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Just_Vote_Dem's Journal
Just_Vote_Dem's Journal
April 19, 2024

Repub legislator says House may soon flip to Dems

According to this tweet by Ron Filipkowski (who describes himself as a Republican Party Insane Asylum Escapee), Repub Rep. Anna Paulina Luna says that if a Motion to Vacate is brought to the floor, several moderate Repubs will resign and immediately hand over the majority to Democrats


April 2, 2024

Michael Caine X 2

One of my favorite clips re Sir Michael Caine!

March 25, 2024

In Spite of the Orange Monster's short reprieve.....


GO DEMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
March 25, 2024

Bolivian women taking up lucha libre in response to violence from men

Meet the Fighting Cholitas, Bolivia's indigenous women wrestlers who are battling for gender equality

In Bolivia, cholita wrestlers are challenging stereotypes in skirts.

LA PAZ, Bolivia -- Polonia Ana Choque Silvestre, better known by her stage name of Carmen Rosa, was one of Bolivia's first female wrestlers.

At 49, she is a grandmother and unlike many scantily clad American female wrestlers, she competed in a pleated skirt, shawl and bowler hat with pigtail braids -- the signature outfit of "cholitas" -- indigenous Aymara and Quecha women who wear the signature cholita outfit.

Identifying as a cholita, she competed not just for sport, but for a cause -- fighting against machismo culture and violence against women that has been rampant in her country.

"Essentially the men didn’t want us to wrestle," said Rosa, better known as La Campoena: The Champion. "And also the women like us, our Aymara sisters said ‘why? This sport is for men.’"


March 6, 2024

Former Repub Congressional candidate and pro wrestler wanted for murder

A former congressional candidate and pro wrestler is wanted in connection with the killing last year of an Idaho man.

An arrest warrant has been issued for Daniel Rodimer, 45, in connection with the slaying of Christopher Tapp, 47, on Oct. 29, the Metropolitan Police Department announced Wednesday.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.


February 27, 2024

These are my reasons to vote for a President:

1. Joe Biden has been an exemplary President
2. I don't want a fascist to be President

These two are good enough for me!

GO JOE!!!!!

February 10, 2024

CNN Chyron


It reads: Is Biden's age now a bigger problem than Trump's indictments?

February 10, 2024

Digby: Democrats suffer from a delusion of allowing only Republicans to be special prosecutors

Joe Biden falls victim to Democrats' special prosecutor delusion;
Special prosecutor is a Republican job, no matter what

Perhaps someday Democrats will learn their lesson but I'm not holding out much hope at this point. They suffer from an inexplicable habit of allowing only Republicans to hold the job of a special prosecutor. This has been going on for decades now and the results have been predictable each time.


When the Reagan White House came under investigation for the Iran-Contra Affair, a Republican judge named Lawrence Walsh was appointed by a three-judge panel under the new independent counsel statute. Walsh was a pretty zealous prosecutor and uncovered quite a bit of dirt but in the end, he was thwarted by President George H. W. Bush and his Attorney General William Barr, who pardoned all the possible defendants just before Bush left office in 1992. Funny how that worked out for Republicans again.


Fast forward to 2016 and the Russia Investigation, headed by yet another Republican, former FBI Director Robert Mueller. The GOP Department of Justice knew it wouldn't be right to have a Democrat investigate a Republican president. Why they might be partisan!

Special prosecutor is a Republican job, no matter what. Until the appointment of Jack Smith, who has been assiduously apolitical during his career, there has never been anything but Republicans in the job since Archibald Cox and it's a problem.

Full article at https://www.salon.com/2024/02/09/joe-biden-falls-victim-to-democrats-special-prosecutor-delusion/

I think it's an interesting article and worthy of discussion.
February 7, 2024

Isn't She Lovely?

I say YES!

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