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Just_Vote_Dem's Journal
Just_Vote_Dem's Journal
October 31, 2023

A Two State solution with a DMZ zone?

Maybe the DMZ zone could be inhabited by individuals of several nations, as to discourage further war?

Could that work?

October 18, 2023

Heart disease sucks

Ugh. That's all for now.

And I almost chickened out of the echocardiogram...sigh...

October 15, 2023

Last place you ever thought you would see a plea against anti-semitism

I am watching AEW Wrestling and their champ, Maxwell Jacob Friedman, who is Jewish, participated in a rally called "Stand Up To Jewish Hate", which took place in Massachusetts the other day. A real lovely segment.

October 13, 2023

Nat King Cole

Was reading GD with one eye on the TV, and the movie playing-"Home for the Holidays"-has a lovely scene with Nat singing "The Very Thought of You" in the backgound. He was my mom's favorite, and mine too. Nice to take a breather from the GD "rough and tumble" LOL

October 13, 2023

Amnesty.org:Palestinian armed groups must be held accountable for deliberate civilian killings

Israel: Palestinian armed groups must be held accountable for deliberate civilian killings, abductions and indiscriminate attacks


Hamas and other Palestinian armed groups flagrantly violated international law and displayed a chilling disregard for human life by carrying out cruel and brutal crimes including mass summary killings, hostage-taking, and launching indiscriminate rocket attacks into Israel, Amnesty International said today. With evidence still emerging of the horrors that unfolded in southern Israel, Amnesty International will continue its investigations in order to determine the full range of crimes under international law.

In Israel, more than 1,200 people – mostly civilians, including children – have been killed, and 2,400 have been injured since the attacks began in the early morning of 7 October. In Gaza at least 1,200 people, including children, have been killed by Israeli military retaliation. The recently intensified blockade which completely disconnected water, electricity, food and fuel supplies is exacerbating the already catastrophic humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Israel’s blockade amounts to collective punishment which is also a war crime. 

Video footage analysed by Amnesty International’s Crisis Evidence Lab shows Palestinian fighters on the initial day of the attacks deliberately shooting at civilians and taking civilians as hostages. In one of the most egregious incidents at the Nova Music festival, at least 260 civilians were killed, while others are still missing.

NOTE: They also mention the deaths caused in Gaza by Israeli military

October 13, 2023

Poll: Majority blames gov't for Hamas massacre, says Netanyahu must resign

An overwhelming majority of 86% of respondents, including 79% of coalition supporters, said the surprise attack from Gaza is a failure of the country's leadership.


Four out of five Jewish Israelis believe the government and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are to blame for the mass infiltration of Hamas terrorists into Israel and the massacre that followed, a new Dialog Center poll released on Thursday found.

An overwhelming majority – 86% of respondents, including 79% of coalition supporters, said the surprise attack from Gaza is a failure of the country’s leadership, while a staggering 92% said the war is causing anxiety.

Furthermore, almost all the respondents (94%) believe the government must bear some responsibility for the lack of security preparedness that led to the assault, with over 75% saying the government holds most of the responsibility.

October 11, 2023

I'm pretty sure there will also be targeted assassinations by Israel

As in the response to the Olympic massacre.

Not everything is going to be bombed buildings and dead children.

October 11, 2023

Can't help but think about a Maya Angelou quote at this time

“When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time."

October 3, 2023

The Repub caucus should toss out Gaetz in retaliation

I'd laugh so hard I'd be sick

September 28, 2023

It started with Reagan, not Trump

Trump is the result (an UNnatural progression, sort of) of over 40 years of the hate of the Republican party.

Please don't forget they started their villany a LONG time ago

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