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EndlessWire's Journal
EndlessWire's Journal
May 30, 2020

News from the Covid front

Not meaning to distract everyone from the riots, fires, and pRes trash talk, but I would like to place this here:

So, I started trying to find out why the new MIS-C disease is related to CV19. It turns out that it is probably because they are finding evidence of exposure to cv19 in the victims. But, they don't know for sure.

Children present with a much more severe form of Kawasaki Disease, are somewhat older (8 yrs vs 4 yrs) and have an added symptom of abdominal pain. Average dx is on day 6 of a high fever.

The rate of cases is quite high in comparison to all the cases of Kawasaki in the last 5 years. So, while it isn't as bad as the CV19 pandemic, it is alarming because it can affect kids under 2 years of age.

Parents of kids unprotected because they are "too young" to get CV19 need to familiarize themselves with the s/s of Kawasaki.

May 29, 2020

Put your hands on the wheel.

Decades ago, while in the Army, I was stopped by cops for a mechanical violation. I had been listening to a portable radio that was lying on the front seat. I reached over and turned it off.

Cop leans in the window and looks, and says, "Oh, that's what you were doing." He told me then that, whenever a cop stops you, put your hands on the wheel and don't move them. I paid heed, and to this day if I am stopped by a cop for anything, anywhere, I make sure to show him my hands, even if he hasn't asked to see them. I basically hold my hands up. May look weird, but my family has had run-ins with cops that have not ended happily.

I think that anyone, white or black, needs to do this. It's not a "you stopped me because I'm Black ( whatever)" moment. It's a "he's a cop with arrest powers and he has a big weapon to shoot me dead with" moment.

We may be forced to march in the streets in the future (not riot, MARCH) and we will need to train ourselves how to react to cops. Nonviolent protest is better than burning down someone's livlihood. Why anyone would want to burn someone's business, someone on your side, is beyond me. Yet, it happens so much.

May 28, 2020

Just a rant...

It just hit my last nerve. I HATE this new ad software that takes you to a full page ad when you try to read a post.

I have been struggling to even get back to the original page when these ads appear. I hate them. DU has made it very hard to read the posts.

Well, thank you for listening.../rant.

May 25, 2020

Future pandemic

Our reaction to the pandemic is the same as it was for the first SARS. We didn't change anything. Wear a mask, wash your hands, social distancing.

Moreover, we spend a lot of time discussing the worth of our homemade masks. People have jumped into the breach left by our nonleading, grifting pRes and are attempting to make a mask that is profitable for them and that works as well. Meanwhile, the Trump Crime Family is stealing the N95 masks from buyers.

In the first pandemic of SARS, we failed to develop a safe vaccination, and stopped trying.

I think that a lot could have been done if we had a plan to provide everyone within our borders with boxes of N95 masks at the outset. We could have revved up production massively and sent a monthly supply of masks for going out to pick up the monthly necessities, like food runs and such. People could have rationed their own masks to last a month until the next shipment came to them.

We do not know if anyone private is quietly developing a vaccine. Around the world, people are trying. But here, Trump is obstructing our own efforts to stop this pandemic. I truly believe that both money and politics are hindering our efforts.

You can see where this CV19 pandemic is heading. Even if the infection rate slows down a bit, with this hard push to reopen, it is going to be a problem for a long time.

If we want to reopen, and we do, because the economy is crashing, then Trump (who doesn't care because he is not hungry himself) could have worn a mask. Then, he could have made an order for everyone to wear one when outside their own home. If he really wanted to be grandiose, he could have sent a care package including masks, gloves, and sanitizers to everyone.

Of course, he would have had to give up his family's grifting on our time and dime. I think it would have been cheaper for us to provide what we need to cut down the virus. As it is, we haven't changed a DAMNED thing that we have done in the past. When will we learn?

May 21, 2020


I'm not trying to stir up the fear pot or anything. I say this in advance because there are those that don't want to discuss anything but rose-colored glasses and subjects that are non stressful. I don't want to be yelled at, laughed at, made to look silly, or told to STFU (although there are those that will take their cue from this.)

There are no scientific conclusions here. I've just been reading around town, so to speak, and find it interesting. Maybe one of you will, too.

You will remember that Trump reduced the number of meat inspectors for pork factories, and is trying to expand to the beef industry. This is where the factories themselves inspect their own meat.

Then, the CV-19 pandemic hit, and now we have a significant number of meat factories shutting down or reducing production, as their workers come down with CV-19 and die.

We have had millions of animals slaughtered for nothing because no one can maintain them on hold while we wait for the pandemic to "disappear" (per Eric.) This goes for chickens, too.

The main reasons that people are coming down with CV-19 at these factories are the crowded working conditions, the cold environment, and ...one other reason that I have forgotten, but was basically part of the "they brought it to work with them, and they were careless" transmission scenario.

I was looking at NK and what they are doing nowadays, and discovered that they are in the middle of an African Swine Fever epidemic. Actually, a pandemic, as that disease has spread and is resurging globally.

All sources say that you can't contract this disease--except the ones that say occasionally or rarely a person might get it if they have actually handle a pig with it, say, at a pig farm. All sources say that no way no how can any human contract this disease by handling pig meat or eating an infected pig.

But, while sources say that our pets can't get it and transmit CV-19 to us, they also have cited incidences where a house pet did, in fact, come down with it, but presumably got it from us. Also, a tiger in a zoo here in the US did come down with CV-19. (Because tigers in zoos are presumably isolated and not handled by the general public, this is a big deal.)

NK has said that it has NO CV-19 cases at all. I doubt that, don't you? But we can't find out about that due to the closed-off nature of their country.

You can read the progression of the pandemic of ASF because the countries have done extensive testing and have traced the various forms of the virus. I think that it is pretty elementary that testing is critical to making headway against any virus.

There are many interesting factoids about African Swine Fever that are online. One interesting tidbit is that we face a meat shortage here in the US which can only get worse, and yet we are shipping meat overseas to China.

No matter what your religious beliefs are, we are also ANIMALS. There is nothing sacred about our bodies that would prevent a species transfer from animal to man.

In fact, scientists know that some animal vector brought this mutation out and cross-contaminated us. But, we don't know exactly what happened. And, most of the symptoms from the various severe respiratory syndromes are much the same. The only way to know what you are really looking at is by microscopic evidence.

China seems to be experiencing a new severe outbreak of this novel virus. They are locking down again while we are opening up even though we know that CV-19 is still rampant here.

Here are links that might interest you:






Of all the links, the last one is the most interesting. They explain a lot of the attempts to develop a vaccine, about the most promising drugs, and why tRump is probably a fool to be taking his for-profit drug.

May 18, 2020


Honestly, what's wrong with people?

So, every so often I go in my car to take care of crap like hitting the Post Office or the take out windows. I'm staying home mostly.

This means that I have to observe what other people are doing, just so I know. Also, these strangers are comforting to me.

But, G-d Almighty, some stuff I see seems so stupid.

Parents wearing masks while letting their children go bare. What is their point? They should go bare, too, because surely they won't want to live after their children come down with this virus because they didn't make them wear a mask.

Don't they know how
stupid they look?
And, just because they can go bare doesn't mean they have to do it.

What are they doing? Do they think they are wearing the masks for their children? Man, oh man...

May 8, 2020

Hitler's Nero Decree

The Russians are a formidable opponent. During WWII they fought their guts out against Hitler. His decision to invade Russia was a huge mistake. It led to the downfall of his military.

In 1945, Hitler was trapped in his bunker, with his advisors telling him it was over. Apparently, while he was thinking about committing suicide, word came that Mussolini and his girlfriend were executed and hung up at the gas station, with their bodies being spat upon and urinated on by angry citizens. This appalled Hitler so much that he ordered his body and Eva's body to be immediately burned after they killed themselves.

Before he did all that, however, he ordered the German infrastructure to be destroyed. This was nicknamed the Nero Decree, after that guy fiddled while Rome burned. (Hitler had used this tactic before in France, but that order was disobeyed.) Hitler was trying to imitate the Russian style of fighting that once saved them by destroying supplies while they retreated. This disrupted supply lines for the enemy.

Hitler did this (tried to) despite the fact that the German population would need all that in order to survive past the war. He told someone, who recorded it for history, that the remaining population was inferior and didn't deserve the preservation of their country. He said that all the good Germans were already dead.

But, fortunately, Speers did not obey the order, either. Hitler was a madman at that point, and others were already thinking ahead. Speers was tried at Nuremberg but did not hang because of his refusal of this order. Instead, he did 20 years in Spandau.

I am worried, like all of you, that Trump will successfully cheat to win. I do not think that he will win if we are dealt a fair hand and allowed to vote without interference. But, I doubt that. The question is, what will he do if he is not declared the winner?

Already, we have people planning for a civil war against US. All Trump has to do is say something. And we could see our own Nero Decree. Only, I would call it the Trump Decree, after the guy who chomped on cheeseburgers while our East Coast neighbors burned us out.

We have to vote in November. It is the vote of a lifetime. We cannot let Trump do this to us. He's a Hitler fan and might easily decide to force us to stay home. But, we can't. No amount of wishing it wasn't happening will make that materialize. We have to know how to vote, where to vote, and how to snake our way through any obstacle to get our vote in.

VOTE! It isn't too early to plan what you are going to do to vote for yourself and also to help your neighbor to vote. Wear your masks, put on your garbage bag if you are so inclined, and kick Trump and his regime to the curb. Share what you have, keep your country. VOTE!

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