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Claire Oh Nette

Claire Oh Nette's Journal
Claire Oh Nette's Journal
May 11, 2021

John Thune speaking

Infrastructure means roads, bridges, waterways, maybe airports.

He left off broadband, rail, and the power grid.

Care giving and childcare aren't infrastructure, even though parents can not get back to work unless the schools are open, their parents receive elder care, and their children have access to day care. If companies paid living wages to primary breadwinners, and one parent could stay home like they did when I was a little kid, there'd be no need for daycare. Can't keep wages low and ask both parents to work to survive without a daycare/eldercare system. Unless you bring back child labor....

Now he's scaremongering about Court Packing, even though zero new justices have actually been nominated.McConnell's theft of Garland's seat is ignored entirely as though it never happened. FDR, scare, scare, scare.

The idea that as the nation grow in population, we can' expand the size of the Supreme Court, or more importantly, the size of the House to offer equitable representation, because we need fewer Reps representing more city dwellers, and more reps representing fewer rural rubes.

The Democratic party isn't refighting the last war or trying to undo the hard fought progress in the culture wars. That's the Republican Party. The Democrats, like they did with FDR and LBJ and Carter is forward thinking and looking to move the nation into the next Century. The uber-reactionary conservative rural rubes fear change and the future and long for an imaginary past that never existed.

Hence Jim Crow 2.0 (which Thune said isn't *really* Jim Crow, that's disrespectful of our great history.) Infrastructure is just roads and bridges, and mom's should just stay home.

We should hearken back to the Great GOP era of Eisenhower and set up 90% top tax rates. Watch the GOP negotiate then.

May 1, 2021

The Florida School who wants teachers not to be vaccinated

Besides claiming "something" could be emitted out of a vaccinated person's body and affect women's reproductive systems:

The directors of the school claim a friend's roommate had never missed a period, never been late, but after being around this roommate who was vaccinated, she was ten days late, and had a very heavy blood flow.

There is no such thing as a late period.
That woman had a miscarriage. Likely, an incomplete implantation.

Wonder what this friend and her roommate were doing together?

The vaccine is not "experimental." Emergency Use Authorization doesn't mean experimental. The Pharma companies run through three phases of clinical trials, each with specific areas of focus for safety and efficacy.

I'm sorry, but their ignorance and stupidity and lies are not as good as our facts.

School closure in 3...2...1

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