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Member since: Fri Nov 22, 2019, 04:07 PM
Number of posts: 4,605

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The World Will Never Forget The Brave Defenders Of Mariupol

True heroes.

After Years Of The Wealthy Extracting Most Of The Wealth Some Want To

Give them more.

Their path to success is to distract stupid people with bullsh*t, and get them to fear other Americans, and immigrants. Never talking about the people destroying their lives, and their planet simply for profit. Endangering others lives to avoid a little inconvenience.

Republicans can get elected and get campaign help by giving the rich more benefits to stay in power. Secret billionaire funded super pacs. Ads that tell us to be energy voters and let Putin and the Saudis control our economy. Ads that say buy pharmaceuticals for 10 times what other countries pay.

The billionaire owned media and social media helps them spread lies, hate, and fear 24 / 7. Convincing "people" to blame minorities for their troubles, and not the folks who took $50 trillion right out of their pockets, and pay little in taxes.

And the rage is getting worse, and the violence is increasing.

Something has to give....

Life In Prison For Spying For Russia Dude Paid $10

Just saw spy arrested on CNN.

Paid $10 for spying inside Ukraine.

Life in prison.

The math just doesn't work for me.....

Strengthen Not Weaken American Technology Ads Whats Up?

They want us to call congress.

Anyone know what this is about?

I could guess but someone here may know.

The Republicans Spouting Replacement Theory Incitement Ad Writes Itself

20 Republicans inciting violence with replacement theory comments.

Line from Buffalo Shooter's manifesto.

Dead bodies.

Tucker's comments.

Dead bodies.

Line from manifesto.

Different dead bodies.

More manifesto, more Republicans, more bodies.

Ask the question.

Will you vote for more violence.....

Inflation Would Be Far Worse If The TFG Coup Worked And He Was Still In The White House

His one goal was to help the billionaires rob the populace more effectively. This causes inflation.

I mean besides his other goal which is to hurt people that don't like him, or his lies, or his crimes, or pretty much every evil thing he stands for.

Republican Stops Critical Aid To Ukraine

That is the headline they won't print.

Rand Paul Helping Russia Take Over Ukraine By Delaying Aid No Other Way To Look At It

I hear Rand Paul is forming a Putin / Russia Caucus among the Republicans.....

Press Conferences Of Democratic Senators Screaming Bloody Murder About Rand Paul's Ukraine Aid Hold?


This is the problem.

Protest at Rand's house by others?

How about Ukrainians living the US going to pay Rand a visit at his house?


Putin wins again.

McCain: Rand Paul 'is now working for Vladimir Putin'


McCain understood.....

Rand Paul Is Obviously A Russian Asset

No other explanation.
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