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Remdevivir Fauci what this means


This was a real study. Results were important enough that the independent monitoring committee had an ethical obligation to inform the control group.

This is good news, it is not game changing news.
What this study shows that there is a real possible treatment possible. That the drug performed in the way it was expected shows that the virus is able to be attacked. It also allows for the possibility that combinations of drugs can become an effective treatment.

But Fauci is being very careful to do is while allowing hope, tempering it with reality.

But what this really does right away is offer the possibility that this drug can, by reducing time, increase our hospitals capacity to care for the ill.

Election 2020 Think 1932

1932 campaign
Roosevelt's campaign for president was necessarily cautious. His opponent, President Herbert Hoover, was so unpopular that FDR's main strategy was not to commit any gaffes that might take the public's attention away from Hoover's inadequacies and the nation's troubles. FDR traveled around the country attacking Hoover and promising better days ahead, but often without referring to any specific programs or policies. Roosevelt was so genial—and his prescriptions for the country so bland—that some commentators questioned his capabilities and his grasp of the serious challenges confronting the United States.

People rightly see FDR are a progressive champion. But he did not run his campaign that way and it probably wasn't his base orientation. Circumstances led to the progressive gains.
It should also be noted that the New Deal was criticized from the left as not going nearly far enough.

Sad, happy, inspired. My Hometown and HHH too

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