"There should be no question as to whether the vote was fair and legitimate, and there must be absolute certainty that the impending recount finds any and all irregularities," Vos said

I love the " must be absolute certainty..." part, which shows he made no effort to research the claim as coming from a reliable source. The mail dump rumor was debunked almost immediately, by all news sources....but Vos isn't having any of that nonsense. His Qanon bloggers are far more credible in his teeny tiny mind.

We need laws to force people like Vos to prove, with tangible evidence, not heresay, before any government investigation can be started. Right now, Wisconsin could start spending millions investigating the rumour that the Hodag, in Rhinelander, ate the 20,000 ballots that would have given Wisc to Clinton in 2016.
You heard that Hodag rumor. didn't you? I think I saw it online somwhere....
Posted by SmartVoter22 | Sat Nov 7, 2020, 04:30 AM (0 replies)

Here come the self-doubting Dems

Now that the fat lady is inhaling for her final aria, we are getting the self-doubters coming out of the woodwork.

...this pundit is an idiot, that pundit is a a**hole, and every finge useless albeit normal complaint about bipartisanship in COngress, what if after what if...
These complaints, by Dems, seem to focus about how information was presented to these overly sensitive Dems.

We won the important race and held the House.

We now write the budget, control the checkbook and have the pulpit.
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