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Gender: Male
Hometown: Texas
Current location: Dallas
Member since: Sat Feb 15, 2020, 01:12 PM
Number of posts: 945

Journal Archives

I now have serious concerns about Sanders' intentions..

Up until today I disagreed with the manís methods but brushed them off. This latest ďexistential threatĒ crap has me seriously considering if this man has good intentions or if heís just an agent of chaos sent to divide the Democratic Party.

Exit Polls: Almost half of SC primary voters want a return or Obama era policies

30% want policies to be more liberal that Obama's
10% want policies to be more conservative than Obama's

Congratulations VP Biden

Well deserved Sir!

I think it will be somewhat easy to tell how much Sanders support in SC

is republicans ratf####ng. Trumpís base tends to be whites over a certain age and the results so far show that it is one of Sanderís weakest support groups. So if he significantly over performs there...

The VP candidate will have to represent the other wing of the democratic party

Two moderates or two liberals on the same ticket alienates a big part of the voter base. It will have to be a balanced ticket. And the VP nominee will have to be significantly younger than the Presidential nominee (unless the nominee is Pete). Even with Orange Menace his VP is 13 years younger. I just don't think you can run a ticket with both being 70+

Gave some Sanders supporters a civics lesson today....

A few of us from the a local democratic organization helped out with a voter registration effort at a community college. It was three of us and about 16 college students (mostly ardent Sanders fans).

This is what I learned about what Sanders is going to do as President:

1. Issue an executive order making college free for all.
2. Issue another executive order forgiving all student loan debt.
3. Issue a third executive order changing the tax rate for billionaires to 90% AND reduce taxes to almost nothing for everyone else.

Needless to say what followed was a quick 20 min civics lesson on the distribution of powers. They were beyond shocked that he would need BOTH houses of congress to get any of this done. Furthermore, he would need to compromise to get the relevant bills passed and enacted into law-- the compromise might not look like anything resembling what his intentions were. And more importantly if there was no compromise from all sides NOTHING would change.

What bothered me the most was the shock and disappointment that most of these student felt. It was almost like a "Santa Claus isn't real" moment. A couple of student even articulated why bother voting then?

My take-away from this:

1. It seems a lot of people are caught up in the Sanders hype and have no idea how our government functions.
2. Even if Sanders were to become President- we would lose these young people starting 2022 when Sanders can't wave a magic wand and make all their wishes come true.
3. How this is like some Trump voters who were promised something that never materialized.

This has me worried for our future. It seems that there will be a significant percentage of the electorate that will get disappointed/disillusioned and stop participating in our political process.

Really loved 1 thing about Trump's presser today

He seemed to be encouraging everyone in America to vote for his opponent in November

If the goal is to stop Sanders.... CA needs special attention

He seems to be walking away with all of the almost 500 delegates in CA... That will be a big disadvantage for any candidate to overcome if he gets that many from just 1 state

Thread to lighten the mood.... Say something about Tulsi the candidate.

She will surge in the polls and win all the primaries once the coveted Assad/Modi endorsement drops

When's the next debate?

After Super Tuesday?
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