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Gender: Male
Current location: New York
Member since: Fri Mar 6, 2020, 05:33 PM
Number of posts: 4,781

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For the early votes that are rejected, I heard that the county would get in touch with voters to

remedy the deficiency. Is there anything the Biden campaign or democratic groups can do to make sure the early voters that got rejected know how to fix it?

Do you think the debate between Trump and Biden will happen?

I just thought about Trump coughing during the debate and how the world would react to that. It can't look good. So my thinking is that unless Trump is fully recovered and no coughs in days, he would not participate in a debate. He cannot edit out the cough and he knows how bad it looks if he coughs.

So I think it's unlikely that Trump will participate in the next debate. What do you think?

NEW: YouGov state polls Ohio tie 47/47 PA Biden +7 51/44

Done on Sept 30 to Oct 2 so it includes Trump's COVID positive.



Nate Cohn Tweet: interviews conducted yesterday in AZ see shift in Joe's direction


Looks like no sympathy votes to Trump's way, at least not yet.

Let me praise the reporters. They are asking the important questions.

As for the doctors, very dodgy and a lot of bs. But I expected nothing less of that.

Trump's doctor will provide update at 11am est

according to MSNBC.

Will you believe what the doctor say?

George Conway's response to Kellyanne Conway's COVID positive announcement



I feel bad for any house keeper or people that have to serve Trump now

He has always been a crybaby. I am sure he is worst when he is sick. Imagine having to serve food to him when he is shouting and kicking inside.

supreme court nominee ACB tested negative according to MSNBC n/t

So if the media didn't find out about Hope Hicks, we wouldn't know about Trump????

The WH never put out any information until Hope Hicks' news got out.....
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