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Gender: Male
Hometown: Tucson, Arizona
Current location: Chicago, Illinois
Member since: Wed Dec 25, 2019, 01:02 AM
Number of posts: 1,158

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The Republican Gubernatorial Primary in Illinois is a mess


Candidates all pointing out why their other GOP opponents are incompetent idiots, and completely unqualified to be the governor.

In true Trumpie fashion, the Republicans are ripping into each other, laying out all of their faults and making the case that none of them should be allowed to get anywhere near the governorship of Illinois, based on their total lack of character, lying about their record, and--this is a good one--lying about all of the monetary contributions they are getting from Democrats, including from Governor Pritzker. The lies are outlandish. But they are giving the Democrats their campaign theme.

They've got some time, between now and the primary, to really hand this to the Governor on a silver, or perhaps even gold, platter. On social media, even conservative Republicans are complaining about the candidates. The media is trying really hard to be fair, at least equally to the GOP candidates, but they're having trouble not pointing out polling data that shows this will be a runaway for Governor Pritzker. He'd be difficult to run against, being one of the best governors in the country.

Every Democrat should be doing what Beto O'Rourke did today.

Get in the face of stonewalling, do-nothing Republicans and challenge their lies, conspiracy theories, stonewalling, inaction and their idiotic insanity.

These people should not be able to walk down the sidewalk without having to face their incompetence and idiocy. Get it on camera and let it roll.

There are political implications in the Southern Baptist Clergy Sexual Abuse Scandal


It's a dilemma for sure. Denominational leaders must choose between protecting themselves, their positions of power and the interests of those who appointed them to the executive committee, or acting in a manner that is consistent with their Christian testimony and values. And that's the real choice here. What was going on was not consistent with Christian faith and practice in any sense of those terms.

The problems that the denomination is facing, this issue in particular, is at least partly due to the blending of secular, right wing politics with Biblical doctrine and theology being preached from pulpits. Their own doctrine, which includes affirmation of the Bible's inerrancy, states very clearly that infiltration by "worldly influences" posing as allies will lead to the corruption of the church's mission and purpose. Trumpism, which is all about protecting power by hiding truth and promoting lies, has done to the Southern Baptist convention and many of its churches exactly what the Bible's writers warned about. Just look at what's happened to Southern Baptists as a result of this sexual abuse scandal.

Now, they must face a reality that is screaming to the world that Southern Baptists are not any closer to God, more theologically and doctrinally correct, or "better Christians" than those in any other denomination, and they don't seem to have an answer for this problem that has been going on for at least four decades that we know of. Is the leadership they have, in the limited little circle of influencers and kingmakers who run the SBC now, capable of the kind of admission of guilt and repentance that will be required to demonstrate sincerity? Will they step up and actually do something besides dialogue and investigation?

Former Southern Baptist Lobbyist Calls the Sexual Abuse Crisis "The Southern Baptist Apocalypse"


Dr. Russell Moore was the executive director of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention up until this past winter. The ERLC is the lobby and public policy arm of the SBC, and primarily deals with religious liberty issues on behalf of the convention. Dr. Moore was a never-Trumper on moral and ethical grounds. He was one of the few individuals within the executive leadership of Southern Baptist entities to step up in response to the revelations of sexual abuse among ministers and church staff members by the Houston Chronicle/San Antonio Express News investigation that exposed it. He was pressured by members of the executive committee and subjected to unjustified and unauthorized "investigations." According to the report by GuidePost Solutions, released Sunday afternoon, there was also resistance and opposition to his push for transparency and a resolution for the victims because, as is now known, they were covering up and protecting denominational assets, and their own power and position, by avoiding action.

Dr. Moore was raised in Southern Baptist churches, educated in its institutions and served in its churches, but after this, has left a ministry career and local church home behind, joining a non-denominational congregation and the staff of Christianity Today. The article that is linked to him is from that publication.

Another win for the Biden Administration



There are several posts about this scattered around DU. It's been a pretty good week overall.

In spite of the fact that the Chinese government is subsidizing and attempting to stimulate the economy with various measures, the United States will see greater economic growth this year, for the first time since 1976. Coming during a mid-term election year, and remembering James Carville's election predicting advice, "It's the economy, stupid," this is good news. I know that policy and economic news doesn't always overcome the sensationalism of social issues and the repetitive loop of cable news themes pounded over and over, but there are people who pay attention to this.

Anyone who is paying attention will take note of the fact that this negates all of Trump's bombast about economic progress "never seen before in history." Well, he was a liar and his facts were skewed, but the economy under Biden has passed his benchmarks in both economic growth and job growth, with unemployment also being lower than we've seen it in five decades, including at any time under the failed former President 45.

Is the purpose of editorials like this to motivate Democrats to vote in the midterms?


Or is it to try and peel off conservative viewers who will never trust CNN anyway?

What's happening in Georgia right now is that the awareness of all of the Trump shenanigans in 2020, along with the very clear indications that Republicans are out to eliminate democracy, is motivating Democrats to vote in record numbers. If that happens in November, you will be able to thank Governor Stacy Abrams.

It also appears that in Arizona, polls show Democrats on the verge of a turnout win that will re-elect Senator Kelly, turn the state legislature blue and put a Democrat in the governor's mansion.

CNN is hard to figure sometimes.

Here's the kind of political ad I like to see Democrats run


Marjorie Taylor Green might have won a conservative congressional district in the deep South, in Georgia, but Tim Ryan is banking on the fact that her conspiracy theories and her nutcase politics won't play well in Cleveland, or Columbus or Cincinnati or Akron. Or Zanesville.

And I'm fairly certain that they won't.

Oh, I am sure there are plenty of Ohioans who buy into everything that Greene thinks represents the real world. It's a poison that a lot of people can't seem to resist the temptation to resist, and just because you live in Ohio doesn't mean you aren't susceptible to being gullible or ignorant. But Ohioans don't see all of the things she does or says, especially the extremist rhetoric based on conspiracy theories that can't be reconciled with any existing or known fact. I knew she was a nutcase lunatic, but some of what he features in his commercial is as bad and as crazy as anything she says. And playing, and replaying, Vance's endorsement and approval of her is a great way to help people make the connection.

Cracks appearing and widening in GOP; Hannity smacked down


John Fetterman's chances of flipping Pat Toomey's senate seat to the Democratic party just got even greater the day after the primary as Kathy Barnette, who finished third on the GOP side, declared she would not support either of the other Republican candidates who are waiting on the results of a statewide recount to find out if they are the Republican nominee.

What a wonderful thing it is to see a bona fide extremist right winger go after Sean Hannity following a primary election loss. That kind of honesty from a right wing extremist is rare. Of course she's just resentful and angry that Hannity didn't take her side and in spite of the fact that she, Hannity, McCormick and Oz are not all that far apart in their extremist views. But, here we have a right wing extremist whose words and actions post-election are publicly questioning Hannity's credibility and refusing to support the party's nominee, including the former failed President 45's hand-picked endorsement. That's quite a wide crack in Republican la-la land.

Democrats need to get with the times


It's no longer politics as usual. We can't keep doing the same thing, hoping to turn people out to vote and that they will listen to the issues and we'll keep a majority. It is time to turn the tables, throw a fit and claim back territory that has been given up which, if the minority keeps it, will lead to the loss of our democracy.

Democrats have to start taking the conservative social agenda seriously. We're not talking about a fringe of extremists. We just had an eighteen year old white supremacist plan and conduct a mass shooting in a supermarket in a predominantly black neighborhood three hours from his home because he believes white people are being "replaced" by black people, instigated by the Jews, for their own purposes. And a significant percentage of those who self identify as Republicans, 50% of them, claim they believe what he stated in his "manifesto." We can't be policy wonks, arguing the lack of virtue or idiocy of such an idea. We have to use the tools we have at hand to take any kind of political power out of the hands of people like that.

When was the last time you went to a protest at a Trump rally?

If I hear this one more time, I'm going to scream


1. The "failed" troop withdrawal from Afghanistan was Biden's fault.
2. Any effort at racial reconciliation or social justice reform is "CRT".
3. The 2020 election results in many states need to be audited and re-counted because they do not accurately reflect the will of the voter.
4. The Mexican border is a disaster.
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