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Just_Vote_Dem's Journal
Just_Vote_Dem's Journal
February 25, 2022

For DU's legal eagles regarding the Manhattan DA

Is it possible he has been tipped off by someone in DOJ that the DOJ has a solid case against Trump and that the cases could overlap?

February 15, 2022

From Dino....

February 9, 2022

Thanks for the hearts!

Much appreciated, my friends

February 2, 2022

We're Not Going To Win If We Keep Saying We're Losing

You know what? I'm tired of polls.

I'm tired of polls that are not taking account of a political season that hasn't yet truly begun.

I'm tired of polls that are not taking account of January 6 committee public hearings that have not taken place yet.

I'm tired of polls that don't take into account the multiple investigations that are happening right now into 45.

Folks, Republicans/Right Wingers/Conservatives try every day to bring us down, to make us think that it's hopeless, that we're about to lose, and lose big. They're trying to shape our future, in an ugly and hopeless way. DON'T LET THEM.

If we can get out the vote, if we can inspire our base-and grab the independents-and maybe even a few Republicans who still have a shred of morality-we can make the last two years of Joe's first term a real positive step ahead for all of us.

So, take what polls say with a grain of salt right now AND DON'T GIVE UP.

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