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Gender: Male
Hometown: Tucson, Arizona
Current location: Chicago, Illinois
Member since: Wed Dec 25, 2019, 01:02 AM
Number of posts: 3,125

Journal Archives

If you're interested in helping Democrats win in 2022....


There are some trainings and virtual phone bank opportunities on the DNC website. Some key states are having voter registration drives in which anyone can participate with computer and cell phone.

There has to be a constitutional line somewhere to protect people from Q-Anon danger


Yes, the father was held accountable for the murders of his children, as he should have been. And I know all of the arguments about the slippery slope that we go down when we start messing with free speech, regardless of the content of it. But these were kids who couldn't see this coming. There's a measure of responsibility and accountability that goes with every guarantee of individual rights and the accountability for stuff like this goes beyond the ignorance and stupidity of the individual who acted on the information.

Don't you think?

Money is the motive that drives the political hatred that we see


[Rush]Limbaugh, and the train of wannabee right wing media personalities that have followed along, made a personal fortune off peddling hatred. It was to their personal benefit, not to the country's benefit, to keep people stirred up, behaving and specifically voting in a way that perpetuates this particular worldview. As long as they have a following, and are listening to the broadcasts, advertisers are putting up money to keep it on the air. And they have a paycheck and all the perks that go with it.

How patriotic is that? Continuing to foster divisiveness that has people at each other's throats, openly threatening Civil War, believing that fellow Americans are an enemy, instead of just exercising their rights as a citizen to voice a different view, which is the essence of American culture. It is the ethnic and racial diversity of this country, the fact that people have brought their culture with them and in the United States, have the liberty to live as they choose, speak whatever language they choose and express themselves as they choose, that brings about true unity.

It is not in the best interests of the United States to keep the bigotry, prejudice and hatred going and growing. it seems to be in the best interests of most of the commentators and personalities of the extreme right wing media. And while you hear debate with facts and opinions from those in the media who are considered favorable to the left, they don't call their opponents enemies and they don't suggest that they shouldn't have the right to a voice.

Did you know a recent Morning Consult poll put President Biden's job approval at 50%?

And that most recent polls give the Democrats outside-the-margin of error leads in the generic ballot?


Now, I'd really be happy if every poll showed Biden's job approval at or above the 50% mark. That's where it really should be. But there's been a trend upward since the beginning of this month, and of course, it's just now starting to show up. I'l give MSNBC and the Washington Post credit for at least mentioning it. Joy Reid, Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes, Nicole Wallace, even Scarborough and his crew, along with their whole Saturday and Sunday lineup are the best journalists in America today.

One trend in the polling that has been consistent is Trump's unfavorability. He's now minus I5, and if people really gave it much thought, it would be worse than that.

Merry Christmas

What "Tyranny" is the Extreme Right Complaining About?


I would like to see one example of "tyranny" that anyone in the United States has had to endure as a result of Trump's losing the election. And he did lose it. Even his own lackeys, the now infamous "cyber ninjas" who illegally gained access to Maricopa County, Arizona ballots bent on proving that Trump really won. What they found was that there were Trump votes that couldn't be reconciled to the registration records, and that Biden actually won by a few hundred more votes in Maricopa County than were actually certified. If the ballot boxes across the country were stuffed for Trump like that one county, that could add up to a lot of phony Trump votes across the country.

But, let's get back to the original question. Where's the tyranny? What rights have been taken away from you as a result of the Biden Presidency? And I need to see evidence of something that is on the same level as Americans endured under the British monarchy back in the I700's. Talk of the infrastructure bill and the spending programs Biden has proposed do not constitute tyranny, by the way. A majority of Americans are in favor of it, the financing works, we've gotten past the silly Republican arguments about "borrowing from the future," especially since their man in the White House beginning in 20I6 didn't seem to have any problem with it at all.

There is no moral argument against getting vaccinated for COVID


Whether you're evaluating it from the perspective of humanity in general, or from a religious perspective, it is immoral and selfish to refuse to be a contributor to the health and well being of the community and the nation, which is exactly what refusing to be vaccinated does. If you refuse simply because you're taking a political stand, then you're not a patriot.

I'm so glad Biden is in charge of the country

and the coronavirus recovery and NOT the orange headed buffoon. Can you imagine how bad things would be now if that orange monster had been re-elected?

This is the Rallying Point for Democrats: From Here, It's on to Winning the Mid-terms


Manchin, Sinema, Virginia elections, OK. So what?

We have a working infrastructure bill that Republicans are embracing and using which came from Democrats. The people need to know that. California repelled a recall effort that embarassed the GOP, in spite of Democrats being the party in power in the White House and always losing elections when that happens. New Jersey re-elected a Democratic governor.

Who would you rather have, Americans, in the White House fighting against the COVID pandemic, Biden or the orange headed buffoon? And to the 30% who prefer the latter, enjoy your life to the fullest, while you still have it.

So there are negative nellies like Chuck Todd on Meet the Press. Watch Chris Hayes instead. He's a far better journalist, with a much better grasp of the facts.

Join me?
I blog (see the link) and will keep promoting the Democratic party, agenda, and the Biden Harris Presidency. Do one yourself. If you read mine, post it to your social media to argue with your friends. I don't do this for money, it's a cause I believe in.

I contribute. Right now, I live in a state where my congressman and senator up for re-election are quite secure, so I send my contribution to Act Blue for the senate and house re-election campaigns.

I volunteer. Last year, I knocked on doors with a group in two Wisconsin precincts where help was needed and we wound up getting a higher Democratic turnout than previously, which may have made a difference in a state where Biden won by 20,000 votes.

What's going on should motivate us all to make sure we see this through.

Republican Governors Acknowledge Biden's Efforts to Unify the Country


Here's an excerpt:

Republican Governors Acknowledge and Compliment Biden's Efforts to Unify the Country

Republican Governors like Greg Abbott in Texas, Rick DeSantis in Florida and the extremist Kristi Noem in South Dakota have all acknowledged the gracious, bi-partisanship leadership of President Biden. These governors aren't much for words, at least, not on this subject, but--actions speak louder than words. Each of these governors has affirmed Biden's leadership by accepting the funding coming their way in the infrastructure bill, and they each havev plans to spend the money in accordance with the President's wishes. In so doing, they have complimented the President and by doing this they are, in their own unique way, acknowledging that his leadership is unifying the country.

Trump must think his white Evangelical supporters are easy marks


Remember Trump's walk across Lafayette Park from the White House to St. John's Church during the protests over the murder of George Floyd? It was to impress his right wing religious supporters and to make him look "spiritual." So, he chose a liberal mainline Protestant church, the kind Evangelicals publicly loathe and criticize, and then posed with a Bible translation, the Revised Standard Version, popular among liberal, mainline Protestants that Evangelicals loathe. So Trump either thinks they're just dumb as a stick or he didn't know the difference and no one told him.

It's worth a laugh.
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