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Member since: Tue Jan 21, 2020, 02:03 PM
Number of posts: 8,232

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I really appreciate the hearts. Home alone waiting for a biopsy

Thanks so much to my new friends.

Agreed. Cipollone works for us, too. Hard to believe.

Serving "at the pleasure of the president", but

The only thing that seems to please him is revenge. Despicable. Did Jesus say “hit them back ten times harder”?

Another ♥️. Muchas gracias!

Love the "Panama Limited"

And “Something in the Way She Moves”. Had that album in college. I rode Amtrak all around the country in the 70’s. Great way to travel.

How many of us were in Student Council?

I'm also new. Love the 🥰

Thank you for the heart!

New member, this is my first post😺

I'm new here as well. Just joined

Lurked for a while.

How did school get to be so expensive?

I attended Los Angeles City College in the early 70’s. The total cost was $6.50 a semester for the student union card. Took some very interesting classes and learned a skill for a job. Damn conservatives and their anti-government crap.
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