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Member since: Fri Feb 14, 2020, 07:34 PM
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How much do you exercise?

I'm not a star member yet, so I can't make a poll.

However, I've been seeing posts about depression, lethargy, ill health, etc. So I wanted to make a poll.

How much do you exercise? What kind? Do you see any improvement in mood? Feel better/worse? Do you sleep better? Is your sleep worse?

Especially with the pandemic and quarantine, I'm wondering how much these negative feelings and perceptions are correlated to physical inactivity.

California has its own $600-$1200 stimulus. Democrats at work.

The Golden State stimulus.

I had no idea this was a thing. My in-laws got a check in the mail last week for $1200. They were surprised as hell. I told my unemployed buddy to check his mail (he has a habit of letting it all pile up). Sure enough, a check for $600 was in there. He was near tears (he's had a rough year financially because of Covid).

No one I know had any idea this was a thing. I feel like Gov. Newsom should be advertising the hell out of it. I mean, it's amazing what a happy surprise it is for people, but take some credit, man.

Just this week, he advocated for even more stimulus than what has already been sent out.


How did no one know about this? C'mon, Dems. Promote yourselves, damnit.

Yeah, he's not getting recalled.
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