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EndlessWire's Journal
EndlessWire's Journal
August 30, 2020

The Electoral College

We are called upon to multitask like crazy this year. We don't dare to neglect anything that even might hint at getting rid of Donald Trump.

First, we have to turn out and vote. Every. last. one. of. us. If we don't make a massive effort, we will not see the picture that we need to clarify what is happening to us.

But, it's not enough. Even though we might prevail to the tune of millions and millions of popular votes, the only thing that matters is the Electoral College. Those selected members of the EC are who really elect our next President. So, while all this maelstrom of events, verbiage, violence, and general nastiness is happening to us, the only thing that matters is this Electoral College, and what they are going to do.

Some states made laws that will now prevent the Electors from changing how they vote from the will of the people to their own beliefs. There are penalties that they can suffer. Sure. But, I have heard that the States, might consider replacing all the Electors with people that will vote for Trump. So, even though we might have literally millions and millions of votes over and above for Joe Biden, the EC can still deliver the election to Trump. Those EC votes are crucial.

A lot depends on their will for bravery and duty. I remember praying that some of them would deliver us from Trump, but they didn't. There were only one or two "faithless" Electors. The rest fell in line, and there is not a deep argument that they should not have voted how their population wanted them to, only that they held the election in their hands.

I do not think that Trump will leave, certainly not in a straight forward "I lost" kind of way. He's gonna do a scam. We have to be ready with Plan B.

This could get ugly. Don't be distracted by all this sh*t happening. Plan A is to vote with all your heart and soul. Plan B is going to end up being marching in the streets. Get ready.

If we wake up the day after with Biden as President, it will all be a big joke. But, so far what we've seen is not. This is not normal. Donald Trump is a dictator who is not going to give up unless we make him.

That's why it's awfully useful to have the General making the statement to Trump that they are NOT going to help him. It's a statement to us, as well. Why would a military chief feel it necessary to inform the public that the military will not participate? We can't be the only ones worried about this?

August 29, 2020

Can someone clear this up for me?

The RNC had so many lies that I lost track. It did nothing but provoke my ire and reinforce my desire to end the Trump Party and kick his entire family and regime to the curb. I'd like to see them exiled from the country.

One lie that sticks in my craw is the lie that they are repeating endlessly, that Joe Biden favors defunding the police.

Am I wrong? Didn't I hear that Joe Biden does NOT favor defunding the police, just fixing the many problems we have? I remember thinking, that is contrary to the currently popular opinion that police forces should be defunded. That is the reason I seem to remember this, because it wasn't a cookie cutter opinion.

This seems to be a preplanned talking point by the Repubs that they are including in their speeches, but I think this is a lie. And, it isn't a matter of, who thinks the police should be defunded; people have different opinions. It is a matter of a rotten lie being repeated like it's true. They just decided that it sounds good.

Well, what do you remember? G-d help me, I'd like to punch someone.

August 26, 2020

Hurricane Laura

For those concerned about the status of this hurricane, Flhurricane.com is a good forum which is closely tracking the event. Lots of good info and links. This is a no nonsense site with weather experts and experienced posters.

The citizens who are going to be affected by this storm will have their hands full. I am interested to know if this storm will have an impact on the spread of Covid.

Stay safe, People. Trying times, but stick together. Let's see what Trump's FEMA will do. I bet nothing.

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