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Member since: Sun Feb 16, 2020, 05:08 PM
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Disappointed in Obama

For the first time since he burst onto the scene in 2004, I am disappointed in Barack Obama.

He was a great President. Exactly what was needed in the wake of Bush.

He saved the American economy that was plummeting towards depression.

He saved the American Auto industry.

He got the greatest expansion of Healthcare coverage in 40 years passed through congress.

But his legacy and the country are at stake now. And he needs to fight for Joe, his VP who was there with him for all of it.

If Trump wins, everything Obama accomplished is forever wiped out. If Trump wins, Obama becomes the last legitimate President this nation ever has - as there will never again be a free and fair election.

Fight for Joe in SC, Barack. Clyburn is a great endorsement, but not the same.

Put your thumb on the scale, Barack. Joe was always there for you, be there for him now.

And save you legacy.

Bernie's 60 Minutes interview created a half dozen TV ads for Trump campaign

The Castro answer was extremely disastrous. One nice thing can be said about any authoritarian regime. Literacy Program? Seriously Bernie? Yeah, and Mussolini kept the trains running on time. My God, what a horrible answer.

The “nickel and dime” comment on Medicare for All was another horrible answer and a made-for-TV ad soundbite.

We are hurtling toward the abyss as a party.

The left in the Democratic Party are severely misreading the mood of the nation

That’s where 2020 most mirrors 1972.

in 1968, the GOP won a very narrow election and the Democratic party completely misread the mood of the country in 1972 and nominated the farthest left candidate in generations. And got slaughtered.

In 2020, 70% of the public is ok with the economy, but they want Trump out. There is no real thirst among the overwhelming majority of the country for an economic revolution - and the majority will reject that choice.

Running on an economic revolution is a critical error. People will always choose the sociopath over the socialist, especially with an ok economy.

Yes, I know that there is massive income inequality and a host of economic problems... but the public is not ready to overturn the system.

The public IS ready to end Trump Fatigue, but not at the expense of our economic system.

Like 1972, the far left is misreading the public mood.

Like the UK far left a couple months ago was misreading the public mood there.

We are Corbyn-izing our party... and we are going to see the same results.

The only way Bernie beats Trump is if there is a massive 2008-style economic collapse a couple months before the election. To get rid of Trump, we are reduced to rooting for an economic collapse.

Not a good place to be.

All the $$$ Steyer put into Nevada... and his numbers collapsed

He went from 15-20% in polls to 8% in pop vote in Nevada.

That should be a strong signal for him to get out of the race.

Just made the switch to Biden

The non-Bernie majority in the Democratic Party needs to quickly consolidate behind one candidate.

Today’s results, along with the likely results next Saturday, make it clear that the strongest non-Bernie candidate is Joe Biden.

Biden will win SC, and go into Super Tuesday second in delegates (Pete will get shut out in NV and SC).

Biden is also the strongest candidate in the half dozen southern states going on Super Tuesday.

This doesn’t mean the others should necessarily drop out before Super Tuesday. Liz can take Massachusetts and a strong second in California to limit Bernie’s delegates there. Amy can take Minnesota and potentially shut Bernie out there. There aren’t many upcoming states where Pete looks strong - the electorates are too diverse in most of them for Pete.

A key would be someone providing the kill shot to Bloomberg’s campaign at Tuesday’s debate. Any support he grabs on Super Tuesday will mostly come from Biden. Bloomberg needs to swallow his ego and simply run anti Trump ads for the next 8 months, but get out of the race.

Go Joe.

Every state should have its own primary day

no “Super Tuesday’s”.

Every Tuesday and Saturday for 6 months. One state at a time. Rotate the order each cycle.

Let each state have their big day.

You know who makes up the "Democratic Establishment"?

Our 40 freshman representatives in the House that flipped red districts in 2018.

Their seats are on the line in this election. They represent very purple districts. Despite that, they unanimously voted to impeach Trump.

You know who else?

The House impeachment managers, led by Adam Schiff, who worked their asses off to hold Trump accountable for his crimes.

and who else?

The entire number of Senate Democrats who unanimously voted to remove Trump from office.

When you are attacking the “Democratic Establishment”, that’s who you are attacking.

Bernie is going to win NV today

That’s really not in question.

The Russia revelation came after 75% of Nevada already had voted. Warren’s great debate performance came after 60% of Nevada had voted.

The big questions are:

1. How much does he win by? Polls show him up by 13-14 and getting over 30%. If he underperforms his polls significantly like he did in Iowa and NH and only wins by 5 and gets around 25%, that means something.

2. Who comes in second? If it is Joe, it stabilizes his campaign and probably stems his fall in SC and he wins there. If Joe doesn’t clear 15% and get any delegates, he is likely done. If Liz surges to second, she will be the story. If Pete comes in second again, given the demographics of the state, it would be a big deal for him.

3. Does Amy suspend her campaign after a likely 5th or 6th place finish? I love Amy, but there’s no point in hanging on and taking 7-10% of the vote from other moderates which effectively helps Bernie. Tough decision, but she needs to drop out.

4. Will there be a caucus clusterf*** in the tabulation again? Can the Democratic party take that again? The Bernie people will scream “rigged” no matter what, but this would give them fuel - especially if Bernie underperforms his polls again.

Bloomberg needs to be finished off in Tuesday's debate

Bloomberg collapsing in the polls would rejuvenate Biden in SC and most Super Tuesday states.

Pete and Amy, sad to say, will probably be done after SC.

Warren is gaining momentum in CA and looks good in several Super Tuesday states.

The best outcome would be a complete muddle in the delegate race after Super Tuesday. This would allow for the narrative of Bernie stalling to gain traction and make a brokered convention a near certainty.

Get the race down to Bernie, Liz, and Joe... and a weakened Bloomberg spending his money going after Bernie... and we can end up with Joe and Liz combining delegates at the convention to take them over the top as a unity ticket.

Easy rule of thumb for elections

Whether it is Brexit, French elections, Italian elections, Canadian elections, Democratic primaries in the USA, or the general election in the USA.

Whichever side Putin is on, be on the other one.

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