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Hiawatha Pete

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Kenosha Militia Facebook Event Was Reported 455 Times. Facebook Said It Didn't Violate Any Rules.

Source: Buzzfeed

"In a companywide meeting on Thursday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that a militia page advocating for followers to bring weapons to an upcoming protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin, remained on the platform because of “an operational mistake.” The page and an associated event inspired widespread criticism of the company after a 17-year-old suspect allegedly shot and killed two protesters Tuesday night.

The event associated with the Kenosha Guard page, however, was flagged to Facebook at least 455 times after its creation, according to an internal report viewed by BuzzFeed News, and had been cleared by four moderators, all of whom deemed it “non-violating.” The page and event were eventually removed from the platform on Wednesday — several hours after the shooting.

“To put that number into perspective, it made up 66% of all event reports that day,” one Facebook worker wrote in the internal “Violence and Incitement Working Group” to illustrate the number of complaints the company had received about the event."

[Note: Moved from GD to Editorials & Other Articles as it seems a better fit here, also condensed to include only the link from the source article.]
Posted by Hiawatha Pete | Sat Aug 29, 2020, 04:46 PM (9 replies)

Just found this: Petition to Governor Tony Evers to arrest alleged Kenosha Shooter Kyle Rittenhouse

Found this petition on Change.org to Gov. Tony Evers to arrest Kyle Rittenhouse - alleged shooter who claimed the lives of at least two protesters during the Kenosha BLM demonstrations.

Don't know what effect this will have, but already over 1100 signatures!

Posted by Hiawatha Pete | Wed Aug 26, 2020, 11:29 AM (17 replies)

Congress won't let you de-fund it? Then destroy it from the inside by hiring your goons to "run" it

Destroying public services from the inside has been the R's modus operandi since orange pol-pot got elected.

The attack on the post office is only the latest, but perhaps also the most egregious because of it's disgustingly brazen attempt at voter suppression.

The Amtrak rail & Thruway bus network was the rethug's trial balloon. Hire ex-airline CEO's to gut the national public transit provider. What is shocking is that the reptillians have become so brazen that they're not even trying to hide their conflicts of interest anymore.

The same holds true for trump's appointment of former coal lobbyists (Pruitt, then Wheeler) to the EPA.

IMHO this is an issue at the federal level in how officials are appointed to oversee the various public services, and one that needs to be addressed by the next administration. Of course that means Biden/Harris since Dem's are the sole party with a social conscience.

Though I fear the response from the khmer-orange once Individual1 gets word of the protest, kudo's to the protesters in DC for taking the fight to those responsible for trying to gut the USPS.

Keep up the fight and keep the gas masks and leaf blowers handy


Amtrak Names Another Airline Exec as Top Boss to Replace Former Delta CEO Richard Anderson

Save Amtrak, Fire Anderson sign outside Philadelphia 30th Street Station

Scott Pruitt’s replacement at the EPA has a long, lucrative history of working for coal
Posted by Hiawatha Pete | Sat Aug 15, 2020, 11:16 AM (2 replies)
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