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Gender: Male
Hometown: Tucson, Arizona
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Member since: Wed Dec 25, 2019, 01:02 AM
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Democrats for Trump's Re-Election

There are plenty. They are the people who plan to stay home if their candidate doesn't get nominated at the Convention. They are the people who can't come to some kind of compromise agreement with their fellow democrats who support a different candidate. They are "my way or the highway" insistent that everything in their agenda get in the party platform or else. They wouldn't think of supporting Trump or casting a ballot for him, but they won't cast a ballot for anyone who doesn't exactly square up with their perspective of how the government should operate.

They're not all Bernie supporters. There are supporters throughout the whole field who don't understand the process and who thought that their guy or girl was the silver bullet. Somehow, part of the Civics lesson got lost here. The primaries aren't the election. That happens in November. You are going to vote one way or another and if you don't vote for the Democratic party nominee, you are voting for Trump, just as sure as if you walked into the voting booth and pushed the button beside his name.

Bernie and his agenda will figure prominently into the Democratic party platform. All the whining about him being shoved to the side and left out is coming from either right wing media sources creating a storm front for the orange headed buffoon or from Russians who are interfering for him. I can guarantee you, Bernie won't be left out. He's brought too much to the table that most Democrats favor and we need him to continue pushing from the progressive side of the party. Do you think there is one tiny iota of a chance that the sitting president would ever consider including one speck of Bernie's progressive plans in any piece of legislation that crossed his desk? On the other hand, if a Democrat wins the election this time around, especially Biden, progressives will be at the table and I'd be willing to bet that Bernie will be a big part of it. And it will set the table for progressive gains down the road.

On the other hand, Progressives won't gain any ground by being mulish and refusing to support the nominee if it's not their guy. If it causes Trump to eke out another electoral victory, then the issues they champion will get kicked in the teeth and it will be next to impossible for another progressive to gather enough of a following to be an influence in the party.

So, do we have a chapter of "Democrats for Trump" among us? Or are we going to use something the Republicans don't have with Trump, our intelligence and reason, and put together a presidential campaign that will give Trump a beating he and the Republicans won't ever forget?

The November Beating That Must Take Place


It started before he was ever elected. Donald Trump is a fraud and a con artist, among a long list of other things. His moral character aiside, the man just doesn’t have the leadership ability to serve as the President. He’s been allowed to be unaccountable because the uncompromising partisan divide that has invaded Congress prevents accountability. Everything that is coming home to roost now was known about the man before he ever ran for President.
He’s put the country in danger by his incompetence. If someone broke into the National Archives and set fire to the Constitution, we’d be outraged and the right wing extremist media would be trying to find out if the guy was a registered Democrat. Trump has simply trashed the Constitution but most of his supporters don’t know enough about it to understand what he’s done and those who do just keep their mouths shut.
Well, enough of that. The case for Trump’s defeat in November has been made multiple times over. If you read the Mueller Report, you’ve been observing and watching the news from a real source, not Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity or Fox News, you know why. If you have paid any attention to how this infectious disease crisis has unfolded, you don’t need any more reasons to prove that Trump is incompetent, a danger to the country and must be defeated in November. The Republican Party, collectively, must be defeated across the board, including having the Senate taken away, to teach them a lesson about single issue politics and enabling this kind of idiocy that they won’t forget and won’t have a chance to support for at least a generation.

Why can't corporations meet their payrolls for a few weeks with some of the excess

they would pay out of profits in dividends?

They've got it. It's not up to the government to guarantee their profit in a crisis, especially when they have the money to do it themselves.


Do not forget, the goal here is to BEAT DONALD TRUMP INTO THE GROUND!

No triumphalism. There are elements of both of these campaigns which need to go into the national effort on behalf of the Democratic party's candidate. It's not too early.

It is becoming clear that motivating younger voters to get involved is a problem. So far, those that have showed up have gone to Bernie in larger numbers, but the number of them showing up is too low, especially when you see how large the turnout has been and how enthusiastic Democrats are about voting Trump out of office in November. There's no question that issues in which they are interested should rise to prominence in the platform, including forgiveness of student loan debt and anything having to do with the green new deal or further prevention of global warming.

Some kind of actual health care reform that is realistic and deliverable through a house majority and what might be a narrow Senate majority needs to be drafted and presented.

Who's the best person among Democrats to be nominated for Vice President? Let everyone have a say in that, and let it be someone who can rally younger voters and the constituencies made up of people of color.

This is for all the people Bernie brings into the Party

Regardless of who wins the nomination, you need to show up and vote to make sure Trump is made a one-term President.

You are expecting us to show up and vote for Sanders if he wins. I will do that. We really ought to be able to guarantee Bernie the support of every Democrat and Independent who wants Trump gone that we will show up and vote. OK, some people may die before November but that is the only reason they should not show up.

Likewise, we are expecting you to show up and support whomever the nominee is if it isn't Bernie. This is how you get engaged in politics and this is how you win. You show up and you vote. You may not always get the person who gives you everything you want, but that's how it goes. Once the primary is over, you go vote. If your state has early voting, go when you can.

We are going to pull this off. But EVERYONE needs to get this done. EVERYONE. I can't say it enough. It doesn't benefit anyone if Trump wins just because you got mad that your guy, or gal, didn't get the nomination. Trump must go and he must be shoved out with a large loss. Let's get it done.

The question every Democrat running for President needs to answer

This is for every Democratic candidate still in the race.

Without any speculation at this point what is going to happen, if it turns out that you are not the nominee, what do you plan to do to support the individual who is nominated and make sure that Donald Trump is not re-elected?

That's a question that each candidate, Sanders, Biden, Bloomberg, Warren, Klobuchar and Gabbard all need to answer.

I believe that the voters are tired of all of the corrupt stuff that has added up and keeps getting worse by day from this President. I believe he will NOT be re-elected come November. So if you're a Biden supporter or a moderate who loses your candidate before the convention, do you pack it up and go home or are you in it to make sure Trump's term ends in January 2021? How about it, Bernie supporters? How does it benefit your revolution for you to stay home and give Trump four more years, after which there will likely not be free elections any more? Bloomberg supporters, does your candidate keep dumping multiple millions into the race to help beat Trump and push whomever the Democrats nominate?

How about it, Democratic Underground? What's the goal here?

Trump, Not Sanders, Leads to Venezuela


Venezuela is what you are going to get if, as a party, the Democrats can’t stop the bickering feud that is going on now and start showing that their sense of purpose is making sure Donald Trump doesn’t get a second term. Because Venezuela is what you are going to get if he gets a second term. Did you see his disregard for the rule of law in the pardons and in his declaration that he is now the nation’s chief “law enforcement officer?” You can buy pardons in Venezuela. I guess you can do that in the US now.

This election belongs to the Democratic nominee. It is his, or hers, to lose. The groundwork has been laid for what I believe will be the icing on the cake that started back when Democrats, post-2016, seemed to wake up and started turning out to win elections at all levels in increasing margins. Alabama elected Doug Jones and that was a shocker. Gerrymandered congressional districts started looking like competitive battlegrounds in Georgia, North Carolina and Democrats picked off seats in Pennsylvania and Virginia. The mid-terms developed exactly as expected and since then, the streak has continued. State houses and governorships have flipped, and all of that has come about because Democrats are uniting anti-Trump voters and winning big.

Those state houses in particular are going to be important as the census results come in and the new lines for representative districts get drawn. Some states have to draw new lines, as Pennsylvania's courts did, because they lost law suits and there, since the legislature couldn't get it done, the courts had to. Others will do it because Democrats are now in charge.

Democrats need to get control of the "socialist" narrative and rhetoric. Really, I think Trump has damaged his own presidency beyond repair and the voters will dump him in November, regardless of who the nominee is, as long as they don't do something idiotic. Nevada and South Carolina showed Latino and African American voters anxious to end this nightmare. The possibility exists that there will be a brokered convention and so, with Sanders as one of the leading candidates, this narrative has to come under the control of the Democrats. That needs to start now.

I hadn't seen anything that approaches it from this blogger's angle. I think it's an apt analogy. We need to pull the plug on the hostility and focus all that energy on getting rid of Trump.
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