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EndlessWire's Journal
EndlessWire's Journal
October 16, 2020


Is anyone else having trouble with the commenting system on Instagram? Specifically, none are showing up anywhere?

I don't think I have been banned. I am a read only person. I haven't done anything there. But, Facebook has some kind of problem, and Instagram is owned by Facebook.

October 11, 2020

Off Topic: Football

I love watching Mahomes play football. He recently said in an interview that football is an easy game to play, just get first downs and enjoy yourself (something like that.) That is so refreshing, watching a man do something he loves.

I think he has some strange body language, very distinctly Patrick, and it is fun to watch him play. Also, he has copper highlights in the ends of his hair, so when the light shines on it, it lights up and looks good without even trying. He's a cute little boy who has a laser arm, steely eyes, and he wins. Plus, he's wearing number 15 of my beloved Tebow.

Finally, a football game that is exciting and fun. The LV Raiders are making a game of it. It is tied at half time, something I didn't expect. Let's see what the players on the teams can do with their skills. A lot of football is luck, but we have a lot of talented guys out there, each convinced they are going to win.

Go, Mahomes!

October 9, 2020

Impeachment Revisited

I gather that Pelosi will, on Friday, take a look at legislation that would have something to do with looking at a President's condition to perform his duties. That's fine. Somebody is doing something.

I don't think we can remove Trump using the 25A. This would require Pence to agree that Trump is bat-shit crazy, along with 8 cabinet heads, all appointed by Trump. Not going to happen. It also requires that the process happen twice.

In the last two days, Trump has been pressuring Barr to indict several of his enemies, and those that were in his cabinet who failed to do his bidding, or just disappointed him.

Barr is the Attorney General of The United States. He has been threatened with some kind of vague consequences if he does not produce arrests and indictments. This is serious business.

It is so unbelievable that it is tempting to think, well, it's just because of the election--it's electioneering--or to dismiss it as the utterings of a diseased mind that we will soon vote out of office. The problem is that he will be in charge until January 20th of next year.

Trump has almost unfettered--no, it's probably unfettered--access to nukes. He can literally start a war in our name, if he just wants to do it. He has plenty of time to completely and utterly destroy our country.

Seriously, we need to impeach him again, immediately. If we can't negotiate a 25A with Pence, then we need to draft a second impeachment effort. We need to do it NOW. The fact that Trump has pursued this theme two days in a row, and is pressuring the AG to do it, is alarming. We really can't wait until we see the Obamas, Clintons, and many Repub pollies that are on the shit list, rounded up and put in jail, to satisfy Trump's bizarre sense of justice. We need to take his Presidential powers away from him. NOW.

It may look bad, this close to the election, and probably won't conclude until after the election, but history will record the odd behavior, raging, and illness of this pRes. We owe it to our country to at least try again to remove this guy from office. Barr is not exactly your Law and Order guy, just a stoolie for Trump, and he might very well decide to do it, even though it would be an illegal order.

Trump's people think that they are immune to retribution, but if such stuff happens, they will be buying themselves a ticket to prison for their lives.

It seems like Nancy is moving in the right direction, and I trust her, but will she move fast enough? It looks to me like she is codifying the exact symptoms and observed behaviors that will lead to some kind of removal of this pRes.

If Pence agreed, and 8 cabinet heads also agreed, then Trump could be removed immediately. All it would take would be letters presented to Nancy and Grassly. Then, Pence would not be President, just acting President, for the election. They would have to do again, but that probably wouldn't be a problem.

Why did Pence turn around? The plot thickens...

October 6, 2020

Did anyone see this?

I was watching TV, and the news had this. They showed a crypt system where they were loading shrouded bodies into compartments. It looked like a wall with variable heights, like steps. It was outside, like a decorative fence. The compartments were not marked with names, there were no coffins loaded, just victims bodies covered over.

It was ghoulish. I just wondered what country that was in. I can't imagine that working well, and I wonder why they just didn't bury them in a mass grave with a garden on top, or something.

October 5, 2020

Usually, if you think you are anointed by G-D

it's a sign of your general questionable mental health being off. Saints and such aside, if you think you are a gift, usually you're not!

If ever they were going to 25A the guy, they should do it now. Do it while he is on medicine that is affecting his brain, so you can point to it, and after he has taken a drunken lap around the hospital he is supposed to be hospitalized in! The guy is a whacko!

Calling for a 25A motion! Let's see them defend this. Get out the nets and put this guy where he can't inflict any more harm on citizens or himself! The experimental treatment has a side effect.


October 4, 2020

So, what do you make of this?

They said that Melania wasn't at Walter Reed, but remained at the White House.

I know that the marriage is a sham, but if not, then why isn't she there by his side?

Everybody is lying. Punked again...

October 3, 2020

Who decides?

Who decides when a transfer of power occurs? What if the President can't do the job due to illness, but doesn't want to let go of the power?

Do his doctors say, welp, he's down for the count? Do they have to wait for some unidentified marker before someone steps up and says, time to punt?

What might we be looking for? Chief Justice to swear Pence in? Does it have to be at the bedside, or can they just get together? Who would need to be a witness?

I am not convinced that Trump is truly ill like that, but if he is, he's toast. I think that we have no one running the country right now. It isn't that I think that Pence is a solution, but if he also gets it, we will have President Pelosi. While both are testing negative at present, who was it that was recently in contact with Trump, and who is most likely to test positive next? I sure like the sound of President Pelosi.

October 3, 2020

What happened to Hope Hicks?

Is she at home or in the hospital?

October 3, 2020

I think that Donnie Two Scoops

was already sick enough to have to go to Walter Reed when he made his announcement. I just can't fathom why he would suddenly make that announcement. You can't deny that when you suddenly depart for Walter Reed, there's a reason for it. Better to tell everyone before it gets out of hand.

They confiscated shipments of PPEs from those that honestly bought them. I just don't feel sorry for Trump. It goes against my conscious, and my training, but the only one I feel sorry for is Barron--and my nation, for having suffered under Trump.

It is my understanding that his entire family has been exposed to the virus. We'll see. Hell, I only prayed for his hair plugs to fall out...I can't wrap my head around it right now...

October 2, 2020

We can trust Joe.

If I were him, I'd self isolate myself, and continue my campaign on air. If he were to test positive, along with Jill, I believe that he would tell us. And, unlike Trump, we could believe him, whatever he says the results of a test are at the time.

I think the whole brouhaha is over getting those last two debates cancelled. The Debate Commission (whatever they are called) probably told him to can it as he was complaining that he didn't give them permission to change the debate rules so he couldn't be as disruptive and ruin the "debate."

I won't believe he's sick until I hear from a reliable source that he is on a vent.

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