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Gender: Male
Hometown: Tucson, Arizona
Current location: Chicago, Illinois
Member since: Wed Dec 25, 2019, 01:02 AM
Number of posts: 3,164

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The question every Democrat running for President needs to answer

This is for every Democratic candidate still in the race.

Without any speculation at this point what is going to happen, if it turns out that you are not the nominee, what do you plan to do to support the individual who is nominated and make sure that Donald Trump is not re-elected?

That's a question that each candidate, Sanders, Biden, Bloomberg, Warren, Klobuchar and Gabbard all need to answer.

I believe that the voters are tired of all of the corrupt stuff that has added up and keeps getting worse by day from this President. I believe he will NOT be re-elected come November. So if you're a Biden supporter or a moderate who loses your candidate before the convention, do you pack it up and go home or are you in it to make sure Trump's term ends in January 2021? How about it, Bernie supporters? How does it benefit your revolution for you to stay home and give Trump four more years, after which there will likely not be free elections any more? Bloomberg supporters, does your candidate keep dumping multiple millions into the race to help beat Trump and push whomever the Democrats nominate?

How about it, Democratic Underground? What's the goal here?

Trump, Not Sanders, Leads to Venezuela


Venezuela is what you are going to get if, as a party, the Democrats can’t stop the bickering feud that is going on now and start showing that their sense of purpose is making sure Donald Trump doesn’t get a second term. Because Venezuela is what you are going to get if he gets a second term. Did you see his disregard for the rule of law in the pardons and in his declaration that he is now the nation’s chief “law enforcement officer?” You can buy pardons in Venezuela. I guess you can do that in the US now.

This election belongs to the Democratic nominee. It is his, or hers, to lose. The groundwork has been laid for what I believe will be the icing on the cake that started back when Democrats, post-2016, seemed to wake up and started turning out to win elections at all levels in increasing margins. Alabama elected Doug Jones and that was a shocker. Gerrymandered congressional districts started looking like competitive battlegrounds in Georgia, North Carolina and Democrats picked off seats in Pennsylvania and Virginia. The mid-terms developed exactly as expected and since then, the streak has continued. State houses and governorships have flipped, and all of that has come about because Democrats are uniting anti-Trump voters and winning big.

Those state houses in particular are going to be important as the census results come in and the new lines for representative districts get drawn. Some states have to draw new lines, as Pennsylvania's courts did, because they lost law suits and there, since the legislature couldn't get it done, the courts had to. Others will do it because Democrats are now in charge.

Democrats need to get control of the "socialist" narrative and rhetoric. Really, I think Trump has damaged his own presidency beyond repair and the voters will dump him in November, regardless of who the nominee is, as long as they don't do something idiotic. Nevada and South Carolina showed Latino and African American voters anxious to end this nightmare. The possibility exists that there will be a brokered convention and so, with Sanders as one of the leading candidates, this narrative has to come under the control of the Democrats. That needs to start now.

I hadn't seen anything that approaches it from this blogger's angle. I think it's an apt analogy. We need to pull the plug on the hostility and focus all that energy on getting rid of Trump.

Why didn't Franklin Graham stand up for persecuted fellow Christians in India

by putting pressure on Trump to say or do something instead of just clicking his tongue, sitting back and agreeing with Trump while India becomes the tenth most dangerous country in the world for Christians, between Iran and Syria?

Let's get realistic about this election, people

Trump isn't going to win unless there is massive voter fraud, hacked machines and all of that. So that's where the focus needs to be, preventing that sort of thing.

Otherwise, if you look at the groundwork Democrats have laid the past three years, you can see where this is headed. The blue wave just keeps on rolling.

Christian Persecution in India "Very Troubling" Franklin Graham Says, But Backs Trump Friendship

Source: Newsweek

Christian support organizations have expressed unease at President Donald Trump's warm reception for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, given that the latter has overseen a surge in anti-Christian violence since coming into office in 2014.

But prominent evangelical leader Franklin Graham—a close confidant of Trump and the son of the late preacher Billy Graham—has argued that the president must befriend Modi to encourage improved conditions for the country's 65 million Christians, recommending that in the meantime devotees pray for Modi to change his ways.

Read more: https://www.newsweek.com/christian-persecution-india-very-troubling-franklin-graham-1461042

Sorry, Indian Christians, it doesn't look like Franklin is going to acknowledge your existence any more. I guess you won't be getting thousands of boxes full of dollar store junk this Christmas.

Venezuela comparison more like Trump than Sanders


I like this comparison. Venezuela is what it is because of its corrupt government, not because of a socialist economy. Had Venezuela been a stable democracy, it has oil resources that, equitably distributed, could build infrastructure, handle utilities and support a variety of government service that would keep the population prosperous and the government stable and productive. But it never has been politically stable and it doesn't matter whether it is capitalist or socialist, greed and dishonesty rob it of stability. It has nothing to do with its economy which really isn't socialist, but which is an oligarchy of the rich. It's where the US is headed if Trump gets four more years.

I've given up on the idea of any kind of health care reform in the US that will knock the profit margin out and actually make health care a basic human right. Even a Sanders presidency wouldn't succeed at getting that through Congress. My hopes for this election have narrowed down to just getting rid of Trump. It doesn't look like the Democrats are going to behave or coalesce in such a way as to get much more done everywhere else than that. We need a big time voter registration drive to get dormant segments of the electorate out to the polls and a boots-on-the-ground effort prior to the election to motivate and move anyone who is breathing to vote straight ticket Democrat. But everyone is too concerned with themselves and putting everyone else down.

Handing Trump a Second Term


Trump's campaign staff got a good night's rest last night, perhaps their first in months, after the boxing match in Las Vegas. Let that happen again, candidates, and it won't matter who's nominated because Trump will be re-elected.

Time for a Show of Unity


Love the idea.

OK, You can stop this now!

Come on people. Get a clue. All this snarky trash talk, backbiting and hostility has to stop. You are handing the orange headed buffoon in the White House campaign fodder that he doesn't need. The reality is, we do not need four more years of Donald Trump! But unless the character assassination and the fighting going on among Democrats right now doesn't stop, that's exactly what we are going to get and we will only have ourselves to blame for it.

The Democratic party has the best opportunity to recapture the White House and the Senate, on top of more gains in the House, all because the "blue wave" that kicked off almost immediately after orange hair got elected has snowballed with each incompetent, inept, stupid thing this buffoon has done. Support among his own party has dropped, the head to head polling so far is good news for Democrats all the way around and that's without any major investment in attack advertising by the DNC (though Bloomberg isn't restraining himself in that department and good for him!). Every stupid tweet, every lie, every inept move, costs him support. Look at what happened as the facts were laid out and people made up their minds when everything was on the table during the impeachment, and we haven't even heard the whole story yet. Post impeachment, more stuff is coming out, including his blatant attempts to interfere in the criminal cases against his associates who broke the law. Yeah, there are a lot of deplorables out there who are just like him and who have no values or morals to speak of who continue to support him with grunts and pumped fists, but there are a lot of Americans who didn't go to the ballot box in 2016 who are regretting their decision.

The Democrats will offer the only viable alternative. I believe every Democrat who has tossed their hat into the ring understands what is at stake, and understands that they will have to lay out a campaign that Americans will embrace in large enough numbers not only to win the election but to teach the GOP a lesson about this constitutional democratic republic, the rule of law and what happens when you place partisan interests above patriotism. Every Democrat running gets that. And every Democrat running, whether you're on board with the fine tuned details of their health care plan or tax reform plan, understands what they will have to do on the national stage to beat Donald Trump. We will pick one of them, not because we think they have the best plan for selling more corn to China, but because we think they will set this country back on the track toward understanding what it means to live under the RULE OF LAW and have respect for THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION.

The two most meaningful places I have ever visited are Independence Hall in Philadelphia and the National Archives in Washington, DC. The first time I stood in that little corridor in Independence Hall between the courtroom and the legislative chamber where both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were written, I couldn't hold back the tears. Same thing at the Archives, though you only get a few seconds to gaze at those faded, blurry pages. In November of 2017, I had the privilege of escorting two high school foreign exchange students, one from Switzerland, one from China, on a tour of both of those places. The Chinese student cried. When we were talking about it at lunch, he said he saw a lot of Americans just take their freedom for granted because they have absolutely no idea what it is like to live without it.

It's time for Democrats and Independents who realize what's at stake to start acting like it. You have the freedom to say what you want, and believe what you want, but you also have the freedom to do something that will help wipe Donald Trump's footprints off the Constitution and Declaration of Independence and retrieve it from the trash can where he threw it. That requires a step up and "going high" as President Obama would say, certainly during our own primaries.

O'Donnell points to polling showing all six top tier Democrats leading Trump


From Bloomberg leading by nine and Sanders by seven to Klobuchar and Buttigieg at 5 and 4%, Trump's ineptness and stupidity are costing him support.

There should be no fear of any weakness from any of the Democratic candidates as far as I am concerned. So Bernie is a soclalist and some pig headed, stupid Americans don't know enough about that to vote for him. They wouldn't be any more likely to vote for Bloomberg, Buttigieg, Biden or Klobuchar either because people who have that kind of bigotry and ignorance are going to support Trump no matter what. The Democrats need a candidate who will activate some of the dormant constituents of the party in the deep South to drag senators and congressmen over the line and in the larger, progressive states to win those electoral votes in places like Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and even in North Carolina and Texas. Let the process go and let them nominate whomever. They can all win and I'll bet anyone that we have both a Democratic president and senate to join a larger house majority after November.
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