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Some Context from the 3rd precinct, (A hopeful update.)

Because I live pretty close to the sacred ground of 38th and Chicago we have felt relatively safe. Yesterday things began to change.
First the police informed the neighborhood captain that they had information that minority owned businesses would be targeted and prudence suggested that they remove those indications.
Next word filtered out that residential neighborhoods could be targeted. I have no idea of the source of the information but it was widespread. Block meetings emphasized the need to stay indoors and if you see anything suspicious or worrying to bang pots and pans to alert the block.
While that was happening the few open stores got information that there would be some level of protection and that authorities would be attempting to protect "Sacred Ground" from infiltration.
Having said that, that in no way prevented many of the neighborhood groups and business owner from arming.
Throughout the afternoon reports were coming in of cars without license plates cruising the alleys. I myself witnessed one in my own alley and saw at least two others as I moved throughout the neighborhood.

Now I want to talk about two incidents that sort of bookend the night. First I have very little direct knowledge as I was staying close to home on watch on my own block. However what I am going to say comes from at the very least family or friends I know.

First the Ali Velshi gassing at the 5th:
Lets be clear Ali reported what he saw from near the back of the group. What he didn't see was at the front of the group people were starting to throw debris and at least on business owner inside his shop reports that he thought people were trying to pull down the boards and get in. At that point the state police moved. This was after a half hour of warnings they were in violation of curfew.

Next the clearing of 38th and Chicago:
I can ear witness a group marching down Bloomington from Lake Street, turning onto 38th and moving to Chicago. I can now report from people who were guarding the gas station at 38th and Bloomington that the group was led by a vehicle with Alabama plates and that they were trailed by three Minneapolis cruisers. As they passed 15th they started moving much faster as at least 3 Humvees were parked there and had been for some time. There was some individual movement headed in that direction throughout the evening after curfew. I have no idea of what the triggering event there was as I haven't been up there this morning yet and the people who I have talked to from the immediate area were inside. I may have more information later as we know he owner of the BBQ place.

One last thing, as I was checking in at the gas station this morning six cruisers blazed down Bloomington headed south past us. Everyone in sight either waved or saluted as they passed.

From what I can tell is there is no loss of support for the cause, but there is a widespread belief that Mpls should not allow the cause to be highjacked.

Mail delivery has restarted. Package delivery trucks are out in force also (post office at least).

Let me be clear if the Cops didn't crack down in Mpls there would have been dead in the streets

There still maybe.
The neighborhoods are arming.

What is absolutely fantastic is that the protestors have lost no support. The city remains behind the cause.

Things ar truly a mess

I live in the 3rd precinct. First the neighborhood group has decided that the minority owned businesses take off that indication because we have been informed that it will only make them targets.

The last gas station anywhere close is now running out and here will be no deliveries, the trucks wont enter he city.

And for all of you who think it is only Right wingers. I was just at that business swarmed under with customers because despite 5 different attempts to break in a loot the store owner has managed to stay open. While there a young black male frustrated with how slow the line was, announced everything is and started agitating. That was a spontaneous act and not pre-planned. I got him out of the store and a bunch of others took over calming him down.

Will the tactics work in Mpls

It is an interesting but not unheard of approach.
The set a large perimeter this spread out the crowd and had them focused on the police and not any landmark, although the landmark was an objective.

They retreated into dead ground that had already been looted and was less vulnerable. (Incidentally showing the group the destruction that had been done to familiar places. ) Looking like they had given up the objective. That drew the crowd after them. Then after the crowd was pulled into a narrow area they stopped and drew focus back on themselves as an objective, The teargas was to thin the crowd. After the focus was truly set and the objective was clear they then started the retreat again until the crowd strung out and then disappeared taking the energy right out of it.

There were never going to be mass arrests. The last thing needed now was another log on the fire.

Now as the night goes on we will see if it works.

Why did they wait?

Agree or disagree with the choice there is a reason. I don't know that I agree with it but I understand it.

What if he gets off? Seeing the video we all have it would seem to be terribly unlikely depending on the exact charge. But

MSNBC has stitched together a lot of the video so far available. Pretty much everything we see up until the hole in the coverage seems routine. You may think it aggressive and I agree, but as a white male whose appearance could appear homeless if you are in the right frame of mind I have been subjected to the exact same from the 3rd. Be that as it may it seemed to me that the police were not really pushing anything until we lose video as they take him to the shop window for the clerk to ID. The only possible out for the officers rests on those moments we haven't seen.

An acquittal coming on top of the one after the Philando Castile shooting that seemed to have all the video needed, and the conviction of Mohamed Noor for shooting a white woman, it could actually get much worse then we have just seen. Without any cap that could be put on it.

They absolutely had to have their ducks in a row, with that thinking.

I can't Breathe, another arrest turns deadly.

This is a couple of blocks from me. Not matter how belligerent he was before this video was captured, no one deserves this.


A bit of Tempering is due on the Moderna Vaccine

First the announcement was a glimmer of good news but there are some things you should know.

This initial study was to have 45 participants and 8 have been reported. This is still positive but needs to be tempered as far a time scale. It is positive in that there seems to be a way to get the body to generate the antibodies in advance of contacting the disease, at least in some people.

This is all from the company and the actual study will not be published for a couple of weeks at least.
In the meantime:
The new head of Trump's vaccine task force who was a member of Morderna's Board and hinted at the results has just announce he will be selling his stock.
The company hours after the announcement will now be offering $1.25B in new stock.

Take that as you will.

Deep Level Talking points get them started.

The Republicans have always been better at getting underlying talking points embedded in a way that shapes the overall narrative. However at least with Trump and the current crisis we have a chance to do some of this with the coming election.

Do you want Trump in charge when the next one comes, especially after he purges the experts.

Tara Reade, Al Franken did Klobuchar get a bump?

With Media whataboutism and the way Trump is, the Tara Reade story will be with us throughout the election.

Klobuchar is the only short lister who is in a totally consistent position. Believe but investigate.

From Kirby Puckett to Kavanaugh she has shown the willingness to believe and investigate and carry through. At the same time she has shown that the investigation is needed with Franken. While this will not be the most important consideration it will be part of the considerations so it will be a factor in the thinking.
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