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Gender: Male
Hometown: Texas
Current location: Dallas
Member since: Sat Feb 15, 2020, 02:12 PM
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Journal Archives

Super Tuesday only awards 34% of the delegates


A total of roughly 40% of the delegates will have been awarded after Super Tuesday. So unless a candidate has a blowout on Super Tuesday the race will still be on..

Full Transparency from Bernie is needed now

He knew about this a month ago. Did he not realize that not addressing this as soon as he was informed was not a good idea? He has consistently voted against Russian sanctions— surely someone in his campaign has to realize that this lack of transparency would look suspicious

NC: Top GOP Super Pac spent money on a democratic primary candidate



Those advertisements touted state Sen. Erica Smith (D), a candidate who has raised about $210,000 for her campaign. Smith is the more liberal candidate in the field, openly embracing "Medicare for All" and the Green New Deal.

In an interview, Steven Law, who heads the Senate Leadership Fund, said his group had decided to meddle in the Democratic primary after polls showed Cunningham running only narrowly ahead of Smith and after Democrats dumped millions of their own dollars into early advertising on Cunningham's behalf.

My comments:

Geez I wonder why the choose to run ads backing the more liberal of the Candidates if the GOP are so afraid of Sanders and his socialist message?

Attended a local candidate strategy breakfast this morning...

A strategy being suggested is that moderate Congresspeople/Congressional candidates come out against Bernie before or soon after their state primaries. It is hoped that by doing so the republicans will not be as successful in tying them together with Bernie (if he is the candidate). I think this is a good strategy to distance the top of the ticket from down-ballot races in states where a democratic socialist will be a electoral liability instead of an electoral asset.

Crazy Idea: Trump wins re-election

But we win 2/3rds majority in both houses. It was be great to have him both impeached and removed.

Don't start writing off Bloomberg just yet..

He’s self funded which means he’ll stay in the race until HE chooses not to. His constant Ads are seen by millions of more people than those who saw, or even care, about the debates.

Delegates awarded proportionally: A mistake?

Do you think the DNC made a mistake there? After all, the GE is winner take all. I think this will just lead to a contested convention

Should all candidates focus on Bernie in the next debate?

I think that all of the candidates needs to focus on Bernie and his policies in the next debate. Go after him relentlessly to explain just how he plans on implementing even a fraction of what he is proposing to do. Enough is Enough. He and his "supporters" are going to cost us a heck of a lot in November if he is not properly vetted, and soon. Bernie needs to either reasonably explain how he plans on accomplishing what he says he wants (with a 30+ year record in Congress of accomplishing nothing) or fold and go home.
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