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EndlessWire's Journal
EndlessWire's Journal
September 8, 2022

Go Bag Blues

The Fairview Fire is miles and miles from me. But I'm keeping track with Google Maps and CalFire. When you look out your window and see smoke as thick as anything you've ever seen, you get nervous.

The Fire is blowing South, Southeast, and creeping my way. It has blown past the fire lines, and is out of control. Zero containment, or maybe 5%, but I don't believe it, when those that know state it is growing in all directions.

As I said, it is a long way away. But, I'm thinking I'll check around my place and pack a go bag. In three days it has consumed 10,000 acres, not to mention the people and homes. It lays down a bit at night, but I don't think I have another 10,000 acres between me and it. The smoke in the mornings appears white or grey, but in the evening it is coal black, a sign that it's eating new consumables. And the clouds are streaming thisaway.

I've had a lot of fires happen before, and been on fire watch many times, but this is just making me so nervous. We may get some rain on Friday, or Saturday. That would be good. I really want this to be over.

In the old days, my people used to tell me I was silly to worry, but still I do. I have good brush clearance, thanks to my goats. That won't mean a hill of beans if it got this far. But, nothing to do but keep an eye on it. Other people way closer than I am have got their hands full.

September 5, 2022

So, they have until

Sept. 9th to propose a SM? And, how long do they get to appeal this order?

September 5, 2022

So, can he be indicted, or not?

I feel almost as bad as the day he got "elected." All I can think is, thanks a hell of a lot, Repubs. Look what you did.

Makes a mockery of all those Government employees pledged to guard the classified aspects of the Government machinery. He can't just be allowed to walk out of the WH with OUR docs under the guise of EP. He probably sold docs to foreign governments.

I noticed in several places in the Cannon decision that she said she "wasn't so sure." This indecision and therefore rule in Plaintiff's favor is disgusting.

I'm sad for us all.

September 2, 2022

Wow, he called him out.

I wonder what it feels like to have the President of the whole country pronounce you an immediate threat to our Democracy on prime time TV.. No mincing words, there. That was a battle cry, a warning. He definitely stepped up.

He's having some problem with his throat. Feel better, Joe!

September 1, 2022

Fair is fair.

When Hillary didn't win, I cried. When Trump won, I cried. And then for four years, we watched Trump shred, degrade, and destroy the world standing of this country while he played kissy face with dictators and other nefarious creatures. It's been rough.

Then Joe came into power. His Presidency hasn't been easy. So much has happened and is happening. But, I know at least that he isn't sitting in a dining room while his personal army is attempting to overthrow the government. He's allowed to work while eating if he wants, but the point is, he's probably not.

James Comey was the guy who interfered with the 2016 election results by his incompetent handling of whatever he was looking at. And now, Garland, who was prevented an appointment to the bench by Turtle Man, has got the duty to protect the demeanor, appearance and dignity of the Justice Department, which he seems hell bent on doing.

I would like every last one of the traitors identified, prosecuted and locked up. I'd even like the grave opened, just to be sure. As a citizen, my tears have to mean something. I think that it will be so long before the whole ball of wax is figured out, however, that I will settle for an indictment of Trump himself.

There is no reason to wait until after the Midterms. Not unless waiting means that they can ferret out one more piece of evidence that will cinch it. That might be a foreign fingerprint, or perhaps indictment of those two obstructing lawyers who might turn on Trump. We can't know, by the nature of it. But, I would like to see an uncoupling of this investigation from the appearance of propriety that DOJ is trying to project. What Comey did to Hillary is the opposite side of such a tit for tat. It would be a balancing of the table. Fair is fair. The GOP is constantly getting managed as an elite group when all they are is a traitorous bunch of antiAmerican pro-Putin cretins.

I am mindful of our sweet former FL who said, "When they go low, we go high," or whatever that quote is. But, it would be enough to simply stop treating them like they deserve extra consideration.

DOJ has to complete the threat assessment. I'll bet they're done with that, too, and it ain't pretty. Then, they'll have to deal with Trump's Motion to Quash the search warrant, which he plans to do. He still thinks he can win through the courts. So, I get all that. By then, Midterms will be over. Trump is hoping that if he delays through Midterms, somehow the GOP will be back in power and they will dismantle all his current troubles.

So, we better win, or, indict him on this side of the Midterms so he doesn't get away. I'm like ya'll, I have read the papers and I am of the opinion that he has been cornered. So, hurry up and indict the two lawyers.

September 1, 2022

There are too many culprits

to wait until all the threads have been unraveled. This is a years long ball of yarn.

I think that they should indict Trump, plus his two attorneys that signed that paper saying that was all the documents (there is a name for this paper but I can't remember what it is). The two attorneys can then plead to a lessor charge by turning on Trump. Start the ball rolling.

J6 can still operate, and he can be charge with that separately.

Can someone please explain about the notice he is supposed to get before the indictment. Some sort of targeting paper? How can we find out about that? They have him by the shorty shorts, and maybe he'll try to flee.

What is the range of his personal jet? I'd send a decoy, myself. They wouldn't get me. I wouldn't want to spend one day in jail.

August 31, 2022

Excessive heat warning!

The forecast for SoCal is up to 111 degrees today, and all week with elevated temperatures. Thinking and praying for all those stuck in outside jobs, and for animals who can't come inside. Do your outside stuff early or late!

August 31, 2022

Trump is too ignorant

to see what is happening. All that his demand for a Special Master has gotten him so far is testimony from the Government, allowing them to showcase his felony conduct. I think they got to tell the Judge as many as three times in the response brief that they are investigating crimes by Trump under the Espionage Act. Plus, they got an image of some of the docs in there, too.

If this Judge gives Trump a Special Master, it will be a travesty. I think they are ready to indict him and the timing will be keyed from this Special Masters issue. Midterms may just be an inconvenience.

August 29, 2022

Biden creates a new position

I found this and it tickled me:


This is really more of a hotbed role than it first appears, but I love it for the immediate optics it brings. I'm not really sure where the North Pole is, but I have visions of some smartly suited, square-jawed gentleman shaking hands with Santa Claus, surrounded by penguins.

August 27, 2022

I think that the Government should file a motion,

after they get their formal summons, to hold tRump's "team" for the Special Masters in contempt of court for not following her directions, or, in the alternative, a motion to dismiss for lack of jurisdiction.

Then, if tRump's "team" appeals back up the chain, the Appellate Court can sanction the wazzo out of them for it. And, we'll get to watch.

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