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leighbythesea2's Journal
leighbythesea2's Journal
December 13, 2020

Job Offer & the Rollercoaster of this Year

One came in this week. I actually am still processing, & can't quite believe it.

I did my thesis defense 2 weeks ago (& celebrated here).
Its been the most labor intensive year for no pay, ever. Yet I was glad i had the option of school.

Have never been laid off, and like many, I did not think that conditions in my lifetime--would predicate going months and months past the usual "save for three to six months" guideline. I know I'm fortunate I had any savings. It's been a long, sleepless, white-knuckle ride. So many times I said "i want off this ride". But have a new perspective i think. Going to try to take nothing for granted.

Add to that, hugs. Who among us ever thought hugs would be taken away? They are for all things. Frustration. Sadness. Loss. Forgiveness. Celebration. Salutations. If you've got someone to hug, do it!

I adopted a grown cat from a farm this week. Skinny, hungry guy, but a lover. (Maybe a good cat hug was the lucky charm I needed.) His name might end up being something related to luck.

December 1, 2020

We had a Diversity Milestone in Music Yesterday

The first non English song to debut @ #1 on Billboard, by BTS.
We progress in ways every day, so if the news gets you down, it's a nice story, and a feel good song.

"Life Goes On” marks the first song performed primarily in Korean to top the Hot 100 in the chart’s 62-year history, and the first non-English song in any language to debut atop the chart. The song’s accompanying album, BE, also bows atop the Billboard 200 this week, making BTS just the second artist in history behind Taylor Swift to simultaneously debut atop the Hot 100 and Billboard 200. (Swift did it earlier this year)..... Forbes article link beow video.


The Forbes article:

For Alicia Keys short english translated clip see below She gets me in the feels just speaking.

Finally, for anyone interested, BTS #1 from last month, a 70s inspired song played for NPR Tiny Desk Concert. 70s inspired clothing too. You can see their comraderie, and earnest nature come through. Well deserved.

December 1, 2020

Am Thinking of a Mitten "Idiot String" Including Mask

First snow in Ohio.
Every year I lose a glove. Dug around my box of gloves to clean car off, and was reminded by the lonely single gloves from years past, (optimistically believe will find their mates) that I need a string, with a mask attached too.
Last year I lost a scarf.
Between hats, scarves, gloves and masks, no way I'm coming out ok, unless i attach them together like a 5 year old.

November 25, 2020

Need An "Acomplishment" Forum?...My Thesis Defense

I completed it today. What an enormous relief. It's been ardous, made extra, by pandemic conditions.

Some days my accomplishment is heating up pizza, but today was a good day.

I had planned it in-person, but conditions dictated it to be virtual. So it's less fanfare, but that is ok. I can go straight to the kitchen and make a bloody mary to celebrate!

I still have 2 classes left to graduate, however the worst is over.

November 21, 2020

Balancing A Thanksgiving Meal, question

Curious here. I've spent the last 15 plus years pursuing the best version of sides, and the best turkey or chicken preps I could find, for Thanksgiving. Have really gotten to a nice place. However, the traditional sides tend to not include anything a)crisp b) acidic. I've added my grandmothers cranberry relish. But that is sweet too.
Are there any great sides you all like, in general, and for balance?

My go to sides so far are,
Mashed potatoes
Stuffing (bobby flays, has wild rice, chorizo, goat cheese)
Corn casserole (lots of cream in this)
Green beans and bacon or brussel sprouts.
Have added mushroom soup (ina gartens) as a starter but can be used like gravy too.

You see the issue. All yummy. But needs something....

November 7, 2020

Where Were You when You Heard Joe Biden Won?

I have to ask because where I was 4 years ago is seared into my memory in the worst way. I was alone & in Michigan of all places, having been in CA for a decent amount of time.

I cant do a poll. Someone else could?

Its a pandemic so DUH......

In my livingroom watching TV.

I expect a lot of this answer. Lol

I am sooooo happy. Thank you DU.

November 6, 2020

Alex Jones Drove thru the Night I'm guessing...

Thought he was gone or deceased. It was nice to not hear about him.


October 11, 2020

Some Days You Feel Aggressive (for a Laugh)

I laughed so hard at this i was crying. Hope someone enjoys it here.

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