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Gender: Male
Hometown: Tucson, Arizona
Current location: Chicago, Illinois
Member since: Wed Dec 25, 2019, 01:02 AM
Number of posts: 3,164

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Stop talking about the party in power losing the mid-terms and do something about it!


I'm convinced that there are enough of those kinds of people, who aren't on that hard right, to take the present circumstances into consideration before they cast their ballots in 2022, and realize that they can't put the Republicans back in charge. I like to say this is an election that can be won "on the margins." Eighty million people cast ballots for Joe Biden in 2020, many of them Republicans and conservative independents who were objective enough to be concerned about the incompetence and corruption they'd seen. January 6th just confirmed, for many of them, that they made the right choice.

The "politics of the day" are in our favor and I am committed to doing everything I am able to do to help as many Democrats win elections in 2022 as I can. First, I contribute regularly to the DNC and leave the contribution open to be used wherever they see the most need. Second, I will use this blog, which gets anywhere from 1,300 to 2,500 hits every month, to promote Democrats running for office and encouraging people to turn out and vote for Democratic candidates. Third, I already volunteer to make phone calls and help increase voter turnout in one of those "marginal" congressional districts across the state line. My district, area and state are so blue, you can see the glow in the sky at night.

Please join me. If you read the Signal Press you will find that the themes of the posts here will be dedicated to factual commentary that promotes the candidacy of Democrats running for office at every level. I'm just an independent blogger, so you can help when you find something here that may be useful in keeping people informed, post a link so that others can see it and we can spread the word. The major themes will focus on the Biden Administration's achievements and the significant events of the President and Vice-President, their foreign policy, protection of the constitution and representative democracy, the booming economy, the Supreme Court nomination, the January 6th commission including pointing out the corrupt Republicans who were involved in the Trump Insurrection, arguments which are aimed at turning Evangelical and conservative Christians toward Democrats and away from the corrupt GOP, and debunking all of the social issue myths and misconceptions of the GOP and Evangelicals. Here's the link.


We're helping Ukraine get Putin out of their country; the January 6th Commission needs to get him

out of ours.


On MSNBC's Morning Joe program yesterday (3/29) Joe Scarborough really did a great job of putting the whole statement in its perspective. He was one of a few journalists who took the President's remarks at face value. Well, Scarborough has been around long enough, has enough experience and knows how bi-partisan politics work. He's also been around for most of Joe Biden's career in politics and he knows him, who he is, how he operates, what he thinks. And he thinks President Biden didn't mince any words in expressing himself.

It was not a gaffe, certainly not one of the kind of "off the top of his head" remarks that Trump came up with every time he held a microphone in his hand, making himself look confused, contradicting what he'd said before and demonstrating his ignorance. Nor was it the first time, looking back, as Scarborough pointed out, that a President of the United States has talked tough to Russia, or about Russia. The President was sending a message. And you can bet it was clearly received. There's no need for anyone to try to walk this back and the President has made that very clear.


Putin's fingerprints were all over that January 6th Trump insurrection. That violent insurrectionist mob was fighting against everything that the Ukrainians are now fighting for. Maybe seeing the images of Ukraine's ruined cities, and the refugees flooding into Eastern Europe will get not only Democrats, but all Americans moving to make sure that everyone who was associated with the planning and conducting of that Trump insurrection is brought to justice. We can't afford to be apathetic or indifferent, or afraid of the inflated balloon of "political consequences." We're providing weapons and money to help the Ukrainians get Putin out of their country. We need to provide the incentive and put the pressure on our politicians to get him out of ours.

Trumpism Replaces Christian Values in This Denomination


Trump Junior recently made this statement in front of a Turning Point rally in Arizona regarding Evangelical support for Trump:

"We've turned the other cheek and I understand--sort of--the Biblical reference--I understand the mentality," he said. "But it's gotten us nothing." Trump Junior seems to be advocating for Christians to abandon the teachings of Christ and become more worldly because that's what it takes to be sucessful, not all that Jesus stuff like turning the other cheek, loving your neighbor or exhibiting meekness. And apparently, some Christians are taking him up on that.

There's a group that has formed within the already troubled Southern Baptist Convention called the Conservative Baptist Network, CBN for short. One of the stated goals of this faction is to work to remove the "functional embrace of worldly ideologies and practice." They claim there's too much "wokeness" in the Southern Baptist Convention, approval of Critical Race Theory and other bad, worldly ideologies like being too soft on abortion, or like the executive director of the denomination's Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission spearheading the probe into the massive sexual abuse scandal that has dogged denominational leaders for a while. Oh, did I mention that this same now former executive director, Dr. Russell Moore, was an anti-Trumper for Christian, moral reasons?

This group, while criticizing things in the Southern Baptist Convention they see as "the functional embrace of worldly ldeology and practice," has engaged in some Trumpian demagoguery themselves. The article in the link tells all.

Trump belongs to Putin, this proves it


Are you kidding me?

Dementia? Stupidity? Or just the fact that he owes Putin big and he thinks he will be able to pay him back after Vlad helps him win the 2024 election?

The fact that we put up with this is unbelievable.

Trucker Protest in Washington is a Dud


If this was a rallying point for Republicans going into the mid-terms, then I wish for them the same level of enthusiasm and success as this trucker rally generated.

Griping about "tyranny" and hollering about "freedom" while a million of their fellow Americans have died in just two years from this deadly virus is callous and uncaring, selfish and ignorant. Continuing to gripe while real tyranny is forced on the Ukrainian people is even more of the same. Is this what Trumpism stands for? Then those of us who have committed to rooting it out by voting it out are doing the right thing.

I would like for one of these anti-vax, anti-mask protesters to point to one constitutional right of theirs that has been interferred with as a result of COVID restrictions. And if you're vaccinated for polio, or measles, or small pox, you have no argument.

Another excellent reason for Democrats to double-down on 2022 election turnout


The Arizona Senate is still stuck on the 2020 election. In spite of an avalanche of evidence which shows that the final tally of Arizona's ballots, specifically those in Maricopa County, the most populous county in the state, was accurate, state senators keep insisting on issuing subpoenas and gathering evidence, based on phony conspiracy theories. The Republicans in that senate just can't seem to wrap their minds around the fact that this has been coming for a while and that Maricopa County, with 4.5 million people, the largest county in the state and fourth largest in the entire nation, no longer has a Republican majority.

Getting one Republican out of the mess and getting their vote to kill the bill that would place more power in the hands of the attorney general to "investigate" elections was a great start. All elections matter, mid-terms clearly as much as any others do. This is a great example of a place where Democrats can make a real difference. The Arizona legislature is ripe for a flip, given the number of Democrats who have registered to vote in the state since the last election cycle. All this silliness, and the disaster of the Cyber Ninjas have pushed a lot of independent voters to the left, as have the antics of Senate President Karen Fann, who seems to be living up to her first name in alienating members of her own party.

Call Out the Media on Their Terrible Coverage of the Biden Administration


Signal Press, committed to telling the truth about President Biden and making sure that the achievements and accomplishments of this remarkable Presidency are put in writing and with an accurate perspective, even though the news media won't do it.

One of the best features of the Biden presidency has been the fact that we don't get all the false statements from the President. Trump was on record as having lied, and that's what I will call it because that's what it was, over 32,000 times. Those are all statements that could be verified to be completely false by a quick examination of the facts. The man just says what comes to the top of his head. The fact that people believe him means they're stupid.

Well, what else can you say? This has been a pattern all of his life, he can't tell the truth if his life depended on it.

Fact check President Biden, and you won't find anything close to that. It's rare for either he or his press secretary, to deliberately tell a lie in the face of facts. And that's just such a change from the way it was, it's like we have to get used to hearing the truth all over again.

Ronald Reagan is rolling over in his grave...

...over the Pro-Putin element in the Republican Party among its extremist House members.


The shift in public support among registered American voters toward support for Ukraine is causing quite a scramble as the duplicitous chattering magpie Marjorie Taylor Green, tries and fails to shake the Pro-Putin label. During the past few weeks she has been a speaker at an anti-American, white supremacist, racist gathering and now, as the pro-Putin label gets attached, tries, and fails, to deflect it by a sociopathic statement to try and defend her Pro-Putin, anti-American,
inhumane and barbaric vote against aid to Ukraine.

"We cannot and we must not allow our compassion to blind us to reason and common sense."

To make such a statement is not only unpatriotic and unAmerican, but separating reason and common sense from compassion makes one a sociopath, and is blatantly selfish, completely inhuman, cruel and barbaric. It is even more immoral and inhumane in that she is weighing the realities of the indiscriminate and deliberate targeting of civilians in Ukraine to defend her politically indefensible support of the Russian dictator who is committing those war crimes. Compassion doesn't blind us to reason and common sense, it puts it in perspective and shows that we have a conscience.

Taylor-Green, like her political inamorata, Trump, clearly does not have a conscience.

Graham's "Tough Talk" is a Sign That Republicans Know They Got Too Close to their"Dear Comrade Vlad"


Apparently Lindsey Graham feels that he has to make up for the fact that his party has become known as the "party of Putin" during the Ukrainian war. It's been pretty easy to identify the Republican members of Congress who are opposed to helping Ukraine and by their actions, are correctly seen as supporting Putin's invasion. Only the most mindless Trumpies don't acknowledge Putin's widespread interference in the 2016 election, and his attempts to continue to interfere beyond that, even with insurmountable and conclusive evidence that he was doing it.

So, in an effort to prove the GOP's toughness, and to try to change the narrative that is pointing out, with their own words and deeds, the affinity many Republican leaders, including Trump, have for Putin, Graham called for Putin's assassination. And because he got a lot of publicity for it, and a mountain of negative criticism, rightly so given the serious error that it was, he's sticking by it. It's not like he could take something like that back.

President Biden has handled this situation with remarkable skill, considering the pressure that is placed on the United States any time something like this happens, because of expectations. The Republicans know the dynamics of the situation, and they know that what the President has done is the most that can be done under the circumstances. Ukrainian President Zelenskyy acknowledged this. Yes, he'd like everyone, including the United States, to do more, of course. But handling this with the real acknowledgement of the danger that is involved is part of the skill. President Biden has very wisely and carefully avoided giving Putin anything that he can use to his advantage, to gather support for his claim that this action is a result of Russia being "bullied" by the West.

So what we have here, with Graham's loud, "tough talk," and the muttering and rhetoric from Cruz and Hawley, is a Republican Party that has been caught between a rock and a hard place, having left a very conclusive record of support for an autocratic dictatorship and against a fledgling representative democracy looking to American idealism to build their nation. Their actions and their words, including the eight Republican votes cast against further sanctions on Russia in Congress this week, are telling the voters that the GOP no longer stands for the constitution, liberty and a government of, by and for the people.

Ukraine is a Real and Dangerous Crisis. Stop Playing Politics and Show Some Real Unity


With Ukrainian cities in flames once again, as they were when the Nazis invaded in 1941, Ted Cruz opens his mouth and proves to the entire nation why he is the most hated man in the United States Senate. Criticizing President Biden's foreign policy at a time like this is bad enough, a clearly unpatriotic and very blatantly selfish attempt to feather his own political nest. But the fact that this man threw his own father and wife under the bus to go chasing after the former president, whose foreign policy was responsible for the fall of Afghanistan, the isolation of most of our allies including NATO and South Korea, and now the attack on Ukraine, all of which put our national security in this unprecedented danger, is more than just unpatriotic and anti-American. He's a big part of the problem.

President Biden's foreign policy isn't pushing the opposition party to get in line behind an unprovoked attack on a sovereign country for the wrong reason, capitalizing on the American reaction to 9-11. That was a real foreign policy disaster, as was just about everything that followed during that administration. President Biden didn't undermine the legitimately elected government of Afghanistan by direct negotiation with the Taliban. He didn't isolate our NATO allies by cozying up to Putin. He didn't isolate South Korea by cozying up to Kim Jong Un. He didn't withhold military aid appropriated by Congress for Ukraine, bribing their president to invent lies about Joe Biden.

That's what bad foreign policy looks like, Mr. Cruz. And if you can't see all of that, and you can't get on board now, get behind the President and support our country and its efforts to help Ukraine, whatever decisions and actions that may require, then you need to resign now and get out of the way. We don't need someone who won't defend his own father or wife against lies to be involved in the defense of our country.

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