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EndlessWire's Journal
EndlessWire's Journal
July 3, 2022

If Donald Trump announces plans to run for President on the Fourth

then I will vomit.

I must say, it won't surprise me. He is very theatrical, from trying to impress from in front of the Presidential monuments (Mount Rushmore) to his stunt of driving around the hospital while he was being treated with medical treatments that only he could get. But, that doesn't mean I will be amused.

He might be doing it because of timing, you know, getting ahead of others. This would be because of the recent talk that he will not be welcome to a party candidacy. Maybe because of DeSantis.

Or, and IMO most probable, he has it in his head that he can't be indicted if he is running for President. He is coming off the heels of a devastating hearing enumerating numerous criminal acts from a credible witness. He would probably like to be able to spin it that he is being harassed due to some mythical holy state of candidacy. Maybe he can convince DOJ that to indict him would be some kind of travesty against tradition.

We have all been through this before, during the two impeachment hearings. It is kind of settled that, technically, he can be prosecuted while in office. This is post term, he is being investigated and found out, and there is that. I don't know what other position he could run for in Midterms; I think it is too late for that. So, if he announces for the Presidency, there will be the inevitable "I am President, You can't imprison me now" argument. Or, "I am running for the Presidency, you can't touch me now." And, then his Personal Supreme Court can legislate in his favor. How, I don't know, but that hasn't stopped them from twisting our system.

Our system allows any criminal to run for the Presidency, even from a jail cell. That is the truth. So, if he announces, that is his right, and he can spend Republican donor money on it. If we got lucky enough to convict him, we would probably have to send him to Gitmo, just to make it really hard to run a campaign from there.

I dunno about you, but I think an indictment of at least Donald Trump is in order. If DOJ fails to act for whatever reason, then I personally will feel that there is no more justice of any kind left in our system.

It seems like it is going to be all on Garland. I like quiet, understated heroes that do their duty without fuss. So far, all is well. But then, that's what I thought about the Mueller Report.

I want to see DOJ kick Donald's rotten ass, not just Georgia, although I appreciate all Georgia Peaches and am grateful that pursuit of that angle is ongoing. But, we have to indict Trump as a nation. His fall guys notwithstanding, it will not work if he gets to throw them under the buses and walk away whistling.

Please, G-d, don't inflict my country with Trump as President. Not again, never again, no more. Amen.

If he announces, we'll just have to suck it up and laugh it off. I wouldn't put it past Red States to elect a criminal as their President. We just have to do something NOW and not let it get that bad again. Please, Dems, do something.

June 30, 2022

"Finish Line" sung by Rita Ora

This keeps popping up, and it's such a good video:


You can play the video by scrolling down to the link. I included the higher link because of the history you can read.

June 25, 2022

Deliver a subpoena to Clarence Thomas

I want to see if he will deny the validity of the authority of the J6 to issue subpoenas. I want to see if he will duck out and refuse to testify. I want to see if he can get another Justice to be his personal attorney.

We need to ask him what he knew about the coup and what his wife was doing. Let's see if he throws her under the bus. I'm so pissed.

Trump et al are traitors, every last one.

June 25, 2022

Ginni Thomas is a traitor.

I want her investigated for that attempted coup, and the support for that Trump pathway to remaining in power after he LOST THE ELECTION. Why should she get to avoid prosecution and consequences when she used her position as the wife of a SC Justice to influence those who could cause a substitution of electors in favor of Trump? This was one part of the Fake Electors pathway to take over our government.

Who are we kidding? We almost lost our country. She helped put us through that debacle, and she should be prosecuted and not sheltered. People DIED during that time.

Do we honestly think that Ginni Thomas did NOT talk to her hubby during this time about what she was doing?? Do you think that he did not KNOW what was going on?

She better get a subpoena, because I don't think that she will actually agree to talk with the Committee. She's paying lip service to the idea. She won't, because she is connected through the frickin SC to a coup attempt. Does anyone, anywhere, believe that she kept that a secret from Clarence Thomas, SCJ??

Doesn't Clarence have some legal and moral duty to disclose such a threat to DOJ? The newly elected President? To Roberts??

I dunno about you, but I'm just done contriving scenarios where they have plausible deniability for what they have done. I don't believe that Thomas didn't know they were trying to substitute electors. He needs to resign or be impeached. She needs to be indicted. Trump managed to eff up our Court. This is serious.

Everything Trump touches dies, and this Court is dead to me. No decision they make from here on in will mean a damned thing. They are not scions of a long tradition in law; they are cheap, swill drinking, caricatures of a now dead process of applying learned, experienced knowledge to the decisions that govern us all. I have no further respect for their tradition.


June 25, 2022

I don't want to hear any more

about the cutesy ways the nominees were able to dodge a full disclosure of their true aims and opinions re: Roe v. Wade. THEY LIED. THEY ARE LIARS.

We have liars on the SC of the United States.

June 24, 2022

We can't forget

the fact that the J6 Committee has presented us with a whole lotta facts about the attempted coup on our Government.

The timing of this abysmal SC decision is suspicious. All of our outrage is now centered on the SC. But, we must look not to the left nor the right, but straight ahead in convicting those responsible for the attempted coup. From there, after cleaning out the pus, we can revisit the issues of what horrendous decision making this Court is doing.

They will continue to quickly decide other various issues of which we will not be happy. Still, we have to convict Trump et al, otherwise none of it can be defensible. We need to get rid of the influence the GOP currently has against us.

I will not let civil rights just go to the influence of these other dastardly groups who only care about themselves and their own weak, narrow opinions. However, we need to indict and arrest Trump. If we want to "get even" for this SC decision on guns and abortion, then, focus on getting Trump et al.

June 24, 2022

Today was pretty dramatic.

I remember all those changes, dismissals, quits, and whatnot. I remember all the Sessions comments, then he was gone and the next one was in, then the next...it was such a circus.

Well, we know why now. The last two hearings have made it crystal clear. Trump was going to overthrow the government no matter what anyone told him. Those smart legislators refused to get caught up in it. We have to hold those that did it accountable. We absolutely must, in the face of those doing the right thing. We can't let this go. For the good of the country, we can't let it go.

The two names I want to see the most in front of the judge are Eastman and Trump. I don't have it down well enough to say, "Well, so and so violated this US Code," and "so and so violated that one." I'll leave it to the Court system. There are so many that you need a spreadsheet to keep track. I hope that if one of them flees, we find out about it pdq. I'll get my popcorn out for that; we have a remarkable record of arresting people on the tarmac.

I just found myself amazed at the testimony. It is becoming crystal clear what Trump did in an attempt to hold onto power, and why even those scum buckets we detested wanted to distance themselves from him. Wow, all it would have taken was one or two of those guys to give up. I think a crucial moment was when that guy marshalled up his backers, and they all stated they would quit rather than work under Clark.

That left Trump the last play of the gambit. I swear, I really think that he was looking forward to Pence getting hung. I think that he is responsible for the whole riot, and the attempted coup. I want him arrested and retired to Gitmo, along with his buddy Eastman. Or, as I have already said several times, he could be allowed to sail away from our shores. One way or another, he's got to go.

What makes me want to cry is the possibility that he could do this shit again. Midterms, 2024...I want an indictment before Midterms. Him and his buddies.

June 22, 2022

The UN briefed

the press about major issues it is confronting. This was a couple of days ago. The major concerns are (the war notwithstanding) the food shortages. The UN urges food exports to be allowed through the Black Sea, and also exports from Russia of food and fertilizers.

I can see how, if exports were to go forward through the Black Sea, that we might also have to allow exports from Russia as well. You see it? But, allowing that defeats a bit of the sanctions, as China and India continue to buy oil from them as well.

The UN is giving dire warnings for the entire world if the war goes on, and the supply chain for food production continues to be interrupted. They have informed us that eventually it will be a trickle down consequence that will affect all of us.

I don't think that Russia cares if the rest of the world starves, but now we will have to try to make up the difference with our own agricultural efforts. Maybe this is the time to ramp up some aid program for third world or poorer countries to grow their own food as well. Droughts continue to be a problem. Maybe we need to gift some desalination projects, or something, to reduce dependence on Russian food. Who would have thought...I didn't know...did you?

June 21, 2022

Thank you, Germany

and the Netherlands, for sending 155mm howitzers to Ukraine. We are mindful of the position your country is in, and still you step up. Thank you!

June 21, 2022

Raffensperger stated that

Trump lost by, what, 20,000 Georgian votes because that many Georgians did not vote for a Presidential candidate, and just voted down ballot. Or, words to that effect.

This is worrisome. All Georgia Peaches have to vote. Hopefully, Georgian Democrats will vote for our candidates, in order for us to keep the House and Senate.

It's time to focus on winning the Midterms, something which the Repubs want so very much to win. If they win control, they will make our country a former Democracy.

There are a few Repub officials who have some honor left, I see that now. But, most are fascists. I don't know how to fight except: 1) GOTV; 2) donate; 3) encourage others to do the same. My vote is my weapon.

If pushed to extremes, I'll fight for real in a ditch. But, for now, I plan to add my vote against Repubs everywhere. Except, you know perhaps a couple...two is not a majority, though, and they should switch parties.

Thank you, Georgia Peaches, Lady Ruby and daughter, and all those against Trump et al.

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