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Member since: Mon Jan 27, 2020, 04:03 PM
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what is really going on and ,nothing is changed

Ok, I heard SOTU Joe Manchin set with the Republicans. Has he already confirmed he has switched parties. I am having the same problems with my brainwashed sister to where I have totally gotten over it. Now one of my best friends is drinking the same kool-aid.I ran into this woman as I was at the doctors and I commented on her shoes.The conversation went left when she started blaming Biden for everything under the son.

Inflation. I told her to google the Governors from Florida and Texas and see how they are holding up trucks coming in from Mexico and China. She was sounding like Karen for real. There is no reasoning. I tried to tell her how Trump started this happening to Russia and Ukraine and she was like closing her ears by shaking her head like I am in a cult like her,except the I am on the right side.Trump has taken over the Republican party and broke so many laws that I lost count,impeached twice and still trying to bring his lazy diaper wearing psycho back. Things are so crazy.

I took a long break from the news and visit the board and google what I wanted to find out if it wasn't here.But I think the other side has taken over this country and I would never know they are not in charge. Trump may be dumb. but he had the brilliant crazies around him to still have people everywhere ,even in the Government still.I am going back in the bushes because seeing all that is going on just makes me distressed. If we lose any house or Senate;I think the country and democracy is over. Sorry to always be groom and doom.Back in the bushes. Thanks for listening.

I think Rachael Maddow should work for the Justice Department

She would have made some arrest in the Jan 6 investigation and finally hold some of these people who refuse to testify in contempt. We need someone with a brain like hers to add some faith in this system.Just listening to her ,I realize I feel the same way as to where is the action for these people because time is running out .

Sorry folks but we need a stronger AG I am just being as honest as I can be.

MG is not getting anything done. I watch RM last night and could hardly watch.Even she is shaken. why can't Biden do like Trump and put acting officials in place in the FBI like the ones Trump got rid of. I know Biden is a nice moral man, but we are at the end of our democracy and he needs some better advisors to start bringing guns to gun fights. I believe we are done in 22 if something does not change. you have judges changing their minds about retiring.Repukes paid them off.You have many judges letting the states get away with about to flip elections.What is Garland doing about it. I hate to say it, but we need a Bill Barr as AG because in all honestly, I do not care about the other infrastructure bill right now. I think we better do something like yesterday about the voting rights.

Do what Trump would do.Threat them and pull those people who Trump put in FBI out. Congress should impeach those judges who are put in by Trump because you better believe if they take back this house, Biden will be impeached the first day the new congress begin. I am only watching hear and there,but only keep up here and watch Rachael. We all should be worried. I need to see the Dems fighting dirty and not let these quacks run all over them.It will take all of us. I guess I am just grieving for the country we are about to lose and Trump will be another Putin.

we need Lincoln Project crew and start talking voting rights. Start arresting all who don't show up to testify. It is not looking good for us.Tim Ryan has been the only Dem I have seen blast these people and Whitehorse.Put them out front for our talking points. Also find a good nominee who can run in 24, because it has nothing to do with Biden, but I honestly do not think he will run.I don't think Pete or Kamala will be accepted by all. We need someone like Newsome or who has balls like Cuomo,who is not afraid to stand up to these traitors. I don't care about his past.Look at Trump. We have to change because being nice is not going to cut it. JMHO.

Angus King

Sorry for mixing the name up. I assume that is why I got no response. I was wondering how does his vote cover for the two Dems who is having trouble voting .I ask because would he make up for a vote for the Dems? He is an independent and I am thinking that would be one vote for our side.How does that work?

I heard on CNN we lost Virginia

Then they said even the votes on the BBB won't save us. I am even more depressed. What will this mean is our country has already been lost. We need bigger hitters of Obama and Joe as well as Kamala to go back because if we lose this, we will lose Joe Manchin.This is why I think he will not give Joe a win. All the work we did to get the election win for us,I hate to see it be all for nothing. I am heart sick. It sounds like our side is losing every end. From the rising of the big lie shown in video,Republicans winning when they lost in reality,how people are disrespecting the subpoenas congress send out,the embolden of white supremacy and now it looking like the Justice is not arresting these Jan6 folks, or keeping them in jail. It is like a hopeless death we are in. Biden poll numbers are bad. We can't trust the military will not take Trump side when he steals the next election. Nothing is done on the voting rights bill.I feel the whole drama with Gov Cuomo is a hit job because he is a big threat to the right. Seems the Democrats eats their own with all this back and fourth of trying to hold itself together, and noone can be on the same page.

Seems we are loosing steam.I am sorry to be so bleak, but I feel we have already lost our democracy. My question is this? If the Republicans were in the majority;what do you think they will do different. My opinion is they would have already come together and got rid of the filibuster and all cabinets would have been filled. I have another question about John King,who is a independent. Does his vote count with the Dems, or the Republicans? I am lost on that because if he is not counted with the Republican party, then where is his votes. Sorry to be downer, but this day as all days are as depressing as when Trump was in office. Which reminds me on one more thing. Why can't we use people like Kurt something and Steve S who are now Dems to work the computers online to spread the word that we have to win Virginia, because we will not get another election when they take over. The next election will not be a fair one, but given the Trump, who will never leave office and we will be stuck with them and that includes the whole family and we will be like Russia and Japan and all the authoritarian nations.We are on in trouble and I do not see what our side is doing. We need some out spoken people like they have. It looks like their lies will win and we will be left wondering what happened.Sad day for me.

Is there a way for the people to rise up and

and contact Garland or our representitives to get him to appoint a Special Procutor, because this is all the small peroid we have to start taking names. I hope I do not get banned for this or a lot of blow back,but I am tired of our side always going by the rules. We are living in a time where some rules needs to go out the window. The other side tread of weak because we do not take charge like they do. It too Liz Chenney to get tough before our side came along.

Put AOC somewhere and the other smart woman who always has her map on the team. I am scared guys.I have lost so much sleep because of what Bannon and the terriost party has been doing. It is bad enough we are the only country trying to legislater. I feel we need an Obama like person to run in 24 if Joe does not run,because he means well,but he still thinks we can be bipartism and this is not the case/ We Could use the Lincoln Project to start running our messaging because our side seems to be sleep there. Where is the guy who suppose to be there_Linsey G stole his seat..

s seat We need to get Steve S and Rick W of the Lincoln to run the messages to get our narrative out there because it is getting too close to the finish line to sleep through this. Joe can't do it all by himself. I find myself thinking about what my disgusting sister thinks ,like our side is full of senior citizens. I am starting to listen to that and I don't even mess with her. I just want them to hire a prosecutor.

Where is Rachael Maddow

I have been missing her for two weeks.I have not watched politics in a few months, but realize she was not on. Is she sick or something or on vacation?

Is it possible

That Nancy Pelosi have authority to not accept the results of the EC because of the GOQ is picking their own presidents and congress people? I thought it was said here that she can reject it.Or do I have it wrong? Thanks.

Can Biden do anything to stop this

I am talking about the GOP from turning this country into Russia?

I guess we need to prepare

to become a dictator country since we lost when we won because we have two Dems who does not care because they don't seem to mind since they ignore how bad it has gotten with this Q Party and our voting rights. I fear we have already lost our country. I am so sick of listening to my sister claiming their King will be put back in office because he won and how weak and old our Joe is. I told her, has she forget how old her king is. She than had a nerve to say how weak Biden is by not getting things done and get this,;He is letting Putin play him because he is corrupt and lost to Trump because the people wanted a strong president who is not afraid of anything and can take care of business. I mean, I was shocked to realize my own sister is a Q supporter.

She did not say it but she is paddling the same crap they paddle in.What has this man done to these people to brain wash them so easily.I told her he must be the antichrist and she went all in on Joe Biden and Obama and all this nonsense and I just walked out of my older sisters house after bringing her fruit since she has been ill. She was defending my sister views, which really made me about to question am I sane.It is crazy and scary to see my family turn into whatever cult they are following.I am not going any further in the things they said because it will send my blood pressure up. They made me sick enough that I have now washed my hands of them. Sorry to keep venting but I am going through hell at home so much so, I only will watch Rachel and don't even watch all of that faithfully.I have the TV on sometimes and be doing other things unless something catches my eye .Sorry for venting.
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