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Member since: Fri Nov 22, 2019, 03:07 PM
Number of posts: 424

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If Billionaires Paid Their Fair Share Of Taxes America Wouldn't Have A Homeless Problem

So when you look at the "camps" just think. All these folks could move into the 7th to the 30th bedrooms of the filthy rich, and "the problem" would disappear.

I know it's just an analogy but the 1% has 50 trillion dollars in wealth, and they made it by not putting $$$ back into the system.

The poor, homeless, beaten down, people with problems are simply left to fend for themselves while our owners skim everything off the top to spend on bigger yachts, homes, and private islands, while paying less in taxes than someone making minimum wage in many cases.

There is no help for the homeless.

They want it that way.

If we are fighting each other over the crumbs, they get ALL the cake, and we don't even notice.

Remember the 1% could pay off our entire national debt and wouldn't even miss the money.

Who The Hell Had Lev And Igor Arrested - Trump Has Been Screaming For A Week Now

I will bet he is "not happy" with Billy Barr.

Who the hell ok'd arresting his Ukraine front men?


Who let this happen????

I am sure Trump thought he had the whole Justice Department working for him.

How could this happen?

The good news is Trump hasn't corrupted THE ENTIRE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT.

There are a couple shreds hanging on.....

OK Call Hunter Biden Republicans - We Call Don Jr

To testify.

Everyone here knows who the corrupt one is.

Trump will need some company in prison anyway.

Republicans Just Vote To Remove Him Now - You Don't Need To Go Through The Grinder

Trump had his chance to defend himself. He ignored all the subpoenas. Wouldn't let anyone testify. Couldn't provide any evidence of his innocence.

I watched the Lev interviews. The country is obviously being run by the mafia with Putin at the helm. You fix it. Trump can't hurt you if he is in a jail cell or out on bail in New York with a gag order. Imagine Trump with a gag order. I can't stop laughing.

We don't need to spend a month or two proving what is already obvious while the Republican Party is destroyed even more. The Ukraine shakedown was 7 separate felonies. Only an idiot would want to defend the criminal.

Remove this mob boss, and we can start prosecuting his lieutenants.

Law and Order.

Barr Is Just As Guilty As Trump

And the rest of the gang.

All = Guilty = Wont Be Prosecuted = Rich White Powerful Criminals


McSally Your Friends Do Crimes - The Press Reports Your Friends Crimes - They Ask For Your Comment

About your friends crimes.

This makes them liberal hacks?


McSally, all your friends will someday be rotting in prison, along with their helpers, like yourself.

Be nice to the guards....

This Is Really Not Good - Not Sure How To Put It Here My Friends

After watching Rachel's interview with Parnas I thought of something reeeeeal bad.

These guys, and girls, who I call the Trump Gang all worked together to shake down Ukraine, obstruct justice, deny subpoenas, lie, and commit a whole host of crimes. They appear to be guilty as hell. In America it is rare that rich powerful white earth movers ever pay for their crimes, but millions of us want exactly that. Myself, and probably everyone reading this think these thugs, and mobsters need to be prosecuted. When we get a real attorney general, they may all be rolled up.

Now the problem.

They all know what may be coming down. These powerful criminals running our country have an insane amount of power, nukes, and millions of brainwashed cult followers that would follow them over any cliff, or carry out any command, and believe any lie.

I fear for my country, and what could happen. It just hit me when I thought of having a real attorney general replace Barr after the election, and actually start enforcing laws and stuff.

I have a bad feeling.

I hope I am wrong.

America is at a crossroads.

Donald Trump Is Sargent Schultz!

I just put 2 and 2 together!

Doesn't know Lev Parnas. Doesn't know anything about him. Doesn't know where he's from. His front man in Ukraine doing the actual shakedown. Trump doesn't know anything about him. Forget all them pictures of them together all over the place.

They Will Soon Raise Their Right Hands And Lie To Our Faces

Being a Republican is getting harder every day.

They just can't wait to get this over so they can get back to work. Handing out favors ($$$$) to corporations so they can get "good jobs" when they leave the Senate.

High Crimes And Felonies

To heck with misdermeanors.
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