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Member since: Tue Dec 24, 2019, 08:47 AM
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First Iowa and NH weren't representative of the Party. But SC is?

Without question, Bidenís landslide win in SC gave his campaign a big boost.

But I contend too many people are jumping on his bandwagon and anointing him our nominee prematurely.

African Americans accounted for 60% of the SC vote. But of the entire Party, African Americans represent 25% of registered Democrats. Clearly, the support of African Americans is of great importance, and Iím not dismissing or minimizing its importance. But it shouldnít be dispositive, especially in a state our nominee wonít carry no matter who s/he is.

No one state should determine who our nominee is. But if we were to emphasize the importance of certain states in determining who is ďmost electableĒ, it should be the reliably Blue states ó most of New England, NJ, DE, MD, IL, NM, MN, CA, OR and WA. Also other states of importance like FL, OH, CO, MI, WI, PA, NV, plus GA and NC.

These are the important states. Not Iowa. Or NH. Or SC. We shouldnít be jumping on the Biden bandwagon because he rolled through a Red state with a disproportionately high number of African American voters.

At the very least, letís wait until Super Tuesday before abandoning our first choice.

Iím just blown away by all the DUers who have abandoned their candidate because Biden won one fucking state!

Personally, Iím hoping for a brokered convention. Not a contentious one, but one where we nominate our strongest candidate. And I donít think itís Joe. I think itís Kamala. A moderate-left WOC would romp to victory!

End of rant.

Radical Beatles thinking

Recently, there was a thread containing Top 10 albums. I included in my Top 10 Rubber Soul and Revolver.

First of all, I should have specified US version when I listed Rubber Soul. IMO, the UK version pales in comparison.

But, I recently started thinking back to my adolescence and which Beatles albums I really loved. And this may sound radical, but Iím changing my list. My favorite Beatles album is Beatles Ď65.

Among music critics and just music fans at large, the accepted wisdom marks Sgt. Pepper as the bandís high water mark. Moreover, the general wisdom is that the early Beatles stuff is to be dismissed as the guys just finding their footing.

I say rubbish! I LOVE the early Beatles. I strongly believe they did their best *rock and roll* during their early years. IMO, Beatles Ď65 was the high water mark of the early years. On the strength of No Reply and Iíll Be Back alone, Beatles Ď65 is a masterpiece.

Full disclosure ó Never liked Paul, loved John. Which would, in large part, explain my love of the early stuff (their covers were as great as their original stuff) and disdain for Sgt. Pepper.

I've made my final decision

Iím not gonna pay any more attention to the primaries or the endless threads about Bernie Sanders.

Iím just gonna vote for Liz in my primary (if sheís still in the race at that time) and vote for the Democratic candidate for president in November, whoever it is.

In the meantime Iím just gonna turn the noise off and concentrate on the upcoming baseball season! Itís far less aggravating and much more relaxing.

Have fun, kids

I see Liz has ticked up 1% on DU

Hopefully, thatís just the beginning of a trend. Not only on DU, but among voters-at-large.

Senator Warren was awesome last night. Kicked ass and took no prisoners. Which is exactly what we need in a president at this crucial time. Sure, I like her on the issues. But i mainly like her, and have for years, because sheís a tenacious defender of the little guy and our democracy. Sheís a leader and would make an outstanding president.

Iím all in for Liz!

Thank you to those of you who gave me Valentines hearts

Iíve received hearts from four of my fellow Democrats and I just wanted to express my gratitude and appreciation for your kindness.

As we all know, these hearts are given anonymously, so I canít thank my ďdonorsĒ by name. But, I just wanted to let the four of you know that I greatly appreciate your gestures and would reciprocate if I knew who you were.

Thank you!

To quote The Who (RE: Bloomberg)

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

Now, donít get me wrong. If Bloomberg is successful in his attempt to buy the Democratic nomination, I will vote for him. But he would be the evil of two lessers, and I would hope and pray that he doesnít become the new despot.

Just look at his track record and who heís allied himself with in the past. THE ONLY THING BLOOMBERG HAS TO COMMEND HIMSELF IS THAT HE CAN BEAT TRUMP.

That. Is. It.

Youíre really gonna support a guy whoís shown tyrannical tendencies of his own solely so he can unseat the tyrant currently squatting in the WH?

Call me crazy, but I want more. I want a president who is going to respect our institutions and ALL of our citizens and preside over the country with the best interests of the country and its citizens the only guideposts he or she refers to when making decisions which will affect us ALL.

Iím not looking for a president whoís seeking to add another trophy to his mantel place.
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