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Member since: Sun Feb 9, 2020, 05:48 PM
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Message to all the Bernie bro's: you catch more fly's with honey!

I'm a Biden supporter but acknowledge that Bernie looks ascendant (although plenty of the race to go yet). However I'd hope that at this stage the pro-Bernie crowd starts to calm down a little and stop the hate talk against fellow Democrats. Eventually we need to coalesce around a candidate and regardless of whether its Biden or Bernie, toning down some of the hot-talk will help us all and it it might even help you get more support to your candidate because you catch more fly's with honey.

One BIG positive for those who dislike Bernie in 2020!

At least it's game over, because regardless of whether he wins or loses the nomination or election in 2020, this is the LAST time we face this particular problem, because Bern sure isn't gonna be running in 2024!

(Note; for the pro-Bernie folks, I say this as someone who still feels Bernie will win albeit lowering our chances somewhat, so please don't go ballistic).

Message to all the despondent moderates on this forum!

Get a grip!

I'm a Biden supporter and as skeptical as they come about Bernie, but I don't at all get all the negativity on our chances for Nov if Bernie is nominated. Remember we're up against an enemy who is extremely weak and has no credibility. Sure with Joe we'd probably steamroll our way into the Whitehouse and with Bernie it becomes more of a gamble, but IF thats the way this thing is breaking so be it, we just need to deal with it.

If Bernie's taking point on this run (which is by no means settled yet) then let's roll in behind him (or whoever wins) and focus on getting the job done. This is the problem with us that many in our party are too intellectual and not team players, we'll sit and try and think our way thru it and become depressed, despondent or feel lost before the game even started!!!

Thanks to the crazy in the Whitehouse making a mess of everything, there is so much that can happen between now and Nov, the economy can change, new scandals etc. all of this is totally beyond our control that all we need to do is be ready to grasp the opportunity when it comes.

Biden or Bernie, either way in Nov we will win.

The simple logical test that is failed by Bloomberg fans!

All of the fans of Bloomberg say two things:

1. He'll do whatever it takes to get Trump out.
2. His financial resources / ads show this is working.

OK, fine.

Since we know that Biden as a Democrat nominee will unite the party and get Trump out (or Klobuchar or Warren).

The simplest step would seem to be for Bloomberg to throw ALL OF HIS FINANCIAL MUSCLE behind Biden and roll with it.

It's the single BEST route to get Trump out, avoids dividing the party and unites all the various factions.

Put simply Biden with Bloombergs cash would steamroll over Trump.

And yet, he fails to do this, why?

As a Biden supporter I'm not at all despondent on the rise of Bernie


Because I still feel Bernie will destroy Trump due to the sheer brute force of his supporters and that is our #1 priority.

I'm getting older now (late 40's) and I feel day to day how I've lost the energy, excitement and ability to drive something hard. The sense I get from Biden is the same, it feels like his time is up. Sure we got Klobuchar and Warren and for sure if Biden drops out after NV I will go with them. But eventually if it comes to it, Bernie's support is strong enough anyway so its a win-win.

The spiciness of youth is what the Bernie bro's have a lot of even if they don't have wisdom just yet (e.g. AOC). Sure, once Bernie is in power then all chaos might get unleashed and what we might see could well be a left wing reflection of the Trump admin. But still, even with that worse-case-scenario chaos:

1. Trump is out.
2. The chaos is from the left.

I'll take #1 and #2 over whats in the Whitehouse right now, any day.
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