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Gender: Male
Hometown: Tucson, Arizona
Current location: Chicago, Illinois
Member since: Wed Dec 25, 2019, 01:02 AM
Number of posts: 3,125

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Lake knows she lost the election, this is all about continuing to collect money from suckers.


This is about raising money for future political ambitions. Lake knows she lost, as certainly as Trump knew he lost in 2020 once the vote tallies were finalized and certified. Her entire demeanor and approach to this whole post-election tantrum conveys a very clear understanding that she knows she lost and she also knows that her claims that she "won by 200,000 votes" are bogus. There are always glitches and equipment issues and a whole array of problems associated with elections, but there are solutions to all of them which make it possible for every voter's ballot to count accurately. The failure of a handful of printers in Maricopa County provided cover for Lake's bogus claims, but the county was right on top of that and documented the fact that every voter who chose to cast a ballot did so, and their votes were counted.

Kari Lake will never become governor of Arizona, certainly not at all based on an election that she clearly lost. She's trying to figure out her next move, and she wants her supporters to pay for her time and effort. And that's what this is all about.

Election deniers thrive on ignorance. It's not easy to admit that a majority or plurality of voters don't see things the way a specific candidate may see them. The polarization that we've seen, introduced by hostile media elements, promoted by various extremist factions including elements of the religious right, has introduced an "all or nothing" attitude into politics, which makes it difficult to make government work. So convincing people who don't really pay much attention to anything except their own self, that someone is "rigging" elections is easier than it should be.

Faltering Republican patriotism visible in actions of GOP members of Congress during Zelenskyy visit


Somehow, Democrats need to make this a major part of the political narrative.

Why would members of a political party that once waved American flags in the faces of perceived enemies, launched military invasions of countries to impose "democratically elected government", and declared Russia and China as the biggest enemies of the American ideals of individual freedom and democracy suddenly act so foolishly ignorant when the head of state of a nation that is fighting against one of the declared enemies, and advancing American ideals along with defending their freedom and sovereignty, comes to Congress to thank us for our help and to ask for more? Republicans have lost their minds, and that's showing up in these actions as well. But I see two explanations, both credible, both supported with evidence.

One, it's political. President Zelenskyy embarrassed their idol by resolute integrity in the face of a corrupt bribe and since he's still their inamorata, they are throwing a fit.

Two, there's Russian money and interference in there somewhere. We know it's happening, there's documented evidence all through the Mueller Report, which DOJ has ignored for the most part. But where there's smoke...

Anyone think there's some Republican anti-Semitism at work in their response to Zelenskyy's visit?

That, and the fact that Zelenskyy is a native Russian speaker who desires to unify his countrymen, and is an advocate for freedom, democracy, is anti-corruption and pro-American democratic values. All things Republicans can't stand.

Don't miss the significance of President Zelenskyy's visit to the US like most Republicans did.


Republican reaction to this visit, which I think was very disturbing and very telling about their position on democracy, individual freedom and the constitution, is going to hurt them politically, far more than they think or now realize.

So I'm having trouble understanding the Republican party's cool response and subtle opposition to providing assistance to help Ukrainians preserve their national sovereignty, democracy and freedom against Russia, one of the world's perpetual enemies of individual freedom and democratic reform, led by one of the most virulent opponents of that kind of idealism. This is the political party that was willing to bankrupt the United States treasury to preserve what passed for democracy in South Vietnam, that approved meddling in the internal affairs of Nicaragua to prop up a dictator because he wasn't a Marxist, though he was far from a freedom loving idealist. This was the party that spent trillions trying to impose democratic reforms on a divided, hostile Iraq, a country created by British imperial interference after World War I, and a culture hostile to the kind of equality required to have democratic values in a government.

And it was the party that invested trillions of dollars in "nation building" in Afghanistan, in yet another country hostile to democratic values and idealism and incapable of sustaining either a democratically elected government or a military force capable of defending it. And in every case, the motivation behind American involvement in every single one of those places, even Nicaragua, was to get a step ahead of the Russians, and preserve a military and political advantage against them. This was particularly intense in the days when Russia was a communist country, but it is still a foreign relations priority now.

My hope is that all of this adds up to their stunning defeat in a massive landslide for Democrats in 2024.

American Democracy is "on the brink." Is public education the solution, or part of the problem?


Nelson Mandela said, "The worst enemy of humanity is ignorance and fear, and the best weapon to fight this is education. If you educate a person, you are empowering that person."

This isn't an instant solution for what has become a chronic, long term problem. Undermining education appears to be part of the strategy that is being used to slowly destroy or completely change American democracy. It's one of many things that must be done now to put up a front against the ignorance that is the best weapon of the enemies of democracy, who are using other institutional tools, including religion, social media and massive amounts of wealth, to bring about their own kind of change.

We have to save our schools, so that they can empower the next generation, or our children and grandchildren may never know the freedom we've known and experienc

Well, the news this evening has been interesting.

On top of inciting an insurrection, obstructing justice, tampering with witnesses, stealing classified documents affecting national security, interfering with government processes and attempting to subvert the constitution by disrupting the peaceful transfer of power, we find out what we've known all along, that the orange headed buffoon was also a tax cheat. And he's still walking around, free as a bird.

So we still want the DOJ to take its time and drag this out as long as possible.

"We the people" expect the Department of Justice to enforce the law as required by the separation of

powers of the constitution. Indictments in the January 6th Insurrection investigation need to accompany the committee recommendations.


It has become clear, from facts, that America has emerged from the single most corrupt Presidential administration in the history of the country, far worse than the long forgotten scandals of the Harding administration, which were pretty bad for their time. This has been worse than Watergate and the Nixon Administration, which has been the prime example of government corruption in America since it happened. Worse than Watergate. That, too, was about manipulating the electoral process, but this was far worse. This was an insurrection, a violent attempt to overthrow a legitimately elected government and overturn a legitimate election. It was an attack on American values, ideals and patriotism, and on the constitution and the peaceful transfer of power that is a bedrock and cornerstone of this nation.

Elon Musk has the media in the palm of his hand

He does something, they jump to report it. I counted last night, thirty two separate references within a two hour period of time on MSNBC, CNN and CNN's HLN.

Make this lunatic irrelevant and stop jumping every time he sneezes or goes to the bathroom.

Research shows that there is a large exodus from conservative,Evangelical Christianity over politics


It's a big one, and the lack of Christian compassion and justice is the biggest reason.

Silence from the religious right on Trump's Anti-Semitic dinner guests


There's been plenty of time to respond to this event. And there's been some, but not much and certainly not anything that indicates these people believe there is a problem here.

The mainstream media put some effort into getting statements from Evangelicals who usually have something to say about everything and everyone else. They got a small sampling of general statements, some comments that anti-Semitism is wrong, but I didn't see anything of substance, nor did I see anyone who actually came out and said they're no longer supporting Trump because of this latest ugly incident, on top of the lies, insurrection, fraud, adultery and sexual abuse.

It's inconsistent to claim that the Bible is without error and infallible, and yet support politicians who are divisive, turn opposition into mortal enemies and dehumanize anyone who disagrees with their politics. Jesus interpreted the commandment not to commit murder to mean that even hatred is murder. Marjorie Taylor Greene wishes she had organized January 6th, because she'd have brought guns. That's a definitive statement on her part if I've ever heard one. For people who are so adamant about protecting the life of the unborn, they are casually flippant and threatening when it comes to all other human beings. That's not even pseudo-Christian, it's anti-Christian.
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