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Gender: Male
Hometown: Tucson, Arizona
Current location: Chicago, Illinois
Member since: Wed Dec 25, 2019, 01:02 AM
Number of posts: 3,164

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Desantis knows an educated electorate and a strong public education system is a friend of democracy

and that's exactly why he's acting the way he is.

So cut off Florida's federal funding. Yeah, I know that's not possible now, but planning ahead for two years from now, shut down the pipeline and they'll get in line and dump him.


Using the Bible to bash the President is anti-Christian


Earlier this month, the representative from Colorado who I won't publicize by naming, made a statement while making a speech in a church auditorium. She said something to the effect that she prayed for President Biden and then cited Psalm 108:8-10 as a reference.

On the far religious right, misquoting and misuse of what is considered to be a sacred text, inerrant and infallible scripture, is about as grievous a sin as someone can commit, ranking right up there with abortion, being gay or committing adultery. Except, of course, when a politician who pushes the same extremist views does any of those things, including misusing the sacred, infallible, inerrant text of the Bible in a blasphemous way. They get a pass. They can even commit the sin in a church building.

I cannot imagine the President ever doing or saying something like that about anyone, even his worst political enemy. Yeah, he gets mad, and I have heard him cuss before. But he'd never trash talk like this about anyone. And what contrast is there between the sincerity of his faith, and that of his critic.

Why is this not enough to remove Marjorie Taylor Greene from office?


Patriotic Americans support Ukrainian sovereignty and democracy so those who don't

can't be patriotic Americans!


It is inconceivable that American politicians would put themselves in a position to support the autocratic, totalitarian dictatorship of Vladimir Putin in Russia, especially over a smaller nation that has a distinct cultural identity and history separate from Russia. Ukraine has a long history tied to the whole system of autocratic monarchies who traded countries like baseball cards, emerging with somewhat of a national identity just prior to being over-run by Catherine the Great, incorporated into the Czar's domains and then, under communism, into the Soviet Union as one of the "socialist republics."

How much it has in common with Russia is a question for a Ukrainian to answer. Those who are my neighbors in the high rise where I live in Chicago will tell you, unanimously, that they are most certainly NOT Russians, and will distinguish for you in detail exactly what the differences are between the two countries. I got the impression, from them, that there is quite a contrast in the cleanliness and appearance of the two countries and that this is visible when crossing the border into Russia, where buildings are run down and unkempt, streets are pitted and rough, weeds grow in vacant lots, paint is peeling and people have a similar, shabby appearance and attitude.

But what generates the biggest expressions of pride is the freedom and democracy that Ukrainians now enjoy since becoming separate from the Soviet Union at its demise, and deliberately pushing for a democratic government, looking to the United States as a model and example. And like most of the rest of Eastern Europe, after a struggle and learning from their own mistakes, they emerged as a sovereign, democratic republic, the largest country in Europe outside of Russia itself and with a strong, growing economy.

Jimmy Carter was my first, and second Presidential vote.


Politics are a matter of opinion. No President is perfect. As I look back at Carter's administration, I don't see anything there that warrants calling him anything less than a good presidency, and considering its accomplishments and achievements, a great President. After leaving office, he dedicated his life to helping others. His work and contributions to Habitat for Humanity characterizes his challenge to his Sunday school class attendees to make their life count by giving someone else a hand up. The work that has been done around the world through the Carter Center, which he established, and which he has financially supported, characterizes the man well beyond his political roles as Governor of Georgia and President of the United States.

Thank you, President Carter for all you have done, and for the example you have set. We love you.

Joe Biden Standing with Freedom and Democracy in Ukraine!

And we're going to see who those are in Congress who are anti-American, un-patriotic and standing against democracy and constitutionally guaranteed freedom and human rights.


The Russians must also be quite shocked, and there must be quite an effort going on there now to keep this news from somehow reaching their people. The President of the United States can travel halfway around the world and make it into Kyiv. Vladimir Putin's military has been unable get him into a city less than a hundred miles from the Russian border.

Boebert and Taylor-Greene once again display their racist bigotry and their ignorance of America

and its idealism.


They are anti-American and anti-Patriotic and completely ignorant of American history.

Election shenangans in an Arizona county will go away when the voters recall

their two current Republican supervisors. These two are violating the public trust big time, ignoring voters and doing their own election denying thing. So recall them.


Can we stop this?

The media, even the so-called left wing liberal media, keeps babbling about 2024 as if Trump is just another legitimate Republican candidate and as if there are no indictments hanging over his head and he didn't lead an insurrection against the United States and everything is all hunky dory so we can have something to talk about on our broadcast time. I want to throw something at the television when that happens.

There should never be a mention of Trump's candidacy without adding to it his criminal conduct and while I understand that we cannot put any pressure at all on the justice department, and must walk on eggshells around the word "indictment" and can't make our feelings known that this criminal insurrectionist, illegitimate traitor is walking around free and running for president again and should be in jail now awaiting the first of many trials for his multiple crimes.

I picked up the phone this morning and called MSNBC during Scarborough. I let them have it. Anyone else want to do the same? Maybe we can get at least some journalists to acknowledge that fact. Trump's candidacy should never be mentioned without the cloud of criminal investigation hanging over him.

Or maybe they already know he's not going to be indicted. Then they should tell us that so we can all move on.

The reputation earned by preacher's kids fits Sarah Huckabee Sanders


Of course, as a Southern Baptist, I knew about all of the denominational politics in the 80's and 90's, and about Mike Huckabee as a "rising star" among megachurch pastors, serving a term as President of the state convention of Southern Baptists in Arkansas, more of a peer recognition than a position of real power. The Baptist Press featured his transition to politics in Arkansas prominently, and when he stepped into the governor's office after a scandal, they crowed.

So when Sanders, raised as a Baptist preacher's daughter, with a political science and mass communications degree from Ouachita Baptist University, stepped into national prominence as the Trump administration's press secretary, following the Sean Spicer disaster, with the responsibility of repeating his outrageous lies and trying to justify them, my thoughts instantly turned to the stereotype about preacher's kids. That's exactly what we got. Her appointment was obviously a political favor to his Evangelical constituency. She's not articulate, has an annoying habit of attempting to over-ride an accent, is a dull, expressionless public speaker and was repeatedly backed into corners or verbally flattened by reporters. She earned, and solidified a public reputation as a denier of facts and a purveyor of outrageous lies. She was nicknamed, appropriately, "Sarah Pinocchio."

Sanders, as a newly elected governor of a deep red state, with a degree in political science that should have helped her discern the kind of opportunity she was being given, not only to reset a narrative that cost her party dearly in the midterm elections and raised optimism of a sweep election for the Democrats in 2024, but which also had the potential, God forbid, of launching her own possible bid for higher office. She chose neither of those possibilities, opting instead to simply repeat tired culture war themes that were at the top of reasons which moved independents and some moderate Republicans to the left, allowing everything the President said to stand unchallenged, including calling out GOP attempts to cut Social Security and Medicare, which he has raised to the level of a sonic boom across the country.

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