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EndlessWire's Journal
EndlessWire's Journal
August 26, 2022

This is a link to Reality Winner's



It is offered, not for any say on the merits of Reality Winner and what happened there. I am linking it because this website has listed all the docs involved in her case. They are all linked to the docs.

You can see the tremendous amount of filings involved with just ONE document. Over on the left you can see the date timeline for the activity in this case.

This is my only comment: she got 5 years for one doc, which was a plea bargain. I read somewhere that if she didn't plead, she ran a real risk of a double digit sentence. She served four years and spent another on house arrest.

August 26, 2022

I like the way

that the document classifications themselves indicate that national defense harm has presumably been done. You don't have to prove anything beyond the fact that the document has a classification stamp on it. I don't think that you even have to prove that Trump knew the classifications were indicators.

August 26, 2022

The redactions helped

to shorten the reading time, which today is helpful to me.

I don't think this release hurt anything. It just shows the structure and function of the system, which we already gleaned. The definitions are the same as the affidavit in Reality Winners case.

Exhibit 1 is the letter from Trump's attorney to DOJ. In it he emphasizes that 18 USC 1924, which he claims is the principle statute that is applicable, does not apply to the President because he is not an employee, etc. This alarmed me until I realized that the search warrant never mentioned violation of this code. They brought forth 793 and 2071, which state "whoever" without distinguishing the President from the pack.

It might have been a clever ruse to confuse the issue, but the attorney is talking to other professionals. He also wanted his letter shown to anyone who was thinking of charging tRump with anything. That's his job, but who is he kidding? Judges and other attorneys would know.

I think it's pretty clear that Trump has been caught with his tiny fingers in the cookie jar.

August 26, 2022

18 USCodes

From the search warrant: alleged violations of 793 and 2071.

793 is pretty much all encompassing, and can get him as much as 10 years. Even if he had the papers legally, causing them to be removed from their proper custodial places is illegal.

2071 has to do with concealment and removal of said documents, enough to get him another 3 years. But, it also takes away his right to ever hold office again. This is what we want.

So, if they counted each doc as a single instance or violation of these two codes, they might each be worth as much as 13 years apiece. So, he could potentially get 3,900 years in prison. This would be a life sentence. Of course, that was from the first 15 boxes. There are another 11 boxes which have even more docs. If they counted each page as a separate violation, he could get as much as 9,100 years in prison. Or more, based on the boxes removed by warrant.

His defense is flimsy at best. Just having those docs in his basement after he was (and probably before, but let's not quibble) a private citizen is enough to wrap him up. His basement is not a proper place of custody. Just waiving his magic mushroom over nuclear secrets is not enough to declassify them. His wishful thinking is not enough to declassify them. If I were Trump, I'd pack up and leave before indictment.

The key wordage is "gross negligence" and "wilfully and unlawfully" and "relating to the national defense." Just thinking he had some Trumpian right to possess the documents is not enough to get him out of it.

I wouldn't mind a listing of all such documents by title. I've been thinking about this. How much would it hurt? I am in particularly wishing to know for sure whether he had nuclear classified docs in his basement. That would be real bad.

When some Judge is deciding how much time to give him, I hope they don't hand down some tiny sentence or house arrest, not if he purloined nuclear data, not unless the documents are treated singularly.

August 26, 2022

Let's not forget about Lindsey Graham.

Apologies if this was posted already.


Graham had been ordered to elaborate on the argument, but he just argued more for total quashal. The first link in the article brings up a pdf of the court docs.

So much going on.

August 24, 2022

Going over the timeline again

I find that NARA letter so fascinating.

All during 2021, the National Archive (NARA) attempted to recover documents that they had discovered were missing. Apparently, in Oct 2021, Trump was seen going through the boxes at MAL (witnesses).

In January 2022, 15 boxes were returned to NARA by negotiation. As we found out later, Trump apparently curated the boxes and kept documents, and not all docs were returned to NARA.

NARA discovered over 100 documents, 700 pages of highly classified documents in the boxes. Those 700 pages do NOT include subsequent document recoveries. So, we are talking about just the 15 boxes. There were further documents recovered during a June 2022 meeting and then the infamous August 11, 2022 search of MAL.

When NARA discovered this, they notified DOJ. DOJ requested Biden to intervene and have NARA provide the records, despite Trump's claim of Executive Privilege. Trump was trying to prevent the FBI from having access to the boxes. (See, I didn't know that NARA could prevent the FBI access, but I guess everything is compartmentalized.)

The FBI and DOJ did not get to see the documents until May 2022. Access was delayed while Trump unsuccessfully attempted to claim Executive Privilege. Biden referred the matter back to Debra Wall, US Archivist, to make the decision whether the FBI could access the boxes.

Wall, being professional and dealing with Trump's team, exchanged official correspondence with Trump's attorney's over Executive Privilege. The FBI made its request to view the documents within the scenario that now the Executive Branch had to do a critical damage assessment, which could not be done without, of course, viewing the documents.

But Trump wanted to do his own filter with his own rep. I guess they were going to be those two guys, the attorney and the Journalist (can't remember their names.)

On April 12th and 29th, the FBI sent correspondence to Wall describing their urgent need to see the documents. Wall notified Trump's team that she intended to allow the FBI access to the material. Trump's team sought and received a delay of that action from Wall.

But, on May 10, 2022, Wall sent formal notification to trump's team that the FBI would have access to the materials on May 12, 2022. Further, Trump's claim of Executive Privilege was so much garbage and wouldn't fly. She finished by informing Trump that his Rep could review the docs, but only if he had a security clearance. (Well, we all know how long that would take.)

I haven't been able to find out enough about the meeting on June 22, 2022, but a handful of further documents were apparently given up to the FBI at that time.

Then, on August 11th, the search warrant was served and the FBI hauled out 26 boxes of documents, 11 of which were marked classified.

I see things that make no sense to me, but one thing is clear. Trump was okay with having some docs in the hands of NARA, but he sure didn't want the FBI to see what he had done.

I am beginning to wonder if Trump already has sold the documents, and that is why he is so desperate to get the docs back. It could be as simple as selling nuclear docs to SA, and getting paid $2 B for it all.

He's gonna end up in a Super Max somewhere.

August 23, 2022

Here's a good link

to Lawrence O'Donnell's clear explanation of the sequence of events of the MAL search. I hadn't realized that there were actually three document retrievals that occurred.

August 23, 2022

I would like to know

Does anyone know if each of these three hundred documents is counted as one separate crime, or if they are counted in the aggregate? I'm trying to figure out how many hundreds of years he could get.

And that's not to mention the coup attempt.

August 23, 2022

Just can't get away from Trump.

So, I'm trying to ease stress, and doing a lot of reading. So, I turn the page and here is an entry regarding the "Neopalpa donaldtrumpi&quot common name Twirler moth.) Yes, it has hair on its head that looks like Trump's.

Also, the next entry was "Dermophis donaldtrumpi" (Caecilian amphibian) which is some kind of worm. I think it also looks like Trump.

I can't post a pic because of copyrights, but you can see online:


August 23, 2022

If someone else has brought this out

I apologize.


He did file for a Special Masters, and to stop the Government from looking at his purloined docs.

Not completely sure how all this will work for him, but 1) he acts like he is so above the normal processes; 2) when's the last time you ever heard of someone just demanding papers that are classified be handed back?

If I were Garland, I'd just figure out how to charge him for absolutely everything I could make stick, including littering, if it were applicable. Donald may be barking up the wrong tree.

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