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Member since: Fri Feb 14, 2020, 05:06 AM
Number of posts: 159

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The DnD folk here will get this

Iím not social distancing.

Iím staying out of melee range.

For your viewing enjoyment

I have to admit it took me a minute to find Diana. Sheís not in the middle!

It's all about delegates and influence now

Bernie realized he couldnít win. But Iím reading that heís encouraging his supporters to continue to vote for him.

So now heís going for influence at the convention. He will wield the delegates he continues to gain to push for his agenda there.

Itís a play for relevance.

There is no difference, she said

An acquaintance on Facebook is having a meltdown today. She posted that no one can tell her the difference between Trump and Biden.

I suggested that she isnít even asking the question. Even when Iíve tried to post something on her page to dispute a point she was making, she deleted it. For example, she said Joe was nowhere to be found for a Covid response. I showed her a link where he was indeed addressing the issue. She deleted it and told me not to post such positive things about Biden on her timeline because it upsets her. And then deleted my post.

So when she posted today that no one could tell her a difference, I said Iíd try but she would delete me, and that I didnít believe she was really asking that question if anyone.

Her response?


Makes me wonder where she gets her news and who she listens to. I can see how such an allegation might upset her, but you have to believe them first.

Looking for a good Bernie book

My local digital library has two that look interesting

Our Revolution


The Essential Bernie Sanders and His Vision for America

Would one of these be good? Or do you recommend a different one?

Joe's activities during this crisis

I follow a Bernie supporter elsewhere. She posted that Bernie is busy doing all sorts of things regarding the coronavirus while Joe is nowhere to be found.

I found a quick few articles that showed that Joe had been in the news talking about whatís going on, offer plans and such.

She said ďplease donít post pro-Biden links on my time lineĒ

Alrighty, so I deleted that post, but created a new one without links that simply said that her assertion was wrong since there is evidence to the contrary.

She deleted that too.

First of all, I see evidence on the forums here that refuted that Joe is hiding and doing nothing.

Second of all, Bernie is a Senator and Biden holds no office at the moment. Of course Bernie is busy doing his job. Thatís what I would expect him to be doing!

Anyway, rant mode off.

Hope you donít mind my vent.

Biden folk, tell me what you love about your candidate

Is it where he stands? Is it his history in the Senate? Something personal that youíve seen that tells you heís just a really good guy?

Help those of us who have recently lost our candidates to fall in love with Joe!

Okay I'm in for Biden

Doing it for Pete.

I think I've made a candidate decision

Why choose the lesser evil?

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