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Member since: Wed Feb 5, 2020, 11:22 PM
Number of posts: 53

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If it's Bernie, and vice versa

Would Bloomberg run as a third party?

What about the reverse?

I know what they SAID, but somehow I have a hard time believing it.

Bloomberg and 9/11

He makes a fool of himself when he speaks about standing on smoking pile.

When is someone going to ask him about his treatment of fallen NYPD Det. James Zadroga?

It was disgusting the way Bloomberg treated Det. Zadroga after his death.

100s of police officers, firefighters and trades union people got sick and or have died as a result of their rescue and recovery efforts.

Bloomberg went out of his way to dishonor Det Zadroga after his death.

Today , his sacrifice is forever remberberd with the ZADROGA ACT.

Bloomberg would be happy to call working class heroes like the firefighters and police officers junkies.

Buying social media va Russian bots

Can anyone explain to me how MIKE ( lol see through the PROPAGANDA )

BUYING social media "influencers" at $150 a pop is any different from Russian bots?

It's the same fucking thing.

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