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Gender: Male
Hometown: Tucson, Arizona
Current location: Chicago, Illinois
Member since: Wed Dec 25, 2019, 01:02 AM
Number of posts: 3,125

Journal Archives

What About My Rights, Personal Freedom and Liberty?


YOU are not more important than ME and I am not more important than YOU. The boundary lines between your liberty and mine run along what causes the greater good for both of us and it requires education and a measure of wisdom, not ignorance and stupidity.

Trump Loyalists were talking about subverting the peaceful transfer of power in 2016


They were projecting it on to President Obama, claiming he was upset about Trump winning and was planning to use the powers of the oval office to extend his term. He wasn't of course, but it was Trump loyalists floating that idea out there, projecting it on to Obama to see how it went over. Then the whiny baby lost and they put their "talk" into a plan of action.

Are we paying attention to the warnings that Trump is going to try to end the Republic again?


Who's in charge of stopping him, where do I sign up and is anyone really taking this seriously or is it just good political buzz and generally gets ignored.

Stop voting against your own interests


It happens too much. Can we figure this out and get something going?

Nothing in the Bible leads to being anti-vax or anti-mask, so where does that come from?


In orthodox, Biblical Christian theology, there's nothing in the Bible that supports not getting a vaccination as a theological or doctrinal prohibition.

Here's How Democrats Can Win Back West Virginia

Send Bernie Sanders to do some town hall meetings with Chris Hayes of "All in With Chris Hayes"


Failure in Afghanistan Was Trump's Doing...And I'll keep saying it


The record needs to be set straight. I'll post it everywhere I can.

Go Ahead, Hold Joe Biden to a Higher Standard


The media seems to be doing that. And he seems to be holding up just fine.

Arizona, Once Known For Its Citrus Fruit, Is Now Known For Its Nuts


Legislators like Karen Fann and Paul Gosar fall from the same tree.

MSNBC Opinion Columnist claims Biden's "Obsession with Deadlines" was responsible for the "Calamity"

that he calls the withwdrawal from Afghanistan. This guy needs to be gone.

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