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Member since: Mon Mar 16, 2020, 06:36 PM
Number of posts: 2,962

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Finally cleaned the road all the way from the tree debris.

We live off a FM road.

The tree damage was huge.

Now to store the wood for fire wood now.

One gentleman here is a woodworker, he will get first pick of the wood for projects.

Hope all you guys have your power back on and are enjoying the warmer weather.

Still can't believe the Gulf coast was spared.

Tree lover here so the damage is hurting right now.

Still work to do on the farm.

Fire wood for the next five years.

Hope all upper Texas people are safe.

We are all fine.

We learned a lot in December so we are more then prepared.

All the animals are safe and warm.

Just sitting by wood burning stove fixing stew.

Three friends came to visit so temporarily are staying over.

They are from Houston which is fine and has been spared the big freeze, just temps a little warmer.

But it is not safe to drive so I have company.

Temps back up in a few days.

The new normal.

My old house was on blocks.

When I put in new plumbing I had all the pipes insulated.

Even then weather like this might be to cold.

Good luck finding a plumber when this is over.

So how cold is it at your house .

It is 22 with a wind chill.

We are not built for this down here.

Spent the last days several getting ready especially with animals .

Now just sitting in front wood burning stove eating homemade soup and hanging with the dogs and the cat.

The animals are by the stove.

I have Question for any boomers here .

Did you drink out of a water hose as a kid...

I did..

There is a reason I am asking.

To me it is a fond memory of childhood.

Curious how here voted for the first time in 1971 at 18, 19, or or 20..

Just thinking back how proud I was to get my voters registration card and vote.

I got to vote the day after my birthday.

I was was pre-registered.

Just curious.

There had to be a lot of us.

So how appeasement will the DOJ and FBI give to Trump.

The passport thing.

Stand up to Trump.

Once you start giving in when does it stop.

Slippery slope.

What does Trump have to do really.

He has to be stopped at some point...

Garland stand your ground...

Trump only understands strength.

So I found a phone at the mall today.

It was lying on the floor.

It is a I phone.

It was locked so I couldn't get into it...

I stayed until a woman came looking for it.

I made sure it was hers .

This was the 5th cellphone I have found .

Why do I keep finding these phones .

Just wondering if the birth rate drops now.

No sex going on.

If I was of child beÓring age I would guard my life now .

Especially if you have children all ready .


I was a senior in high school in 1973.

So today I went to a protest to protest the same thing I was protesting then.

Good to see a lot fired up young people.

I went for my Mother who almost died trying to get a D/ C on 1963.

I was 10 years old.

I remember how sick she was but I didn't know why.

I almost lost my Mother at 10 years old.

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