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Klobuchar's Expanding Campaign

Nevada Staff Hires
LAS VEGAS (AP) — Democratic presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar (KLOH'-buh-shar) is making her first campaign hires in early voting Nevada, scooping up staffers who worked for Beto (BET'-oh) O’Rourke’s campaign.
Klobuchar’s campaign announced Friday the Minnesota senator had hired Marina Negroponte to serve as state director and Cameron Miller to serve as Nevada political director. Both held similar roles in the state for O’Rourke’s campaign, which ended this month.

Another indication that the field is more fluid then people think. Amy seems to have had a very good surge in fundraising. This is only the latest in a series of staffing increases. While the funding may be in the nature of a hedge, there is no doubt that the Klobuchar campaign has been slowly expanding and she has been rising in the polls if only marginally.

She is beginning to separate from the bottom of the pack, if only right now in the first two states.
At this point moving from no way to just maybe is a huge step.

Klobuchar Won

Not that she had the Best debate performance (although good) but that she advanced her campaign the most.
Her path has always run through Iowa and her strategy has always been the last person standing on the Left-Center side.

But it's about time that people realize just how good she is at this. She consistently draws the most and most long lasting blood and people don't even notice. Ask Inslee how much "There are Three Women" hurt. It has been her driving that side of the debate from the start. It was her with the I read the Bill and even Billionaires. Up until now having Mayor Pete tag a long and follow her lead was fine, he was bringing voters to the dark side.

In September with Pete following she cleared the Left-Center lane by supporting Biden to an extent. In October she arrested Warren's rise by attacking with Mayor Pete following along.

Tonight she set up Buttigieg. She set the moment up in advance so she would be sure to get asked about the Women on the Stage with his experience. This of course led one of the better moments and had every women in America cheering. But she made sure the point was made later when she came back with the experience and the local office dig. That is when Mayor Pete stepped in it with the "Washington Experience" that is going to haunt him. That made it a Resume fight and one with everyone on the stage.

Amy Won tonight

While all the reviews are not in yet, she did the most to advance her campaign of any of the candidates on the stage.

She had set up Mayor Pete and he stepped right in it.

Sondland Debate and the Primary

Debates are informed by the news of the day. But seldom if ever has there been an event scheduled for the same day that could shape the debate as much as Gordon Sondland’s testimony will, both on the stage and from the viewers. This could turn out to be the purest test of political instincts we have ever seen. What is more it is likely to be playing out right up until the moment they walk on to the stage. How the candidates respond and how that is taken has the potential to even reshape the race. It is really more unpredictable then anyone can know.

Normally with Buttigieg's great DM poll the viewers and the moderators coming in would have extra focus on him. However the news of the day will be on the hearings and Biden will be top of mind.

What is more we cannot know how this will go. There is no way to do any real advanced planning. Sondland is the first political appointee.

Amy K is on the way

Since the October debate Amy has had a lot of good news. While Mayor Pete has been getting the majority of the buzz, quietly but steadily Amy has been solidifying her position.

Qualifying for December ahead of the November debate is huge. As was the influx of cash. With her move into fifth place in both Iowa and New Hampshire she is actually poised to move up at precisely the time the general population is tuning in.

I must admit this is the most optimistic I've been about her chances since the snowstorm start.
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