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Member since: Tue Dec 24, 2019, 08:47 AM
Number of posts: 649

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Here ya go...


The Standells

The Standells recorded a lot of great music during their career, but this is their signature song...


Garage Bands

I love garage music. Itís singularly my favorite music. So, I thought it would be fun for us to post some of our faves of the genre over the years. The genre really exploded in the mid-Ď60s, but there have been garage bands right down to the current day.

I have so many favorite garage songs, so I anticipate posting several of my faves if this thread catches on. Please feel free to do the same!

If weíre gonna post garage bands and their music, gotta start at the beginning...


The best "Girl Group" song?

IMO The Shirelles were the best ďGirl GroupĒ. But this is my favorite Girl Group song...


My all time 2nd favorite song

Yesterday I posted my all time favorite song. Iím sure youíve all been anxiously awaiting the sequel :/

Your wait is over! Hereís my #2. Iím not gonna post a #3 because, while numbers 1 & 2 are certainties for me, there are too many contenders for #3. So, all Iíll be posting is my Top 2. I think I heard a sigh of relief!

Anyway, rounding out my Top 2, hereís my all time second favorite song:


And just how do we implement and achieve this social justice, Sir?

Your post is well written, Sir, and I donít necessarily take issue with your central theme or conclusion.

But you fail to suggest how we achieve this social justice of which you speak. You identify the problem, but donít suggest how we best address it.

Iím not taking issue with you. I am not implying that economic justice is the magic wand that will create this social justice. But it would help.

Achieving social justice is not going to be easy. It requires changing the mindset of millions of Americans. And therein lies the problem.

In my opinion, there is no single answer to the problem you have identified. Economic justice is definitely one piece of the answer. But at least itís a piece, and it includes a vital part of the solution ó opportunities for a better education for all. There is no magic bullet. But education is of paramount importance. A college (or, better yet, a post-graduate) education is the crucial stepping stone to achieving social justice. Iím not suggesting itís a panacea. But I do contend that we will never have social justice unless and until opportunities for affordable higher education are afforded to all.

I am not a Sanders supporter. I am a Warren Democrat. I have no doubt that, had Elizabeth Warren been nominated and elected president, significant steps toward achieving both economic reforms and educational opportunities for all would have been accomplished. And those accomplishments would have taken us a significant step in the right direction toward social justice.

P.S. I am also an old white man. I grew up in the projects. And I had few opportunities for advancement despite having graduated from college with honors. My success was achieved as a result of obtaining a J.D. Will acquiring post graduate degrees in and of themselves solidify opportunities for economic and social justice? No. People of color and women, particularly the former, will still face obstacles I didnít face; will still have to work harder to prove themselves; and will still be discriminated against. It will take generations to nullify racism and misogyny. But, without economic and educational reforms, we will never see such nullification. And we will never see social justice.

Never In My Life -- Mountain


My all-time favorite song

I love music. Rock Ďní roll in its various sub genres and soul are what I live for. Literally live for. I could give up food and oxygen more easily than I could give up music.

There are so many artists that I like. Too many to begin to mention.

But of all the music Iíve listened to over the last 60+ years (I bought my first record in 1956 at the ripe old age of seven ó Hound Dog b/w Donít Be Cruel by Elvis Presley), one song has stood out as my favorite:


Is tRump's proclamation that all is well working?

I know he hasnít gone quite that far (at least I donít think he has; I never watch his televised events), but it is my understanding he has expressed a desire to return to ďnormalĒ upon the expiration of the 15-day social distancing period.

I must confess that, while Iím not by any means in the dark, I havenít been watching CNN 24/7 or otherwise keeping up to date on a blow-by-blow basis. But the last I heard (yesterday, I believe), our idiot-in-chief was chomping at the bit to get back to normal (because, hey, we gotta keep the economy chugging along even if it means a few hundred thousand people die) sooner rather than later.

Anyway, getting to my point (rather laboriously, and I apologize for that), in the last couple of hours Iíve heard three planes fly over. And it struck me that I havenít heard a single plane in quite some time. At least a week. Maybe two. And Iím not imagining this. There has been no air traffic here for many days.

Now, suddenly, three planes.

I hope thatís not an indication that things are getting back to ďnormalĒ because that asshat said weíve been locked down long enough. It seems to me the necessary lockdown period should just be getting started if we have any hope of ever safely getting back to normal.

The Buzzcocks -- the other founders of punk you may not have heard of

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