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Gender: Male
Hometown: Tucson, Arizona
Current location: Chicago, Illinois
Member since: Wed Dec 25, 2019, 01:02 AM
Number of posts: 3,163

Journal Archives

No witnesses, no exoneration

If the senate refuses to call witnesses, then Trump is guilty and there's no exoneration. It may wind up that he is acquitted, but he is not cleared and the doubt will always remain.

That makes a slam dunk November election win for whomever the Democrats nominate.

Dershowitz in 2016: "Trump is Corrupt"


You can't make this stuff up.

No Trump in the White House this time next year


Interesting. How do the Democrats get the vast majority of that 57% to vote for the nominee.

Does a newspaper endorsement make a difference?

I can't say that my opinion about a candidate is affected by a newspaper's endorsement. I'll read it to see what they have to say and consider their opinion but if they happen to endorse the candidate I choose to vote for, it's a coincidence. I have a lot of respect for the Washington Post, the New York Times and my local Chicago Tribune. I respect their opinion. But in a primary election, I've got my own agenda.

57% of Voters Won't Support Trump


Yep, there it is, in the New York Post, of all places.

OK, so there's the challenge, Democrats. We're just about to enter primary season. There are some unbelievable actions being uncovered that were high crimes committed by this sitting President. He needs to be gone and the Senators and House members who have enabled him have to be gone, too. They need an electoral beating of a lifetime. Instead of arguing about semantics and focusing on controversy that goes on after the debate, we need to focus on nominating a candidate who will grab every single one of those 57% of the voters and get them to the polls in November.

What's it going to take?

Democrats need a unity pledge

We CANNOT afford or endure four more years of stupid in the White House. Like everyone else, I have my list of preferences when it comes to government and policy and the candidates who promote them. But I will vote for the Democratic nominee, whoever it is regardless of their list of preferential issues. This isn't rocket science. 60% of the likely voters in this country don't want to vote for the orange headed buffoon. The Democrats need to give every person in that 60% someone they can vote for.

Do we have to come up with a pledge? There isn't anything Democrats stand for that will survive a second Trump term. You get nothing if he's re-elected.

Democrats aren't "mourning" the Death of Soleimani

Nor are they supporting the Iranian regime's aggression into Iraq. But lies are the Republican Party's only talking points these days.


"Trump certainly has given legitimacy to the accusations that he was using this situation, and took this action, to spark a war with Iran that would change the news headlines focus away from his impeachment which, the longer it lies out there and is getting reported and discussed, the more damage it is doing to his slim hopes of re-election. He is on the record claiming that Obama was going to start a war with Iran to boost his sagging approval ratings. As much has he has mentioned Obama in tweets this past week it is clear that is why he went ahead and took a step too far. He thought it would boost his sagging approval ratings and help him with his re-election effort. Clearly, he did not reckon with the fact that between 58% and 62% of Americans are steadfastly against a war with Iran. War weariness has set in. Taking Soleimani out would have been a legitimate military action if there was an impending threat against American interests. This was, instead, an act aimed at the President‘s personal, political interests. There’s no evidence Soleimani was doing anything in addition to what we already knew about him. That did not warrant committing an act that would be considered cause for war or the beginning of an attempt at regime change, both things Trump claimed he did not want to do. So he lied. "

An Open Letter to the Democratic Presidential Candidates


I would like to see a lot more unity and a lot less sniping and one-upping from Democratic presidential candidates. Whoever comes out of this process is going to have the task of uniting the party and bringing along as many independent, green party and even libertarian voters as they can get out of that 11 million or so who did not vote for the orange headed buffoon the last time. Sometimes I wonder whether the sentiments of the party's grass roots ever get considered by candidates who are operating within their branding bubble.

We need a major landslide win, both houses including a senate majority leader willing to use McConnell's blow-torch on senate rules to shove legislation past the Republicans and fix the damage. Someone needs to tell the candidates.
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