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Gender: Male
Hometown: Tucson, Arizona
Current location: Chicago, Illinois
Member since: Wed Dec 25, 2019, 01:02 AM
Number of posts: 3,125

Journal Archives

Ted Cruz is an Idiot


He is a disgrace to any educational institution he ever attended and to the state of Texas.

Blue Lives Do Not Matter to Republicans, and Other Settled Truths


I was absolutely disgusted by the collective response of Republicans and the deplorables in their right wing propaganda outlets following the testimony of the four police officers in the January 6 Committee hearing yesterday.

It's time for Republicans to step up and show the kind of integrity, courage and respect for the Constitution and Republic that Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger have shown.

You didn't "put up" on claims of massive voter fraud, so it's time to shut up


I'm just getting tired of seeing Donald Trump get television time from any media source that knows better, with his pouty snarly lips and shifting eye focus claiming that he really won the election and continuing to whine. The time for putting up the evidence has long past and so far, no one has shown us anything. Every hole they dig comes up empty on their claim while providing massive amounts of evidence demonstrating that 2020 was one of the most accurate, fair, well-conducted elections in American history.

Just make sure you go vote every time there is an election, and vote against the Trumpies.

Getting Rid of Trumpism Requires Continually Going Back to the Ballot Box


81 million registered voters, or actually 84 million if you include everyone who didn't vote for Trump in 2020, answered the call to rid the country of Trump and end his presidency. But his "make deals and ignore the constitution" approach to governing is still out there and that means that the danger to America's democratic republic still exists. But "Trumpian Anti-Democracy" needs to be neutralized and its potential influence eliminated. There is only one way to do that and that's for each of those 84 million voters to keep turning out and continue to vote against Trumpism. Even if your county treasurer or your local dogcatcher runs for election and they supported Trump, vote against them.

Arizona Voters get to see how their own senate scammed them


So the Cyber Ninja nut jobs who are recounting the Maricopa county ballots to suit their preferences are going to have to come clean and see how they are wasting the taxpayers money. Two legitimate, certified, properly conducted audits showed the vote totals to be accurate and that there was no fraud, which people who think for themselves already knew anyway. The third one, unnecessary but conducted because the GOP members of the state senate believe lies they are told, is a scam and a fraud and now everyone gets to see that.

Keep this in mind, people, when the election rolls around. This is big enough for you to turn out and make sure as many Senate republicans as possible get turned out of office and sent packing. STart with Karen Fann.

Republicans don't want you to have the right to vote


Thanks to the Democrats from the Texas House, at least one state won't be able to pass restrictive voting laws.

Some thoughts about the example set by Charlottesville's Removal of Confederate Statues


There are some very good reasons why statues that memorialize and honor leaders of the Confederacy, which was a rebellion against American idealism embodied in its Democratic Republic and Constitution, should be taken down. Why would there be statues erected in the United States to the enemies of the United States?
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