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jimfields33's Journal
jimfields33's Journal
August 26, 2022

Oz wants 5 debates as republicans question Fetterman's stroke recovery

This is low even for repugs. Fetterman should just say no.


Mehmet Oz formally challenged John Fetterman to five Pennsylvania Senate debates Friday, an opening salvo designed to help the Republican catch up with the Democratic front-runner and indirectly highlight his health as he recovers from a stroke.

Oz, the celebrity TV doctor, made sure to time his debate demand to coincide with Fetterman’s first public rally since he was debilitated by a stroke May 15, two days before the state’s primary. Fetterman, the state’s lieutenant governor, was hospitalized for days and temporarily lost his ability to speak fluidly.

Since then, Fetterman has maintained a sizeable lead in the polls, outspending Oz on TV and earning favorable media coverage for his campaign’s clever use of social media, at one point featuring "Jersey Shore" reality TV star Snooki to mock Oz’s out-of-state roots. Fetterman's campaign also slowly reintroduced the candidate to his followers by releasing highly edited videos with multiple cuts, which Republicans said purposefully disguised the speech problems Fetterman has acknowledged he developed as a result of the stroke.

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