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Member since: Fri Nov 22, 2019, 04:07 PM
Number of posts: 3,504

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Superstorms Superfires Superfloods Drought Famine Billions Of Climate Refugees / Dying

In our lifetime....

Say no to fossil fuel, and their prostitute politicians.

Tired Of Biden Bashing On Morning Joe

Can't stand it.

Sorry asshole.

Joe Biden's toenail clippings would do a better job than TFG.

Just sayying.

And about the "problems" Democrats are having, what about the 1% prostitute party?

Your "old" party?


Our planet is burning so the 1% can have huuuuuge returns.

Am I the only one who notices?

Lets Spend Trillions On Weapons / Submarines And Not Combatting Climate Change

Because of CHINA.

or IRAN.


Or whatever.

Does our species even deserve to not go extinct?

This is a serous question.

Hey France Australia etc. Your countries are on fire. YOU ARE BURNING. Didn't you notice?

Stop buying Chinese crap, and they won't have money to threaten folks.

There are things we can do about "threats" besides spending trillions on war toys, and war itself.

Time humans evolved past Roman Times of war, slavery, and democracy by only they rich.

"Can Democrats Save The Biden Agenda" John King CNN - Food Fight!!!

Not one word about Republicans practically sticking knives in the economy, and all Americans who are not insanely rich.

God I hate how they push the narrative.

If we borrowed trillions, and gave it all to the 1% tax free, the Republicans would be on board 100%.

That is the proper narrative.

The media is propping up the GOP like there is no tomorrow. Democrat food fight!!!

Not a word about Republicans being economic terrorists.

Get Vaccinated Then Do All The Research You Want

That way you, and your family are less likely to die while you are looking for confirmation bias on the internet.

Surf all you want.

Stay alive first.

Don't add to the 120,000 orphans Covid has already made.

Satan Supports Anti-Vaxxers And Republican Political Strategy

Says he has plenty of room.

Come on down....

All Republicans Support Domestic Terrorists

Either they are domestic terrorists, making threats, or they encourage them, or they support them.

Republicans spread lies, hate, anger, distortion, and weaponize discourse to get violent people to "attack" using violent rhetoric.

From the leaders of the party, to every single foot soldier, and hate radio host, and fox assholes, they all support lies, threats, and violent discourse.

From putting targets on political signs, to using fear over, and over, and over.

There is no other way to say it.

Republicans Are ALL Domestic Terrorists.

Time To Go Back To Threatening School Boards Doctors Constitution Supporters

And anyone who won't chug horse paste.

Rally's over....

Set Up Roadblocks No Vaccine You Can't Come To Washington

We have enough nut jobs already filling our hospitals.

Canada can do it.

So can we.

Tax Wealth And Give Workers A Huge Tax Cut And Balance The Budget

The insanely rich will still be rich.

The rest of us can start getting ahead.

It's not rocket surgery.
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